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Historical Significance – 1825 Constitution – of Maine and the United States

Historical Significance – 1825 Constitution – of Maine and the United States 1825 Constitution 1825 Constitution

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You of all people know the real truth

Regionalism – Taxation with no representation.  To the impostors; impersonating lawful members of government…You of all people know the real truth Were Texans deliberately setup? Introduction to the basics:  Does this seem familiar? Something is Wrong! I just can’t put … Continue reading

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Wyoming State Franchise manager—Sells out state clients—creeping Sharia?

Franchise owner of Wyoming sells out state clients. And you have to ask about creeping Sharia? 1933 governors conference with FDR – National Franchise Meeting of the United States Corporations The CEO wants a new Mercedes. Burger King Franchises  

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Comment: carl -alfred YLN.tvx Carl@YLN.tv

Submitted on 2014/09/30 at 12:47 am Something unsettling is apparent here and it doesn’t involve Anna.Having listened to Attorney Karen on a number of occasions both before and after rejoining the Elite Banking community, a pattern has developed. It would … Continue reading

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