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Washington DC (corporations) HAVE NO AUTHORITY OVER AMERICANS!

Reference:  US Corp National Franchise State and City Branches – Duns numbers Based on evidence of fraud, it seems that the American people are being victimized by impostors;  pretend public servants unlawfully impersonating legitimate public officers.  This involves state, county and … Continue reading

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Let us set the record straight

 Americans… You agree? Let us set the record straight Let us hear from you…

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From: National Inflation AssociationDate: 10/30/2014 Subject: End of QE3 Shocker – Where QE3 Money Really Went! Yesterday was the official end of QE3, a program that did nothing to help America’s middle class or small business owners, but instead allowed … Continue reading

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Scanned Retina Ranked Items of Interest 10-30-2014

Scanned Retina Ranked Items of Interest Title Views Home page / Archives 30,371 Maslow’s Hierarchy 11,756 Snowden’s “Doomsday” Safeguard 10,339 Holder Articles of Impeachment 6,574 Full Surveillance Grid Is Now Active – to catch the little fish 2,198 NO IRS!!! … Continue reading

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Coloradans: Any Doubt Your State is a Franchise of the de funct and Bankrupt United States of America, Corp?

On Oct 29, 2014, at 11:28 AM, Steve Curry <> wrote: Good Stuff, Jimbo! As you point out, and as is reinforced & proven in Colorado HB 10-1062, members of the “judiciary” are NOT “government employees,” or “county employees,” and … Continue reading

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Toxic Archive – Jim Porter – Colorado

On Oct 30, 2014, at 12:43 PM, Jim Porter <> wrote: Sorry for the confusion, I forgot you hadn’t seen the original document from 2004. The document, from the Colorado secretary of State says the corp used by Colorado attorneys … Continue reading

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Dark Money – Transparency? Criminal Intent?

Dark Money – Transparency? Criminal Intent?

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