AG informed Rodgers has no oath of office – FBI also signed for evidence

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David Lynn Coffelt
Fraud, Forgery, Cover-up & Corruption under COLOR OF LAW by ACTORS of Judicial & Executive State Officials with SOS violating USC 18 Sect 505 & 506 of Government Officials forging Frederic Barker Rodgers County Oath of Office received by the SOS on Jan 10, 2007 with the back side forged 3.5 years later on July 8, 2010 certifying Rodgers is a District Court Judge in Gilpin County. This is committed fraud against the court, the People of Colorado and We The People, which I am one of.
This case started with civil rights fraud coverup (ADA – OSHA) to judicial fraud on the court coverup, which continues to be criminal fraud coverup by our lawless law agencies that commenced from start, to not yet finished until all of these criminals are held accountable for these crimes committed against my wife and I.
This all started with Mr. Coffelt’s ILLEGAL TERMINATION AND COVERUP BY ISLE OF CAPRI CASINO, Et, el, WAS ORCHESTRATED BY COLORADO CENTAL STATION CASINO HR DIRECTOR BILL WALL, Et. el with written illegal documentation submitted to DOL stating Mr. Coffelt committed a CLASS ONE GAMING VIOLATION; which GAMING has no record of. Illegal termination was committed on the exact same day OSHA completed their investigation of my wife’s complaint after being forced to breathe diesel fumes 10 hours. My wife of 41 years, Marcia Coffelt was entrapped in a small office as dispatch (new position on ADA requirements) with the outside wall seeping diesel fumes from all the busses rolling in and out at the bus drop located on the outside wall of Mrs. Coffelt’s “NEW WORK LOCATION” These fumes from day one made Mrs. Coffelt nauseated and sick each and every day for over 3 months until I informed my wife she MUST CALL OSHA.
These crimes of Judicial and Executive fraud, forgery, and perjury was uncovered on May 7, 20012. Once uncovered I immediately reported this fraud committed by Sherie Majur of the SOS to Business Manager Michael Watkins for the SOS on May 8, 2012. I followed up with certified letters sent to; which was received and signed for by the Judicial Commission, CO – AG, Denver DA, 1st Judicial DA, 1st Judicial Chief Justice R. Brooke Jackson, Gilpin County Sheriff Hartman.
Sept 5, 2012 – Denver FBI Special Agent Kimberly C Milka paid a visit to own home (who interviewed my wife and I 4 x with my evidence & exhibits in her possession for 9.5 months. I filed a up Whistle Blower complaints filed with and acknowledged by the DOJ, OIG and FBI in Washington DC in March 2014.
October 21, 2014 my State Rep Steve Lebsock was presented detailed evidence of this massive coverup and criminal activities when he paid a visit to our home. Steve appeared to be very disturbed that DORA accepted my appeal on the charges of Spousal Discrimination pursuant to CRS 24 34 402 (h)(I). Colorado Division of Civil Rights / EEOC had filed these charges on my behalf against the Isle of Capri in November 2004 with supporting facts and documentation I presented on record, which verifies to the State I was terminated shortly after my wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Wendell Pryor, Director of CCRD denied due process of the already accepted appeal hearing based on an illegal “OBJECTION STATEMENT” submitted in default by Mark Barnes, Isle of Capri’s Lawyer.
The illegal documentation submitted by Mark Barnes is nothing more than a 4 page rant and “Legal Theory” why “NO APPEAL HEARING” should be granted. The illegal and unsigned documents he submitted with no signatures on these written statements was FAXED OVER TO DORA on Jan 26, 2006 at 5:05 PM; A DAY LATE!
ANY OBJECTION STATEMENT OF THE ACCEPTED APPEAL WAS TO BE FILED WITH DORA/CCRD “NO LATER” than Jan 25, 2006 at 5 pm; which this illegal evidence was withheld from myself to refute, denying due process of completing any administrative fiduciary duties to protect my unalienable rights. No rights can be abridged to allow one to lose their life, liberty or property without due process is the basic principle our Country was found on and no Government have the right to withhold these rights.
These illegal documents that DORA and Barnes withheld from myself and the court were submitted by Attorney Mark Barnes in violation of Canons of Professional Conduct by Attorneys. I uncovered that Barnes has placed his “dirty hands” on the court after paying Jonathan Wilson of DORA a visit on October 16, 2013. Mr. Wilson provided to me copies of my entire file that allowed me to uncover the illegal actions of Barnes, who, with Wendel Pryor, Director of Colorado Division of Civil Rights purposely withheld from myself and the courts in order to un circumvent these charges.
Barnes then filed a motion with the court requesting the court not to allow the jury to hear the Spousal Discrimination charges with supporting evidence DORA had in their file. This “OBJECTION STATEMENT” was illegal evidence of Barnes “theory why an appeal hearing is not needed” was purposely submitted by Plaintiff’s Attorney to DORA to hood-wink the judicial system and play havoc of denying justice in a court of law with a court not having any lawful judicial authority to hear this matter right from the start.
My lawyer who I retained with a $3000 retainer, a Stefan Kaczmierski never subpoenaed my file from DORA and did not protect my unalienable rights after I was forced to find remedy in a DISTRICT COURT IN THE STATE OF COLORADO (GILPIN COUNTY). THE JUDGE ON THE BENCH IN GILPIN DISTRICT COURT WAS A FREDERIC BAKER RODGERS WHO HAD ABSOLUTELY NO JUDICIAL AUTHORITY AS A DISTRICT COURT JUDGE IN CASE #2006CV32.
I uncovered this fraud on We The People, which I am one of with the forged County Oath of Office that the Clerk of the Court, Deborah George had personally mailed in Sept 2010 after I submitted documentation to the court with a hand written letter dated Sept, 9, 2010 requesting Judge Rodgers to recuse himself. This was after I had received certified documentation on July 13, 2010 that Rodgers was not a District Court Judge in Gilpin County; certified by a Sheri A Mazur of the SOS (who by the way is the same public servant who forged Rodgers County Oath of Office 5 days sooner July 8, 2010)
I found this forgery committed by Sheri A Mazur (initials SAM) with the SOS on May 7, 2012 after looking at the back of Rodgers County Oath of Office I had in my possession from Deborah George back in Sept 2010. I was stunned the crimes I had uncovered and notified the authorities immediately as I am legally obligated to do and is my duty to do. Every Official and Law Agency or Personnel I have presented this overwhelming evidence to have all stood down. All have now committed felonies pursuant to Title 18 USC – 4 – Misprision by Felony and other crimes and misdemeanors.
How many more crimes are going to be perpetrated on We The People, which I am one of as I continue my own personal investigation and how many more officials wish to commit Misprision by Felony and put their names on my list to be added as criminals when charged are finally filed?   
FOR NEWS INTERVIEWS OR INVESTIGATIONS FEEL FREE TO CONTACT Mr. Coffelt at 720.206.87174 Cell or 303.853.9914 Resident

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“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable…
Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

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