Judicial Misconduct the “One Catch All” by Walter Burien


Judicial Misconduct the “One Catch All”

by Walter Burien


Judicial misconduct is the standard. Those in the Judiciary that follow the law are ignored from the inside and those that break the law as the standard bring in the piles of cash under the table and from behind closed doors. Thus they build and are the prevalent power structure.

What I have discovered as the pattern for the most pervasive scum in the judiciary that break the law and continuously violate their oaths of office and the law where if they were held accountable, they would be doing long prison sentences are:

  1. Most start off as the Chairman of their local county political party. Republican or Democrat it does not mater but all are attorneys.
  2.  They then get appointed as a Judge to the family superior court (reenforcing their network of cooperatives).
  3. They then petition to be appointed to the state version of “Judicial Misconduct board”. (getting in to a position to cover theirs and their buddies asses)
  4. They then will position themselves for appointment to the state Supreme Court or State Court of Appeals.

The process may take ten to fifteen years but all along the way they will use their influence to destroy opposition through orchestrated inherently corrupt court rulings designed to financially; emotionally; or by threat of arrest destroy their opposition. If you have children; a good job; or run your own business they become the targets. They do so through misuse of the powers of the court in conjunction with law enforcement and their selected buddies from the state AG’s office.

There are only two primary words that apply to this ilk: Greed and opportunity.

Along with the above you will also find attorneys now appointed Judges that were the liaisons between their political party and the State House of Representatives.

One thing most have in common as they exercise their ability of greed and opportunity combined with their unlawful conduct is: they will establish family trusts or business partnership trusts for real-estate investment. They will use their positions to spot and then setup getting real-estate on tax repossessions or confiscations. They will also exert their influence to destroy the owner of a targeted real-estate acquisition to force a sale of the property at pennies on the dollar.

Millions of dollars are made this way for their land spec trusts. If you look at the land transaction record for the county recorders office spotting the trust(s) via name searches, you will find them.

Don’t forget to check the surrounding counties for the same. Political paybacks are arranged in this fashion also. If a payment (kickback) is due of say $100,000 then a property that may have a value of $120,000 is sold (transferred) to the trust for $20,000 by the company or individual that is making the kickback payment.

In the reverse the Judge (and also the City; County; or State attorney) through the land trust may be sitting on garbage property in the middle of nowhere bought for say $300 per acre subdivided up into four acre parcels (total value $1200) The person required to make the kickback is instructed to buy four parcels at $21,000 each and thus the pay-off is made. (they may complete the transaction through a family member out of state or close business partner who owns another company)

Additionally they will make millions by using their influence to get the City; County; or State to purchase and then develop land for access “adjoining” their property bought for pennies on the dollar. (Never their property being to clear of a conflict of interest) Next they use their influence to build say the new County Fairgrounds, or Golf Course. Then the value of their property held in the trust sky-rockets as they make their plans to build their new condo complex on their land adjoining the new government built project. (With the repossessions that took place from the 2008 real-estate crash I am sure they have been busy little bees there and through 2011)

Along the way through other situations you can be assured they have their hands in many other circumstances that grease the skids of their own pockets. Including: Murder; kidnapping; and large drug dealings. (Scum is as scum does)

They and their cooperatives have made millions using their positions and they have built a network of other individuals from within the City; County; State, and Federal AG’s office (including some FBI agents) in place to cover their asses if needed due to the money involved and the ability to grease the skids therefrom. (I NOTE: the rest not involved back-off due to the fact that they know they will run into a brick wall at a hundred miles per hour if they attempt to correct the situation)

Discovering who their cooperatives are is done just by looking at the use of the same over time or first hand knowledge of the same.

Connecting the dots of the financial land transaction is done by research into the same. (I note go back many years in the search through the county recorders office to spot name changes in the transfers) Most start under their own names and then as the very lucrative aspect takes place they may change / transfer to other trusts or corporate identities to blur the trail of their involvement. Spotting the name changes keeps the trail intact.

Again, just simple greed and opportunity at work from those exercising a “political” advantage.

To indict these scum over-riding the cooperatives they have in place to block that event requires a complete and accurate dossier time-line and transaction record.

When established who do you go to for indictment? If the local FBI are in the pockets of these scum political hack Judges then that is a dead end there. Same for the State or Federal AG’s office or any Judicial Misconduct Board. The Sheriff? 10 / 90 there.

The “gang” made sure the fix was in with all of the above due to the massive money transfer involved. Those are the groups most of the population goes to, so steps were taken to make sure the population would get no results for indictments of clear violations of the law.

You see the fix is not in with all from the above just key players that can influence all from above.

So what did they miss? What law enforcement group did they not focus on controlling that the public usually never goes to for an indictment but has the authority to indict?

ANSWER: The State Highway Police (Patrol) Opps, they missed a group.

An official complaint filed noting the conflicts of interests with the other groups noted requires the complaint to be accepted and investigated for indictment. (at first they will try to direct you to the same groups that you are reporting the crimes committed therefrom but insistence to take the complaint will require them to do so)

The State Police also if the cooperatives from the others above are noted in the timeline will have to make sure those individuals are excluded from any participation with the investigation; indictment; prosecution; and conviction of the political hack scum judges AND their cooperative players from the City; County; State, and Federal AG’s office (including some FBI agents) in place as noted in the timeline that did cover their asses from consequences for criminal acts committed when needed.

As noted this is all about greed and opportunity. The one group that is the furthest detached from that realm is the State Police.

Now if they are effectively used for indictments, quick efforts by the ilk facing indictments or those not yet discovered who may be indicted will exert their greatest influence to replace administrators of the State Police. If that fact is made very public, that consequence can be slowed greatly if not stopped completely.

Now go out and get the discovery of the financial transactions and kick some ass to clean house!

(Our own house stolen from us out of greed and opportunity exerted from the Judiciary and their cooperatives)

Many are not in a position to do anything to hold this ilk accountable but many are, and are willing to do it all for honor and country.. So to them this information is provided.

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