Happy Veteran’s Day!

On Nov 11, 2014, at 7:25 PM, Steve Curry <cwheileg@gmail.com> wrote:

As a Combat Veteran in Vietnam, I was just a dumb kid, and like most everyone who fought, I thought I was doing my family & country proud.

Little did I know, I was nothing more than a pawn in “for-profit terrorism,” and an “Incorporation” of a peaceful nation of farmers, fishermen, and merchants.

Now that I’ve grown wiser in my years, I now understand just how it feels to be on the receiving end of “for-profit terrorism,” with our nation’s private corporate court & judiciary system, and where every judge, magistrate, and attorney, are all vying for the “Prize” in their filthy courts!  What is the “Prize,” you ask?  MONEY! MONEY! and more MONEY!  That’s it!

With MONEY, and lots of it, one can buy POWER!  POWER gives one the opportunity to make more MONEY!  With both POWER & MORE MONEY than one can spend in a lifetime, “judges,” a.k.a. “foreign administrators,” and their legions of “attorneys,” can buy, sell, and trade, in human flesh, and human souls, like some merchants sell & trade cars!  It’s ALL CORPORATE COMMERCE! And, it’s all a SCAM to enslave other human beings, and to fleece every man, woman, and child, of their Natural inheritance!

I was, for a time, proud of the six years of service I gave to my country, but, when I learned that my county has been brutally raped and pillaged for nearly two hundred years by those criminally impersonating government officials, and calling themselves “judges,” and “attorneys,” and that they use statutes, codes, rules, ordinances, and all different “Colors of Law” to raise MONEY, and to terrorize & enslave my fellow veterans, and my countrymen, I am convinced, that these private foreign corporate raiders & pirates MUST be dealt with, just like the Vietnamese were forced to defend themselves against a foreign power, and these aggressors MUST be held, individually & collectively, accountable for each & every one of their WAR CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA, AND AGAINST HUMANITY!!

America is the Land of my birth, and it is my home!  My home, my family, my property, my Life, my Freedoms, Liberties, and Pursuits, along with my flesh, and my Soul, BELONG TO ME!  NO MERCHANT OF DEATH, SLAVERY, TORTURE, TERRORISM, BRUTALITY, PERSONAGE, OR BARRATRY, will EVER take these from me!!

I say, “To Hell with WAR,” except when “Foreign troops,” a.k.a. “judges,” “foreign administrators,” and “attorneys-at-law” have infiltrated & infected every niche of our lives, and every level of OUR government to insure that the Crown, and the Vatican, are able to continue to the make a profit off of every living soul!

I’ve had my fill of WAR, but I will fight to throw these vermin out of my country, or see to it, that, they are put away where they will NEVER  harm, or “PROFIT” from another Living soul!

If you are not, yet, convinced of who the real enemies of the Land are, you need to hear it from another Veteran!

War is a Racket | Scanned Retina Resource

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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steven duane curry; “juris privati”

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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