You don’t even have to go to court.

You don’t even have to go to court.


(W)rit of Assistance and Affidavit of Truth – RA 393 427 517 US – June 3, 2014

On Nov 5, 2014, at 12:33 PM, Anna von Reitz <> wrote:

Arnie— I think this adequately explains the situation from my perspective.

We, living people who are birthright American State Citizens do NOT have any “civil rights” and we are not advantaged by claiming that we do. “Civil Rights” are privileges conferred by Congress and just as easily taken away by Congress.   The only entities having “Civil Rights” are “United States Citizens” who claim “equal civil rights” to American State Citizens.   If you think about it for five seconds you will remember the phrase, “Equal Civil Rights!” —- and if you are sharp enough to be in the tool shed in the first place, you will ask yourself— “Equal to WHAT?”   —- Well, obviously, to the “Natural and Unalienable Rights” owed to American State Citizens.

For 95% of us, we are merely being self-interestedly “mistaken” for “United States Citizens” in the first place—-  we, the living people,have Natural and Unalienable Rights, not “civil rights”. So when you file claims alleging violation of “civil rights” you are (1) claiming to be United States Citizens subject to Congress (as in “subjects” of a King) and (2) you are muddying the waters for any other, superior claim to Natural and Unalienable Rights.

You are playing a dangerous game of apples and oranges. It is true that the authorities, especially the courts, are routinely violating the civil rights owed to THEIR citizens—- but lets review the definition of “federal citizens” —–  (1) federal civilian and military employees; (2) African Americans who were never granted real State Citizenship after the Civil War; (3) those born in “federal” possessions and territories — Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia; (4) foreigners seeking welfare benefits and/or political asylum, and (5) most importantly—- corporations formed under the auspices of the United States.  These incorporated entities are invariably the “Defendants” or “DEFENDANTS” being addressed in court complaints—never the living Americans they are named after.

The Federales sometimes try to claim (thanks to forced Social Security enrollment) that we are all “foreigners (with respect to the federal enclave) seeking welfare benefits” —- however, that argument falls apart when it is considered that (1) we were enrolled under conditions of semantic deceit and force, (2) we and our employers paid for every service and premium we are due, and (3) Social Security is a private insurance program no different than Geico.  Most of the time their entire schtick depends upon addressing their claims and complaints against incorporated “franchises” they have created and merely named after living Americans.

So now that we are down to the brass tacks of it—– are we American State Citizens, living and operating on the land and upon the land jurisdiction of the American States?  Or are we “United States Citizens” operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and obligated as “subjects” of the US Congress and owed only “equal civil rights”?

If we don’t stand up and claim our birthright as American State Citizens on the land and claim our “Natural and Unalienable Rights” that are due — then pretty soon there will be no standard for anyone to apply for “equal civil rights” —– because we will all be “equally” enslaved.

I understand that some people are experiencing some degree of success in pressing these civil rights claims in behalf of the en legis “persons” that have been created and operated under the given names of living Americans, and that is all well and good so far as it goes—– but it is NOT any true remedy.  It does not address the probate fraud that allowed the creation of all these en legis entities in the first place.  It does not address the actual standing, identity, and status of the living people.  It does not prevent the perpetrators from continuing to play their game as usual.  All it does is prevent individual instances of oppression and confiscation of property in some cases—-and only then at relatively great cost.

The court battles people engage in in maritime and admiralty jurisdictions are costly both in time and money. They are also dangerous.  They require skills equal to any admiralty lawyer—which the vast majority of Americans don’t have and can’t reasonably acquire.  They are uncertain in outcome.  They require addressing the thugs on their own turf.  And any victory comes with the additional cost that after all that effort, all that has been done with respect to the real issues, is to dig our graves deeper.

After all, someone named “John Quincy Adams” complained of civil rights violations, so that means that “John Quincy Adams” had to be a United States Citizen.  Otherwise, if “John Quincy Adams” were an American State Citizen and was owed his “Natural and Unalienable Rights” —- why would he EVER consent to being identified as a “United States Citizen” owed only civil rights?    If you were owed a million dollars and a new Cadillac, why would you fight like a tiger shark over a thousand dollars and a beat up Volkswagon?

Obviously, if you knew who you really are in terms of identity and jurisdiction on the land, you would never claim “civil rights” —- you would claim Natural and Unalienable Rights—and you would deny any attachment to or responsibility for all these legal fiction “personas” that have been created using your given name.  You would stand up on your own hind legs and say, “To hell you beller! I have nothing to do with any legal fiction that was created out of thin air and named after me by Third Parties acting without my knowledge or consent.  I “surrender” all such “persons” to the Court and require those Usufructuaries that created these legal fictions and benefited from them to pay every debt and penny THEY may owe.”

The Court cannot reply, and in fact, no Court has even addressed any living American.

ALL of these court cases are addressed to legal fiction entities merely named after living Americans— without exception.   And they are ALL addressed to “United States Citizens”—- legal fiction personas merely named after living Americans and operated as “franchises” by foreign commercial corporations and governments.

