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Oh…the unlimited possibilities. There is no Corrupt Government; only corrupt public servants! Judicial Misconduct the “One Catch All” by Walter Burien 08/08/11 Judicial misconduct is the standard. Those in the Judiciary that follow the law are ignored from the inside and those that break the law as the standard bring in … Continue reading

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The financial prospects are so bad you had better not review them.

On Sep 28, 2014, at 10:05 PM, Anna von Reitz wrote: My information is more circumspect.  The BRICS alliance isn’t ready yet and for various political reasons won’t be ready until the depths of winter, January, when several things happen … Continue reading

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This is not for everyone – Only qualified experts need this information.

Contained within this file is an extract of about 1.8 million lines of expense disbursements for the Congressional House of Representatives.  On page two, the data is displayed as a pivot table.  Those experienced in this function can create amazing … Continue reading

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Listen up people.  Listen up and recognize your responsibilities as sovereigns.  As true Americans!!! Now please…Get off your duffs and get to work! And shut off that stupid TV.  You have got a lot of information upon which to act! … Continue reading

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Don’t click this link unless you can take it!

Don’t click this link unless you can take it! Our founders were truly brilliant! It is we who are the dumb-asses who don’t get it!!!! Permit me to explain…. It is all about the oath of office! To hold elected … Continue reading

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NEW POST ON ANATIONBEGUILED.COM   SCHOOLS AS TOOLS   “By the early twentieth century, the school in fact had expanded its functions into areas not dreamed of in the early part of the previous century… The school [became] a central … Continue reading

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1956 FM 27-10 The Law of Land Warfare

 x For download: law_warfare-1956 “it goes like this: the Gettysburg Address was the Trust announcement…the Lieber Code is the Trust Administration document…Paragraph 400 on page 151 of the 1956 FM 27-10: “usufructory, usufruct” (taken from the Lieber Code)… the USUFRUCT … Continue reading

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