Coloradans: Any Doubt Your State is a Franchise of the de funct and Bankrupt United States of America, Corp?

On Oct 29, 2014, at 11:28 AM, Steve Curry <> wrote:
Good Stuff, Jimbo!

As you point out, and as is reinforced & proven in Colorado HB 10-1062, members of the “judiciary” are NOT “government employees,” or “county employees,” and as such they are NOT REQUIRED to take an Oath, or execute a bond! This applies to all “judges,” district attorneys,” attorney generals,” “clerks,” and ALL “attorneys,” who “practice law,” and who are “foreign agents for a foreign principle!”

IF you find a “judge,” “district attorney,” “attorney general,” “clerk,” or ANY “attorney” taking an Oath, OR, executing a bond, they are doing so at their own peril, as in prescribing, giving, taking, swearing, signing, and filing a “FALSE & FABRICATED” “OATH OF OFFICE.” In doing so, ANY “judicial employee,” or “judicial officer,” commits the ultimate act of TREASON, and by his own signature upon this “Commercial Instrument,” he is providing the clear evidence of fraud with his OWN “WRITTEN CONFESSION,” in his/her OWN foreign court of law, in committing HIGH TREASON, not just against the Constitution, and against the People, but against their OWN “Private Foreign Corporate Charter!”

However one might perceive these issues, the County Sheriff, and his Deputies, are charged, under “Statute,” or “Constitutional LAW,” with carrying out the “Orders,” and “Demands” of “the People” who “elected” the County Sheriff to “THIS OFFICE,” regardless of whether Sheriff to chooses to “enforce” the “Statute,” or the LAW of the Land!

ALL that needs to be asked of the County Sheriff, is whether he will use the “Statute,” or the LAW, to arrest these criminal perpetrators? Under either one, these criminal perpetrators will be charged with HIGH CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS,” and the “bodies of the Principles shall be taken to the county jail, and held until their bonds, fines, and fees, are paid in full,” as per COLORADO HB 10-1062.
With NO “BONDS,” to pay for their “malfeasance,” these criminals shall remain in the county jail INDEFINITELY!

Now, apply this “Commercial Standard of Notification,” to these “LAW-breakers,” and to ALL “attorneys,” a.k.a. “judicial employees,” running for, and/or being “fraudulently elected to public office,” and you have established multiple levels of criminal acts against the “men & women of the Land,” and why Colorado HB 1-01062, and the Original XIII Amendment, the “Titles of Nobility Act,” and USC Title #22, Sections #G & H, and the XI Amendment, were constructed, and why they MUST be “enforced” by the County Sheriff, and his Deputies, without obstruction, or delay!!

There is, then, NO “option” left to the County Sheriff, other than to take “the bodies of the principles to the county jail!”

Pursuant to any of the above mentioned “Statutes,” “ACTS,” or “LAWS,” any other action by the County Sheriff, or his Deputies, will place him “Breach of the Public Trust,” and in “Commercial Default” of HIS “Oath,” and HIS “Bond!”

To top this off, under the UCC, there can be NO court, or judge, or any other “officer of the court,” with “COMPETENT JURISDICTION,” “AUTHORITY,” or “POWER,” to argue, adjudicate, rule, intervene, defend, represent, or overturn the “Orders,” and “Demands,” of “the People,” or the “Executive Orders” of the County Sheriff!

How’s this for simplicity!!!!!

On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 11:02 AM, Jim Porter ‪<>‬ wrote:
Archive this, I’m poking the bear and if I disappear you still have the info.
Title 30 says the judges’ bond must be stored with the State Secretary and the State Secretary hasn’t responded to my request in 24 days. These records may not exist because there are no bonds as required by law, I know the state bar holds the money so I just poked a hole in every Colorado attorneys lie explaining their illusion of truth and liability protection. The statement of three little words that the corporation used as a shield from attorney personal liability protection confirms these attorney’s never had the protection The People have been told the attorney’s have. Those three little words reconfirm this position, as I have a document signed by the Colorado Secretary of State in May 2004 stating the before mentioned corporation never existed.
I’m trying to become sooooo toxic my disappearance can’t hid these facts from the people to restore lawful government.
I need help, so do what you can.
We have been bitching for years that the judiciary branch is the problem, well I’m trying. When I take this to law enforcement in the next day or two, proving the district attorney and three of his buddy judges are frauds, THAT should blow the lid off this.
anyone want to go to the meeting?

Jim Porter
Ridgway, Colorado

On Wednesday, October 29, 2014 10:42 AM, Jim Porter <> wrote:

I sent you this request yesterday without finding your response in my box last evening.
I need to schedule an appointment to expose corruption and those documents are part of the evidence package for now. Please send them today, for the appointment tomorrow. The investigators are traveling a long way.

I need your response on Department of State letterhead, signed. Not three little words from and assumed, but not positively identified someone.

Jim Porter

On Tuesday, October 28, 2014 9:04 AM, “” <> wrote:

I received another response showing the requested oath of office for the named persons, but there was no document to prove bonding which must be on file. Send the bonding information or a statement there is no bond information on file along with the location where this information can be found, and sign.
Also, I request a signed statement on State Department Letter Head the corporation, by requested spelling, does not exist. I have a three word statement, no records exist, written on a copy of my original request, but that does not indicate the origin of the statement.
Please make this my last request for these documents so I can request other documents in the near future.
Please send e-response to

And the hard copy to
Jim Porter
P. O. Box 531
Ridgway, Colorado 81432

Jim Porter

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