Even though your intent may be pure…

You or anyone else will not accomplish anything in Washington!

Chief Mike Sandlin;

Your sincerity, dedication to duty and responsibility towards America is laudable.   There is no hesitation on my part to completely appreciate the honor…the respect and the commitment both you and Cmd Zink demonstrated in the service of the American people.  Thank you for your service.

With the promotional information presented below meant to inspire confidence, you are sending the wrong message to those who know the truth.  The American people have had no lawful government for at least 100 years.  The lawful government was over-thrown by elements of the Congress in 1933.

Hear the words of another courageous American who speaks the truth.

On Oct 25, 2014, at 1:20 PM, HI&RH Prince William-Bullock III: Stewart <protectingmyrights@yahoo.com> wrote:

Voila_Capture 2014-10-26_03-33-06_AM

Dear Arnie and Zinke,

Apparently they do not teach in Navy Seal School that the US Govt is recording every email and every phone conversation of every American, without warrant in this country.

The govt in this country was coop’d by those who do not honor their oath of office to faithfully defend the Constitution of 1787, and the media has not adequately reported on this, as is their civil responsibility.

Further the “government” of the UNITED STATES  is currently a service corporation that was dissolved in an emergency banking act, March 9, 1933, but has continued to operate in a de facto status every since, unlawfully, and without any authority in law. All the offices of government in this country were signed over to the UNITED NATIONS, under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1945, enacted by the Congress. Every sworn officer of every municipal corporation, city, county, local agency, state, and federal municipal corporation, from the UNITED STATES on down, is now an officer of the UNITED NATIONS.

If Zinke were honest and knowledgeable, he would admit this to the American people, and then he would not have to worry about getting donations, because Americans would contribute to a real leader.

HI&RH Prince William-Bullock III: Stewart

On Saturday, October 25, 2014 9:31 AM, Arnie <arnie@arnierosner.com> wrote:


Your request creates such a conflict that is so apparent it prevents me from making a donation to you.  This same conflict should also give every well intentioned, thinking American who wishes to support a candidate of their own choice, cause for concern as well.

Why are we Americans so trusting and foolish as to finance our own destruction?  Over and over again?

Even if you were courageous enough to tell the truth, which it does not appear to be the case, The solution to this conflict lies in your hands…so only you are in a position to address this matter properly.

As you indicate you are asking for donations to support a media campaign.  Yet it is the people, the media people, to whom you will give your funds to promote your campaign…

And you will give the funds received from well intentioned donors and reward these same media people and enable them…the same media people, to continue to aid and abette the illegal and unlawful misrepresentation of the various corporations, to work against the people.

Please tell me how that makes a lot of sense.

If the media will not perform their lawful role in society, then we the people and the candidates must hold them accountable.  That would also include Mr. Snover.


The truth; it takes so few words to express…

Available 24/7 –

714-501-8247 – mobile


And yet another courageous American who speaks the truth…

On Oct 13, 2014, at 6:51 PM, Anna von Reitz <avannavon@gmail.com> wrote:

It isn’t something anyone CAN dispute.  It is public record, black and white.  

But it is SO hard for people who have been brain-washed and left 200 years in the past to wrap their heads around that it takes weeks, sometimes months for the reality to sink in.  They make a few fledgling realizations and then get sidetracked into their old assumptions, then something else hits them up side the head and they make a little more progress…..at some point, they come full awake and go, “Oh, my……!”   And even then there can be relapses.  It’s very much a “recovery” process, wherein otherwise intelligent people have to re-learn everything they thought they knew about their country and their government.  

On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 1:17 PM, Arnie ‪<arnie@arnierosner.com> wrote:

My understanding is we are not obligated to use the courts of the service corporation.  The courts were one of the enumerated powers defined in the service contract created between the states and the federal government under provisions of the Constitution for the united States of America.

Makes perfect logical sense to me.  Why would we continue to use a simulated system of justice.  We all know it is based on fraud!  Have we all been dropped on our heads?

There is no lawful government.  Those impostors who pose as our lawful public servants are impersonating our lawful public servants.  The impostors all report to the British crown through the UN Corp.

Is this not the case?  Can anyone dispute this?

 International Organizations Immunities Act Document, December 9, 1945



The truth; it takes so few words to express…

Available 24/7 –

714-501-8247 – mobile


On Oct 25, 2014, at 7:43 AM, Ryan Zinke <contact@ryanzinke.com> wrote:


I’m afraid you might have missed former Navy SEAL Chief Sandlin’s message? It’s urgent that you read it right away.

My opponent, Democrat John Lewis, has no record of his own, and he’s decided that since he has no experience…he can win by trashing mine.

Because the truth will come out with the help of fellow SEALs like Chief Sandlin and supporters like you, I’m writing this message.

I need to come up with another $75,000 dollars to lock down the rest of the MT airtime (a key part of our strategy), AND circulate the truth about my Military Service record.

Will you please join my campaign with a donation of $10 or more?

And if you’ve already donated, consider making another one time gift to help me put John Lewis’s liberal smear tactics down. Permanently.

For God and country,

Sent from my iPhone

From: Chief Mike Sandlin
Subject: the REAL 1%…
To: arnie@arnierosner.com

Arnie,I want to tell you about the REAL 1%…**It was 1998 when I met Commander Ryan Zinke when he was serving as the Executive Officer at Naval Special Warfare Center. He was my immediate supervisor and a breath of fresh air.**

I joined the Navy as an enlisted man in 1968, and my Navy career encompassed over 45 years, during which I worked for numerous Navy SEAL officers.

After completing the training for UDT/SEAL Teams and receiving assignment to Underwater Demolition Team 13 — I served in Vietnam, was wounded in action, and received the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and several other decorations.

About 99 percent of the time during my Navy SEAL career, I worked for officers. **CDR Zinke was the 1 percent of the SEAL officers I worked with.** His office door was always open and he displayed a kind of respect that I had not experienced before (or after).

I can tell you without hesitation that Ryan Zinke was the finest officer I ever knew during my military career.

Please, support his campaign by following this link and donating $25 or more.

Instead of sending another politician to Washington to solve our problems — send in Ryan Zinke —

He took care of his troops and always led from the front.  He never hesitated to take on the most difficult missions.

He understood the evils of the global terrorist threat and ensured our Special Forces had the right training and equipment necessary to win.

He embodied the ethics of hard work, discipline, and commitment to excellence.  AND above all he listened to his troops and was unafraid to buck the system when the system was wrong.

**CDR Zinke was never a “yes man.” That is exactly what Washington needs.**

Please, join me in supporting CDR Zinke’s campaign by following this link and donating $25 or more.


Chief Mike Sandlin
(ret) SEAL Team FIVE
Terrebonne, Oregon

P.S. He’s not another “yes man” – he’s exactly what Washington needs. Follow this link and donate $25 or whatever you can afford. Help elect a real leader.


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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