DAN… Pound Sand! – Debbie Warren, One of the REAL Americans

On Oct 28, 2014, at 4:15 PM, Debbie Warren <dwarren@smdavid.com> wrote:

Hello Dan,

You are the victim of the Republican failure regarding real Americans, the Constitution and Conservatism.  The Republican Party has assisted if not directed the destruction of our Republic and many Republican/Constitutional Patriots are disgusted and angry…enough to not only withhold donations, but withhold their vote….any vote.  You are the victim IF you truly hold our Constitution, Founding documents and all that built America with the reverence and respect it all deserves.  If not…so be it.  You’re pretty much on your own……..  Thank Boehner the weeping cowardly drunk and McConnell the dried up carcass of an old woman and the rest of the reprobates who cry compromise when they really mean Third World Cesspool is their preference.

Good Luck, Buddy…but I’m tapped out by all the frauds and criminals in government and their bailed out filthy criminal pals…and the drug addled, ineligible, Usurping piece of human excrement whose name might be Barack Hussein Obama  or Barry Soetero or Harrison Bounel or Soebarkah … take your pick.  We call him the Muslim Thief in Chief.    Not one single piece of camel dung in Fiduciary service to this country stepped up and did their damn job.  All call ‘it’ President in brazen insult to the entire nation and all REAL American citizens.

Much could have been done about the violation of our Immigration laws by the Feds, Benghazi murders perpetrated by the Feds with Clinton at the helm, Fast and Furious murders premeditated by Holder, Jarrett     AND the premeditated murder of our veterans and servicemen both during their service and after they trusted the VA to provide the care and help they needed, Obama(non)Care and so much more…. all of it headed up by a whack job figure head/puppet installed illegally by both Parties and protected by the same band of filthy thugs….AND ALL OF IT AT OUR EXPENSE/money, future, debt, deaths and so on.  Much could have been done about the massive theft of our money and services handed over to invading thieving parasites who were invited here by our Fiduciaries to steal from us…we call the perpetrators Coyotes and we call the theft simple Racketeering…and the results: aiding and abetting, providing aid and comfort and much more as outlined in our existing laws for criminals, murderers, thieves, invaders, etc.  AND by our laws these perpetrators in government who are GUILTY are guilty in kind for the murders, rapes and theft……..   Those who know and say nothing are guilty of Misprision….

So, pal….how do you feel about becoming one of ‘them’?  While you are begging for donations, remember this:  WE are pissed up…fed up…tapped out…destroyed…and trust no one.  Most of the REAL Americans I know wouldn’t pee on one of the beggars, liars and thieves…and murderers running for office if they were on fire and screaming for help….much less give them another damn dime.  Particularly if they are running to keep a seat they have kept far too long.  We also have to worry about the newbies who make promises and immediately sign on to the royal lifestyle and theft once in office.  Cowards or criminals or both?

Deborah Warren, One of the REAL Americans

From: Dan Sullivan [mailto:info@sullivan2014.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 4:33 PM
To: Deborah Warren
Subject: Have to clear this up


If you’ve ever thought about helping, the time to do something is RIGHT NOW.

This election is going to come down to every vote, which means we need to be up with additional television commercials and radio ads to share my conservative message with every Alaskan voter before November 4th.

Please, we can’t let this slip through our hands. Follow this link to make an emergency contribution of AT LEAST $20 — without it we’re not going to reclaim the Senate from liberal kingpins Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

Help me break the tie in Alaska.

Deborah, my race will go down to the wire because Alaska is the very last state in the nation to report on election night. We can still pull this thing out and boot Harry Reid to the curb. But only if grassroots conservatives step up their donations today.

Let me be clear: Obama and Reid’s dark money donors are counting on a victory in Alaska. In fact, they are certain to pour additional financial resources into Alaska in the coming days to bandage their wounds and claim the state for Democrats.

For proof — see Kentucky right now where they’ve more than doubled down on their TV ad buys thanks to tightening polls. If the same happens to me and I don’t have the cash to fund a strong answer, they’re gonna keep their liberal majority in the U.S. Senate.

So please follow this link to make an emergency contribution of $20 or whatever you can possibly afford to reclaim the Senate from Harry Reid and Barack Obama and help me break the tie.

I am counting on your immediate contribution to break this tie, flip control of Congress back into Republican hands, and kick Harry Reid out of the Senate Majority Leader’s office. 

Let’s get this done. 

Dan Sullivan
Conservative for Senate.

P.S. Your contribution of any size can go a long way.

So please contribute $20 or even $10 to help me ensure victory next week. Thanks – Dan.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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