American Sovereign Exposes Unlawful overthrow by foreign corporation

In a tactic consistent with the work of radicalized Communist and extremely dangerous propagandist, Saul Alinsky, The ADL can be seen (posted below), hard at work attempting to discredit the legitimate and lawful process of the common law grand jury.


  • Saul Alinsky, was author of one of the many books specializing in over-throwing the lawful government of the American people, “Rules for Radicals,”
  • The ADL, has been identified as a corporate organization, specializing in discrediting those who pose a threat to exposing the truth about the NWO and the unlawful de facto government, through high level propaganda.
  • Obama taught Alinsky tactics to his community organizing protegees.
  • Hillary did her thesis on Alinsky. So you can see where the impact of his strategies were well received, implemented and effective.

OBVIOUS! It is easy to see the reason for the propaganda attack on the common law grand jury. Since the early 1960’s , implementation of the rules of procedure by the judiciary, launched deliberate efforts to eradicate the existence of the common law grand jury process.  The evidence of  hiding the information, includes, discrediting its use and even modifying law school curriculum to conveniently obscure its existence. The concerted effort, while a clever attempt, did not succeed.

The people are aware it is the people who are the ultimate arbiter and authority over the governments they create.  The common law grand jury is the tool by which the people maintain their proper control of their public servants.

The common law grand jury is a tool provided by the founders. It was designed to enable the people to deal with removing corrupt officials from government. The process belongs to all Americans.

To advance the effectiveness of the people’s oversight responsibilities, establishing in advance, a citizens oversight commission, will enable citizens to provide rapid and meaningful government oversight as needed. No formalities are required of the people.

Common Law Grand Jury Manual


The propaganda attack posted further below, demonstrates the need for each state and county to convene their own common law grand juries as required.  Centralizing such activities creates a larger target for such attack by corrupt government officials who are struggling to maintain their unlawful control over the people.  The very same people, by whom they were elected.  The corrupt officials unlawful actions in these matters certainly presents a clear case of breach of contract and fiduciary responsibilities.

Public Servants are your Trustees; Fire Your Trustees for Cause. No Court Action Required!

All forms of citizen oversight requires no permission from public servants at any level. It is the public servants who are the employes of the people and frequently become the targets of investigation.

Costs of Justice:

Since all government services are specified (enumerated powers) as part of the service contract between the states and the federal government services corporations, and paid for in advance, the people have covered all and any costs involved in running government.  That means, any space required for meetings or deliberations have been paid for by the people and access to the people’s facilities must be provided at no further direct expense.

The same would be true of any other type of expense attempted to be extorted from the people by public servants for a reasonable number of copies of documents or information.  Even the legislators have no authority to impose such legislation that would impede the people from maintaining oversight over government activities created by the people and for the people.  Such actions could be considered obstruction of justice and grounds for treason.

What to expect from today’s reality:

There is no legitimate government of the American people.  There has not been one since about the early 1860’s.  Any American who believes otherwise is free to do so but in my view, is irrational and out of touch with reality.

Through mostly foreign owned corporations, which resulted from the communist over-throw of the lawful American government in 1933,  Enemies of the American people, have been systematically imposing a gradual form of soft tyranny that occurs over such a long time period, most people have not noticed the small incremental abuses.  However, when viewed from a larger picture, the pattern would be evident to even the most doubting individuals.

The Plan…The Plan!

And now the main event…

 The CFR in action!

One final idea to consider:

One of the most remarkable characteristics of an American was the ability to be self-sufficient.

It is my considered opinion, that through the last several generations, the forces who oppose a free and prosperous world; a world where the people are totally independent and self-reliant, have been systematically programming people across the globe to become totally subservient and dependent on “government.”

The Dumbing Down of America

Once we became aware of the plan and understood what was going on, it then becomes our responsibility to fix the problem.  If you are of the same mindset, then consider the following:

The one issue we all need to address! The fraud of the 14th Amendment.


The main event:

  • The sovereign is the highest class of an American.
  • The Common law grand jury belongs to the American people.

An attempt to convince you otherwise.

February 20, 2014 6

Sovereign Citizen Group Forms Vigilante “Grand Juries”

Mem­bers of a grow­ing anti-government extrem­ist group are form­ing their own “grand juries” around the United States.  Some bogus “juries” have already issued demands against local gov­ern­ment officials. sovereign-citizen-vigilante-grand-juries

The National Lib­erty Alliance (NLA) is a rel­a­tively new sov­er­eign cit­i­zen group formed in 2011 as the New York Lib­erty Alliance by sov­er­eign cit­i­zen guru John Darash of Pough­keep­sie.  In April 2013, Darash changed the group’s name and began efforts to spread nation­wide, recruit­ing sov­er­eign cit­i­zens to its ban­ner.   The sov­er­eign cit­i­zen move­ment is an extreme anti-government move­ment whose adher­ents believe that they can ignore vir­tu­ally all laws and reg­u­la­tions because the gov­ern­ment is the prod­uct of a malev­o­lent conspiracy.

Darash and his fol­low­ers have spent most of their time cre­at­ing so-called “Com­mon Law Grand Juries” (CLGJ) in coun­ties across the coun­try.  Accord­ing to the NLA, these bogus grand juries have the author­ity to con­duct inves­ti­ga­tions, issue indict­ments, and remove offi­cials from office.

The sov­er­eign cit­i­zen move­ment has his­tor­i­cally cre­ated fic­ti­tious judi­cial or gov­ern­men­tal enti­ties, hav­ing formed var­i­ous “cit­i­zens’ grand juries” or “people’s grand juries” in the 1980s and 1990s, as well as hun­dreds of “com­mon law courts” in the 1990s.  The CLGJs are the lat­est vari­a­tions of this long-running theme.  The NLA claims to have formed more than 100 CLGJs in the past year, although many are still basi­cally notional.

Nev­er­the­less, those CLGJs that have formed have already begun harass­ing local gov­ern­ment offi­cials.  In Jan­u­ary 2014, CLGJs in Mar­ion and St. Johns coun­ties in Florida sent a “Writ of Man­damus” to county offi­cials demand­ing a bud­get of $1.5 mil­lion, office space and equip­ment, and a meet­ing room with a con­fer­ence table and com­fort­able chairs.  On Feb­ru­ary 4, the Mar­ion County CLGJ sent a “Notice of Demand” warn­ing county com­mis­sion­ers that the Jan­u­ary demands were not optional.

In New York, Darash’s CLGJs claim to have signed a “True Bill” charg­ing the chief court clerk in Greene County with numer­ous “crimes” related to her alleged fail­ure to file CLGJ paper­work.  They have also “fined” a Greene County judge the amount of 100 ounces of sil­ver, cit­ing 23 sep­a­rate “vio­la­tions” for fail­ing to pro­vide doc­u­ments to the CLGJ and for refus­ing to speak with a CLGJ “Board of Review.”  They have also pur­port­edly sent harass­ing doc­u­ments to a num­ber of judges.

How the CLGJ will enforce their alleged power remains murky.  Dur­ing an Inter­net radio inter­view, Darash said the NLA would con­tact county sher­iffs about mak­ing arrests; if a sher­iff refused to make an arrest, they would indict him and go to the under­sh­er­iff.  Darash con­cluded with a veiled threat: “Now there is another thing to do, if that doesn’t work.  I’m not ready to speak about that until we are ready to do it.  But it is an atomic bomb, it’s very strong.”

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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