Stories from the game in which you have no idea you are playing!


Our victory stories

Our victory stories

Here are some of our victory stories from around the world.

All these people are helping to expose the birth certificate fraud by not consenting to be the legal name.

Ivan Consciousness’s police interaction

Listen to Ivan’s story of being taken to the police for questioning after not consenting to be a legal name. Ivan walked free after the police failed to get the joinder they needed to a legal name.

Motu Proprio Toto Genere’s police interaction

Listen and read along to Motu Proprio Toto Genere’s story of being taken to the police station after not consenting to be a legal name. Motu was having fun with his friends when law enforcement arrived and tried to aid and abet them in fraud by asking for some LEGAL NAMES.

Dee Light’s victories

Listen to Dee Light’s stories of her police interactions.

Pete’s police interaction

Listen to Pete’s story of being arrested and held in jail over night after not consenting to be a legal name.

Friend’s arrest experience

Listen to Friend’s story of being arrested after pulling over for police on the way to get his car serviced.

Strawberry “Mr Witness” owns a court room

Listen to Strawberry’s story of being arrested, put in jail, and appearing in court, all because he would not consent to be the legal name. Strawberry walked free after claming the court as his own and advising everyone there to quit their jobs.

Joe Knowbody confronts cop on the legal name fraud

Watch Joe Knowbody confront a cop on the legal name fraud. Joe consistently challenges the officer’s assumption that he is a legal name.

Michael’s interaction with border patrol

Listen to Michael (“The Witness”) describe his interaction with border control when he decided to travel across the U.S. border into Canada.

Wayne & White – Cops arrest social worker

Read the story of Wayne and his daughter White, who refused to answer to the legal name during the daily school roll call. When the police became involved, they defended Wayne and White. The school headmistress was warned by police that she may be arrested if she used White’s supposed legal name. Later on, a social worker became involved and was arrested for threatening to take White away.

Blossom’s interaction with police

Read Blossom’s story about interacting with police when they tried to write her a ticket.

Rob’s interaction with police

Listen to Rob’s story about being pulled over by police while driving home with his two sons (11 and 13 years). Police tried many tricks to get Rob and his sons to give a legal name, but they gave none. Rob went peacefully to the police station; he was let go 45 minutes later.

Water – What to do when system agents come a’knocking

Read Water’s story of how she handled a system agent who came knocking at the door.

Elizabeth travels without ID

Read Elizabeth’s story about flying from Norway, to Germany and Portugal without a passport or ID.

Kaz declines a breathalyser

Listen to Kaz recalling her interaction with police after declining a breathalyser and not consenting to be the LEGAL NAME.

Willie walks free

Read Willie’s story of being detained by police only to be released shortly after due to his not consenting to be a LEGAL NAME.

Michael ‘The Witness’ walks free

Listen to Michael’s story of his 34 day stand-off with the system. Michael was arrested, incarcerated and went to caught but walked away a free man. He never consenting to be the LEGAL NAME despite the system’s intimidation tactics and trickery.

Hannah Rose’s journey toward losing the name

Hannah started with the freeman/sovereign movement but later realised that there can be no legal remedy in a fraudulent system that requires the fraudulent LEGAL NAME to get that remedy. Hannah is now helping educate her existing audience in this truth.

Witness goes to the bank

Listen to one living man’s encounter with the police who were called in because he wanted to close a bank account without ID/LEGAL NAME.

Withdrawing money without valid ID

Read a story from two people who withdrew their money without using valid ID and educated bank staff in the process.

Borian’s banking adventures

Borian educates bank staff while attempting to exchange money without the LEGAL NAME/ID.

Borian educates a police sargent

Listen to Borian’s interaction with a police sargent as he attempts seeks advice on how a living being might be able to do a simple currency exchange without comitting fraud.

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