Attempts to Silence the Sovereign Americans – They are getting desperate!

Injustice: Dixie County Man ‘Appears’ in Court, Gets Arrested for ‘Failure to Appear’!!!



Today’s article features presentations by Rodger Dowdell, Hagan Smith and Mark Schmitder along with interviews by several people who traveled from throughout Florida, including Terry’s wife and daughter.

On September 2nd, Terry Trussell, a resident of Dixie County and Veteran of Vietnam at 70 years of age, was arrested for allegedly violating the obscure statute 843.0855, Criminal Actions under Color of Law through use of a Simulated Legal Process.

In a bizarre twist of events, Mr. Trussell was arrested at his arraignment in the Dixie County Courthouse on Thursday, October 9, 2014 for “Failure To Appear.”

Yes, you read that correctly. While standing in the courtroom, after answering the Judge, Terry was arrested and taken into custody for not showing up.

When Judge James Hankinson called for Terry Trussell’s hearing to begin, Terry stood up and announced he was prepared to speak on the matter. Judge Hankinson then addressed him directly asking if he was Terry George Trussell and shortly after Terry began his reply, stating, “I am a living, breathing,…”, Judge Hankinson interrupted his response and once again asked for Terry to appear.

After Terry, still the only man standing in the courtroom beside the deputies, proclaimed “For the record, I am hear to speak on that matter”, the judge rebutted saying, “Let the record reflect Mr. Trussell has not appeared” and ordered him to be arrested without bond.

Terry then declared, “I object, your honor, I am here!”

Dixie County Sherif Dewey Hatcher’s deputies then approached Terry and took him into custody.

To this day, it is not clear why Judge Hankinson refused to listen to or acknowledge Mr. Trussell.***

Dozens of people who attended in support of Terry were astonished as Terry was handcuffed and lead out of the room by two deputies.

As of the time of this printing, Mr. Trussell has not been released.

This story has captured the attention of local residents as well as the people of Florida. As a result, many people of florida attended the Dixie County Board of Commissioners meeting that was held yesterday, Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 6:00 PM at the Dixie County Courthouse at 214 Northeast Highway 351, Cross City, FL 32628.

As the justice system is supposed to be blind, they are now considered deaf, too. Meanwhile, a friend to many and husband to an amazing wife, Terry George Trussell sits in jail awaiting another try at his day in court.



Most lay people do not know that in law and in legalese there are two of “You”.

(1) There is “You“the real, lawful, living, breathing, flesh and blood woman or man: John or Jane Doe.

(2) And there is your “Twin“your fictional, legal, government created, artificial strawman, with your same name: JOHN or JANE DOE.

Artificial Institutions (such as governments and courts) can only deal with Artificial Entities (such as birth certificates and corporations).

Judge Hankinson was asking if he (Terry) was his twin TERRY GEORGE TRUSSELL and Terry began his reply as the real, lawful, living, breathing, flesh and blood man: Terry George Trussell.

Judge Hankinson interrupted his response and once again asked for TERRY GEORGE TRUSSELL to appear.

After Terry proclaimed … “I (meaning the real Terry George Trussell) am here to speak on the matter”, Judge Hankinson rebutted saying (truthfully), “Let the record reflect MR. TRUSSEL (meaning the legally named artificial strawman) has not appeared” and ordered him (Terry) to be arrested without bond.

Judge Hankinson wanted Terry George Trussell to present TERRY GEORGE TRUSSELL to the court so the court could deal with the legally named artificial strawman TERRY GEORGE TRUSSELL that Terry George Trussell was not voluntarily presenting to the court.

Terry then declared, “I (meaning the real Terry George Trussell) object, your honor, I (the legally named artificial strawman) am here!”

If Terry had presented to Judge Hankinson his artificial strawman’s birth certificate that would have been material (paper) evidence of strawman TERRY GEORGE TRUSSELL’s appearance in the courtroom that day.

The FRAUD of all of this SECRET play-acting is excused, in the eyes of the law, only, by their so-called legal MAXIM: “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”



With an incredible show of support, patriots and concerned citizens from across Florida met in Cross City, FL to attend the Dixie County Board of Commissioners meeting to discuss the injustice occurring in their county, drawing specific attention to the judicial misconduct last week by Judge Hankinson.

In an astonishingly arrogant trashing of due process and the rights as protected by the U.S. Constitution, Terry Trussell, while standing and answering the Judge’s questions, was arrested on the spot for “Failure To Appear.” To this day, one week later, Terry is still being held without his day in court.

The Dixie County Board of Commissioners, even though they were not on the agenda for the evening, were gracious enough to allow several people speak. In fact, they moved them to the beginning of the meeting consuming about 30 minutes of their time.

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EXCLUSIVE: In-Depth Interview with Terry Trussell – Arrested by a Corrupt Judiciary

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