The swift and effective means of “informing” the Court is to enter Special Appearance, stating something to the effect— “I am the living man and my appellation is ________________ and the proper legal style to use when addressing me is all small letters.  I am here in the flesh for the honor of the name. I have received mis-addressed correspondence directed to legal fiction entities bearing similar names that were created by commercial companies and foreign governments without my knowledge or consent. I am an American State Citizen standing on the land jurisdiction of the united (small “u”) States of America.  I fly the civil flag of The (capital “T”) United States of America and I want this matter cleared up. Any taxes, tithes, fees, fines, mortgages, bills, or other matters associated with the Defendants/DEFENDANTS are owed by the commercial corporations and foreign governments that created them, which own them, and which operate them.  I do not condone their existence, don’t own them, don’t operate them, and don’t act as an accommodation party for them absent forcible duress.  I surrender all such foreign “persons” operated under names similar to mine to the Court which is the securities intermediary responsible for discharging or otherwise paying the debts of these corporate franchises. They are in no respect my responsibility. I do not consent to any disruption of my day to day life and I wish to make it clear that I am (1) not the Party responsible for answering mail addressed to these foreign legal fictions, (2) not responsible for appearing in court for them, (3) not responsible for paying their debts, and (4) cannot be held in contempt of court for failure to obey court “Orders” which are not addressed to me and which are issued in foreign jurisdictions. I am not subject to the United States via any voluntary contract nor am I subject to any administrative law. I am not “dead” in any respect.  Any pretensions otherwise are an admission of fraud upon the probate court and a violation of the Hague Conventions (IV). Please inform the officers of the court to cease and desist sending any more misaddressed correspondence to my attention, as this would from now on be considered harassment of an unarmed and peaceful civilian and could additionally be interpreted as an act perpetuating willful fraud through the U.S. Mail.  If you have any unpaid bills or complaints addressed to any en legis entities operated under names similar to mine, here is the list of owner-operators that need to be addressed: For names styled as: John Quincy Adams   — this is a defunct, bankrupted foreign situs trust owned by the federal “State of______” which were franchises of the United States of America, Inc. All debts related to them were discharged in bankruptcy as of July 1, 2013.  JOHN QUINCY ADAMS  — is a Washington DC Municipal ESTATE trust operated out of Puerto Rico by the UNITED STATES (INC.) and its “STATE OF _______” franchises, [I believe these entities have applied for bankruptcy protection as of October 2014.]  John Q. Adams  — is a federal “state” level transmitting utility operated by the UN Corporation dba “FEDERAL RESERVE” dba “ALASKA” (or NEVADA or whichever other STATE). JOHN Q. ADAMS — is a transmitting utility owned and operated by the UN Corporation dba “FEDERAL RESERVE”. The addresses of these corporations and their officers are readily available. — Sincerely, john quincy adams, non-negotiable autograph, all rights reserved.”

Te Deum.  You don’t even have to go to court.  You can simply enter Special Appearance as an Interested Third Party by sending a handwritten letter such as this via Registered Mail and returning the misaddressed correspondence to the Court.   In 99.9% of the cases you never hear a word back from them, no further action is taken against you or your estate, and all it costs is the time to write the note to “The Clerk of the Court” and the postage to send it together with the misaddressed correspondence back to them. The time to do this is the moment you receive any such misaddressed correspondence.  Nip it in the bud and cut to the chase—without any involved legal procedures, without addressing their court on their court’s turf, without mistakenly alleging that you have, want, or claim “civil rights”.  Simply assert your true identity and lawful standing with respect to the court and these doppelganger legal fictions—- and hold the Usufructuaries feet first to the fire to pay their own debts owed under the Rules of Usufruct and the Hague Conventions.

The only exception is if you commit a true crime, in which case you are liable as a living man or woman to be tried by a jury of your Peers—- other American State Citizens—under American Common Law.  So long as you have harmed no living individual and did not destroy any living individual’s property, you cannot be accused of any crime by “the state”—-with again, the one exception of murder, wherein the victim’s body— the “corpus delecti”– becomes the Witness and the Coroner and the Prosecutor act in the victim’s behalf.

I hope this clears up the whole issue of “civil rights” which are granted by Congress to “United States Citizens” and “Natural and Unalienable Rights” which are the birthright of American State Citizens and why the entire convoluted legal process that various people are advocating is both unnecessary and dangerous for average people to pursue.  Going into maritime and admiralty jurisdictions as an unarmed civilian is tantamount to putting a potato farmer at the helm of a tall ship and expecting good results.  It is much simpler, cleaner, and clearer to pursue things as I have outlined above, and doing so prevents any later presumption that you have knowingly and willingly claimed to be a “United States Citizen” having “civil rights” and have therefore “voluntarily” subjected yourself to the jurisdiction of the United States.

Take a good close look at The Articles of Confederation (1781) and you will see two separate entities defined—- one of which is called simply the “United States”.




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