As the Executor of your government created trust…They owe you. YOU are the creditor!

What do you guys think about David Clarence’s “Executor/Executrix Letter” ?

This document looks to be VERY powerful.

The gist of it is: We were born into an institution with an E-State (estate) automatically created in our behalf.

The estate is setup for us in the Scriptures and Scripture is Trust Law. Trust law trumps all other laws. When you’re operating in Trust law, none of the codes, statutes, regulations pertain to you.

When you get home from the hospital, you get your 1st piece of mail (birth certificate); that’s the gov’t notifying you that a trust has been created on your behalf. That document is sent to the office of the executor/executrix; the highest official, which is you and I.

The registrars seal/signature on the back of the document is proof the estate has been or is in probate. By transferring that document to us, the live human being, they are acknowledging that we are the executor/executrix of the Estate.

The address of the estate is the file # of the birth certificate.

The US Corporation is indebted to each and every one of our estates. The creditor has immunity from the debtor, and the debtor can’t bring claim against the creditor.

All debts have been paid and the bills we get are illusions. The office of the executor is the ‘creditor’

The documents the government send us are manipulated by lawyers, and the intentionally leave off the word “Estate” at the end of your name to keep us ignorant to the fact that we are the executor/executrix of the estate.

If the IRS,Gov’t, sends you a letter and you respond with the executor letter and add “Estate” to the end of your name like this John T. Doe, Estate you change the relationship of whatever entity you’re dealing with. When you add Executor to the end of the name, you’re informing them that they are now the debtor and you are the creditor.

Throughout our entire lives the government has been raiding our Estate. Since we don’t know what’s going on, they treat us as the Trustee that is in violation of their Trustee duties and they penalize us for it.

David says to stop chasing all these patriot/freedom law programs etc. Stop trying to jump through hoops finding a loop hole to separate yourself from the corp. and filing 1,000 page documents at the Sec.of State, County recorders, etc. and simply OCCUPY the Office of the Executor. This denies everyone else of having the presumption of having authority over anything having to do with the estate.

They are (Gov’t, IRS, etc.) presuming to have authority to administer the estate because they have no letter from the executors office giving them that authority.

The executor letter is calling them to task by asking “Where’s your authority to Administer for the Estate”?

They haven’t been appointed the Trustee for the Estate because we haven’t appointed them those powers and we’re the only ones that can do that because we are the executors/executrix.

David says it doesn’t matter what gov’t agency, bank, creditor, IRS agent, etc. sends you a document (lien, levy, tax charge, failure to file, etc.), when they do that, they are in violation. They have no authority to administer that estate (your all capital letter name) and that you send back their paperwork along with the executor letter to the highest law office in their organization, as well as a copy to your Office of Governor and Office of Attorney General and automagically you’re done with them … END OF STORY!

I’m still studying this, it’s intriguing. I think this may be the real magic bullet to stop the tyranny each of us are suffering at the hands of these quasi government agencies steeling our money and throwing us in jail.

Here’s Angela Starks archive page of her past shows. I started on the page 2 and listened to him explaining the letter and the history of the estate on the 9/16/10 show here,…

Then I listened to the other shows he was on, on page 1.

Here’s the site that has the Executor Letter and all the supporting docs to it.

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