John Wolfgram: Fresh meat for the bear from Alaska.

John Wolfgram: Fresh meat for the bear from Alaska.


On Oct 13, 2014, at 7:34 PM, Anna von Reitz <> wrote:

I have been out and about today, enjoying the decent weather and the company of family and friends, but also keeping an eye on this interminable “discussion”.

It reminds me of literally hundreds of discussions I have had with lawyers and other Saul Alinsky fans.

All such conversations are the same.

These people all talk about “democracy” instead of “republican form of government” because he advocates “democracy” instead of the republican form of government we are owed under the constitutional contract.   Democracy—-that is, “mob rule”—-wherein the mob can take and use and abuse anything that belongs by nature to the individual without regard for individual property and rights.  After all, the “United States of America (Minor)” is a legislative democracy, by definition, a lawyer’s paradise, where they can seize other people’s property at will and use it for their own ends because they make up the majority of the government.

It’s always a big surprise and disappointment for them to learn that yes, we do know the difference between a democracy and a republic.  Anyone who writes books called “Democratization of the Judicial System” is outted as a socialist crackpot from the outset with no further questions needed.

There is another telltale way to recognize all such pseudo-patriots.  They can’t rebut a straight claim if it kills them.  No matter what you say, they don’t reply.  They side step.  They equivocate.  They slide off on a tangent.  They refuse to answer.  For example,  I have clearly stated that none of The Constitution— never mind any of the knock-off look-alike and sound-alike corporate fakes—- is nothing so special, that it is merely a two part equity contract consisting of a trust indenture (that has been breached) and a contract for governmental services (that has been defaulted upon).

These are the facts I have stated, but where in any of the ensuing diatribe does Mr. “Wolfgram” ever reply to these two outrageous, naked, truthful, unavoidable facts?

Never.  And he never will.  He can’t argue with the truth.

Instead of facing the challenge put squarely before him to prove that The Constitution— even the REAL one— is anything so mysterious, sacred, or special, that it is NOT what I say it is— a dishonored trust and commercial contract—-he reverts helplessly to smoke and mirrors and a Puffer Fish attitude.  Oh, I am the big shot “constitutional” expert, oh, yes, I know it all—–but I am so great and smart and experienced and superior that I won’t even ADMIT what the document IS, much less discuss what it is supposed to DO.

Instead, he will “talk down” to everyone willing to listen and engage in another little gambit that these people all play— the “I am so superior” gambit, in which without any proof beyond their own hot air, they pretend to be so very sophisticated and so very intelligent and so very educated and so very “far beyond” the rest of us that they don’t have to pay attention to anything as mundane as fact, truth, or the evil consequences of their own actions.

How sad to listen to any adult man who has deluded himself and tried to delude others into mistaking moral torpitude for sophistication, lack of ethics for intelligence, and self-interested cowardice for wisdom.

The truth is that Mr. “Wolfgram” and his ilk are all the same.  They are all cowards.  They are all cookie-cutter intellectuals who have never had an original thought in their lives, and who have clung instead to a methodology of argument learned by rote that they mistakenly believe renders them superior to others.



People of this kind never admit that they are cowards and self-interested and petty, that they “go along to get along” in the sordid company they keep, congratulating themselves on their semantic deceits and intellectual drivel, never once facing their servitude to the Father of All Lies and the enslavement they have embraced for themselves while seeking to enslave others.  They are the Patsy-Men, the weak links who can’t stand the truth about themselves or much of anything else, so they make a habit of accusing everyone else of lving in a fantasy, while in fact we all continue to needlessly live in a nightmare these idiots have created out of their ignorance, hubris, greed and fear.

Over time I have noticed that most of these operatives like to include certain code words in their on-screen names and legal personas.  “Wolf” is one of them.  You will all notice that the mythological “Wolfgang Struck” is the name of the fabulously wealthy “benefactor” of the World Bank represented by Karen Hudes—-the one who is supposedly the caretaker of this fantastic horde of gold and who is poised to give every man, woman, and child on the planet a bequest of $100,000.00 in gold.

What does this name mean in German?  Well, “Wolf” means wolf—as in the animal.  “Gang” means “way” as in walkway or gangplank.  And “Struck” means struck or lightning.
So the wolf’s way struck-by-lightning.  What a fine name for an imposter who means to buy the entire world’s inheritance using gold that he and his cohorts have stolen from the same people in the first place?

Voila_Capture 2014-10-13_08-27-09_PMAnd what does the name “John Wolfgram” mean?   John means “grace”.  Wolf means wolf.  Gram means gram as in telegram.   He is sending us all a “wolfgram”—- palavering about life and what he calls “reality” from the perspective of the wolves who have set upon the sheep and gotten away with it so long that they’ve forgotten that there shepherds and there are lions and there bears and a great many other creatures in creation more than competent to make short work of wolves.

And I am one of them.  Thank you.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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