Listen up people.  Listen up and recognize your responsibilities as sovereigns.  As true Americans!!!

Now please…Get off your duffs and get to work!

And shut off that stupid TV.  You have got a lot of information upon which to act!

Anna von Reitz – Alaska

And for really smart patriots…this should give the challengers a real leg up.

This is not for everyone – Only qualified experts need this information.


On Sep 28, 2014, at 3:43 PM, Anna von Reitz <avannavon@gmail.com> wrote:


I demeaned myself and took the Oath to function as a Judge for my State of the Union, not because I wanted the job, but because it needed to be done. Until someone else stands up and accepts the responsibility, I’m it.  Until we all wake up and start inhabiting our natural jurisdiction — the land jurisdiction— there is no enforcement for the “law of the land”—-no grand juries, no judges, no clerks, no sheriffs, no trial juries, no coroners. The only courts functioning in America today are all administering the law of the sea and operating in maritime jurisdictions.  Period.

Until everyone realizes that and regroups and starts volunteering and organizing their townships, counties, and states “on the land” the only judicial officer left representing the land jurisdiction is the notary public. In a few places people have stepped forward and begun operating the land jurisdiction again.  I am one of those—a judge on the land.

It may surprise you and quite a few others that being a lawyer or a judge in the American system does not require a law degree, nor does it require a “license” nor does it require being a member of the Bar Association.  A “license” by definition involves permission to engage in what would otherwise be illegal activity.  The practice of maritime law on our shores —on the land—would be prohibited for them without a special permission— a “license”—-but for us, Americans, to practice the law of the land on the land is natural and requires no permission, no “license”.  Are you beginning to understand just how far we’ve been bamboozled and misused?

This is what I have been saying, talking about, teaching, and trying to bring people’s attention to— there is a land jurisdiction that we are heir to, but instead, we are being subjected to international and maritime law which is foreign.  We have been “removed” by fraud practiced against us and by legal chicanery have been “transported” to the foreign jurisdiction of Puerto Rico, and now they are trying to move us (again) into the international jurisdiction of the United Nations.

By definition, I and every other American on the land needs to and must operate outside of  the maritime system that has installed itself in place of our lawful judiciary in the same way that the corporations and their “state” franchises have installed themselves in place of our actual government.

Everyone should know that I am not functioning nor pretending to function in any position related to what is passing for a judicial system in America.

Everyone should also understand that we contract for the services of people we called “judges” because they are learned in the various forms and traditions of law, and are competent to act as disinterested Third Parties to apply the law according to rules and principles that everyone can understand and to which everyone who seeks such service agrees.  In the American system, we are all equal, so when people bring suit they have to consent to the jurisdiction of the court –the court does not impose its jurisdiction on us. It is the polar opposite of what these freeloaders have installed and operated for so long.

Furthermore, as Arnie explained, nobody is obligated to obey me or believe me, and I have said that before, too.  I am not here to prove anything to anybody.  I am here to raise the flag, provide the information, tell you where to look —-and after that, it is totally up to the individual to look, read, and figure things out for themselves.

Arnie and I have had several “talks” about this and I have had to explain to numerous people that this isn’t something someone can give you or something that you can buy.  It’s something you have to understand and learn about for yourself and there is no substitute.  I can’t do it for you, and I am not offering to.  You will note that I am not hawking any “for $200 set yourself free” program.  Instead, I am telling you The Truth—-freedom is hard work, and you have to earn it and learn it for yourself.  The most anyone else can do is hold your hand on the path and lend you a flashlight.

On Sun, Sep 28, 2014 at 7:48 AM, Arnie ‪<arnie@arnierosner.com> wrote:


You don’t get it!  Jim, you strike me as a good man.  In fact better than just a good man.  A man with honorable intentions as well.  I am truly honored to work with you.

Now with respect to Anna, Anna is quite capable of speaking for herself. Although…It appears some of us are not quite capable of hearing her answers.  <LOL> Of course you are free to do as you please.  You are free to believe as you please.

To hear you describe circumstances from your point of view, I am inclined to surmise, you have still got yourself stuck in the realm of de facto.  Granted is it real.  But it is only real in the sense that you believe it is real.  Anything you believe is real is….

After over 30 years of engaging in this battle, Anna has evolved to the point where she decides, as we should all be doing as sovereigns, as to what we will accept as real. She totally rejects their system as should anyone who knows their system is only being imposed through fraud and deception.

Nothing that Anna stated was interpreted by me in the manner in which you described.  She simply identified the situation as she sees it and as I see it as well and kicked butt.  She told her version of her truth.  Just like I am telling you mine.  That may not make it true in your ryes but who cares what you think?  Maybe your mother…and even that is doubtful.  <LOL>

I don’t agree with your assumptions either with respect to talking in caps and laying the law out to someone who is obviously totally ignorant to the truth and who should know better if they read Anna’s material and understood.  If they didn’t, unless they were just acting as controlled opposition, why would they even raise the questions except to attempt to discredit her?  As I mentioned…who was he to ask?

Of course, coming from Anna’s position, she has been gracious enough to share her experience and knowledge with no conditions.  Are we who are fortunate enough to be so graced…men or mice?  If you are not smart enough to check and verify for yourself to confirm the veracity of her reports, then who is to blame?  Who is the real fool?

You further commented you felt demeaned…REALLY???!!!  Just by whom were you demeaned?  See Jim…you are not getting it.  The only one who could demean you is YOU!!!!  And gee…there are those all caps again!  <g>

While you bring a lot of excellent points to the table, in certain respects you appear to be your own worst enemy. (Just my opinion mind you)  It is not really fair to place me in this position to give you feedback when I really know so little about you…but if you find it helpful, my take so far would indicate…

You expect the world to operate in your environment to your expectations.  Well that might work for you but no one else has any obligation to give a rat’s ass about what you may have come to expect.  <LOL>

For instance…

  •  Do you have a mailbox on your property?
  • Are you a registered voter?
  • Do you have a current driver’s license?

Just saying…

Not meaning to bust your balls jim but you did raise these questions.  <G>



The truth; it takes so few words to express…
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On Sep 28, 2014, at 7:38 AM, Jim Porter <jporter2327@yahoo.com> wrote:


I saw the But Cliff article and it made me wonder, what….I haven’t got my finger on the question yet, but…

I guess there is a Cliff investigating Anna as a judge and he questioned her past? That what I got anyway.

Then she responded something about not being listed on a list of judicial officers for foreign corporations from other lands or the sea or the air. I got that but, I like Cliff may have had the same impression she worked in Alaska and was a former judge.

What is her past? When she talks loud in CAPITAL LETTERS and becomes defensive over legitimate questions, I feel compelled to use my time reading other stuff.

The man asked a question, so if the question wasn’t clear then she needs to ask another question before responding in a way I felt demeaned by.

Her statement sounded a lot like something my local politicians would say. Very defensive and seemingly misleading.

Side Note;

I know a man that for years liked being know as a local judge in Ouray, Colorado. He is kinda of a dick, a small man that sells real estate and is known for saying anything to make a sale. I questioned him after a couple years to determine if he should be on my list to investigate and he responded that years ago he was asked to be the town magistrate, to listen to complaints of barking dogs and j-walking tickets. He was told nobody else would do it so he filled in for a while. He admitted to having zero training and just flew by the seat of his pants while making decisions. He liked the power for a while until nobody would talk to him anymore. He said he couldn’t find a way to keep from pissing people off, so he resigned after a couple years.

I have been wanting to know more about Anna myself, and now I’m glad I didn’t ask questions to be spoken to like Cliff.

We’ll see what’s on 3rd.

Jim Porter







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