The British Crown? Who the hell are they?

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Who Owns USA, Inc., IRS, Federal Reserve and the British Crown?

Do not be ignorant again of the truth regarding USA, Inc., IRS,

Federal Reserve and the British Crown. Research and act
Be sure and watch the video.
The 1040 form is a one year contract … that is why they want you
to sign it each year ...
From the US:
Vatican City is a Privately owned  Sovereign State, Located in Rome, Yet has nothing to do with
Rome or the County of ItalyThe Vatican owns The Crown  ( the Crown is not the British Monarchy as most are led to believe.
The Crown is the City of London, which is a private sovereign Country located in the heart of London
and owned by the Rothschild Family ).The Crown is Similar in Setup to Vatican City in Rome.The Crown is the creator of the Worlds Artificial Banking System and Artificial Legal System called

the UCC.The Crown is the Major Shareholder of the US Federal Reserve.
The IRS is a Private Company owned by the Crown ( City of London ) and is  Incorporated in Puerto Rio.
The IRS has nothing to do with the Government of  People of the United States of America.1. How are Income Taxes which are collected from the People of the USA by the IRS, then broken down

and Disbursed?
– 67% of all Income Taxes Collected in the US by IRS are Paid Directly to the Crown in London.
– 23% are  paid to the 300 Shareholders of the US  Federal Reserve ( Private  Bank )
– 10% are paid to the employees of the IRS to keep the IRS Operational
Since 1913 Non of the Income Taxes Collected from the People of America by the Private IRS has ever
Gone to the US Federal Government2. Where are Funds sourced in the US to pay for Roads and infrastructure in the US?
– Roads and Infrastructure in the US is paid for from Money collected on State Housing Taxes, as well as
Excise Taxes collected on Alcohol, Tobacco, Gasoline etc., etc.3. Where are funds sourced to Operate the Federal US Government?
– Black Budget and off Book transactions. There are two Account books, one for the Public Domain and
one true book for Internal ( the boys Club ) eyes only.See below 5 Min video TO THE WORLD OF HOW THINGS ARE DONE, TO ENSURE THAT PEOPLE ARE KEPT


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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