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On Oct 27, 2014, at 4:3 PM, <arnie@arnierosner.com> wrote:

Thank you Dr. Huffer.

So can you tell me how you might feel about the fact that in 1957, the entire assembly of Georgia memorialized the fact that the 14th and 15th Amendments were declared null and void:




  1. 45 (Senate Resolution No. 39)

(A Joint Resolution)

A memorial to Congress of the United States of America urging them to enact such legislation as they may deem fit to declare that the 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution of the United States were never validly adopted and that they are null and void and of no effect.

Whereas, the State of Georgia together with the ten other Southern States declared to have been lately in rebellion against the United States, following the termination of hostilities in 1865, met all the conditions laid down by the President of the United States, in exercise of his Constitutional powers to recognize the governments of states, domestic as well as foreign, for the resumption of practical relations with the government of the United States, as a State and States in proper Constitutional relation to the United States; and More….


And, to my knowledge, nothing has been done to rectify the situation.

Now this is not the only incident in history that Congress seems to have gone off the deep end.

I am not educated in the law or government, yet I am aware of what I believe is the “Full faith and credit clause,” which would seem to indicated to me, just as a typical American, that if one state recognizes such a claim, especially when it is the entire senate and the assembly, unanimously, all states are required to accept this same claim.

Being in your capacity as an expert in law…will you please comment as to whether or not my assumption is correct?

Thank you…


The truth; it takes so few words to express…

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On Oct 27, 2014, at 1:17 PM, legal abuse syndrome <legalabuse@gmail.com> wrote:

I took it seriously fifteen years ago before the foreclosure issues and the new reg that allows taking of assets with no probably cause.  It can’t get much more blatant.


On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 1:47 PM, Arnie ‪<arnie@arnierosner.com> wrote:

Dr. Huffer…

In your learned opinion,

Just how much fraud must be committed before it is taken seriously?


The truth; it takes so few words to express…
Available 24/7 –
714-501-8247 – mobile

On Oct 27, 2014, at 11:22 AM, legal abuse syndrome <legalabuse@gmail.com> wrote:

YES – those in power have mastered the art of takings.  It has accelerated in the past 15 years.  I am supportive of efforts to stop it.  It seems voting those in office out is not a bad idea.


On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 10:38 AM, Bob Hurt ‪<bob@bobhurt.com> wrote:

ONLY a court order, following litigation, should justify forfeiture or seizure related to suspected criminal activity.  Law should specifically prohibit Cops, IRS, FBI, DEA, and other authorities from snatching assets merely because of suspicion that the possessor has some involvement in a crime.  Law should mandate that those who seize it without a court order should return it and pay all the related costs.  Also, law should make it clear that citizens have the right to use lethal force to prevent any such seizures.  Law should require all related court hearings to have top priority, and government should pay fees and counsel costs for the Citizenry in all such actions.


Because government agents wrongfully disrupt lives of, and injure, many innocent people through out-and-out theft of their assets from bank accounts, from automobiles during traffic stops, from homes and businesses during violent or surreptitious break-ins. See this New York Times article

Call and write your state and federal legislators and demand a change to the laws to eliminate civil asset seizure and forfeiture without a court order, and government-paid counsel for the citizen under scrutiny.

Bob Hurt – 727 669 5511 – http://bobhurt.com


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