DEFINED: The source of the fraud! From the beginning! From Anna von Reitz

DEFINED:  The source of the fraud!  From the beginning!

So now we know….Now we fix it right!

We are the sovereigns!

On Sep 26, 2014, at 10:28 PM, Anna von Reitz <> wrote:

King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicated because the Spanish Monarch is the Trustee of the Human Resources of the planet.
This block appearing between Spain and the US with “2014” indicates (my opinion) that the first “block” — the first one of ten pieces of the plan is in place.  The trusteeship over the world’s people has been removed from the realm of governments on the land and now reverts back to the Holy See and the jurisdiction of the air from whence it sprung.  The old “order” is being dismantled, and as it is dismantled, those in back of the Guide Stones are memorializing the steps.

The next attacks will come against the jurisdiction of the sea— international commerce and the City of Westminster as foretold in the Bible.  Look up the passages regarding the King of Sidon.  This will be the result of the vast corruption that has engulfed the governmental services corporations and the real estate market and the currency wars that are presently ongoing.  I am conscious of the fact that my work exposing the evils of the court system and the governments of the world is part and parcel of this process, but given the alternatives—- to continue to allow the predation—-?—-there is no choice.

There was a meeting of the “Currency Committee” of the Queen’s Privy Council yesterday afternoon in which the overall situation was discussed in tandem with the British acceptance of the Chinese reminbi as the basis of bonds— now they (and we) have to deal with the necessity of interacting with metals based currencies and bond markets.  This has in turn triggered talk of “resusitating” the traditional British Pound and American Dollar based on silver, but that in turn necessitates admitting the incredible devaluation of the fiat currency at precisely the same moment in history when the London Silver Fix is defunct….  To give you a view of that, silver in a free market traditionally assumes a position at about 65% of the current value of gold. By that gauge based on hundreds of years of human experience, with gold trading at around $1300 per ounce, silver should be trading at around $850.  The current price of an ounce of silver—the price of which has been falsely suppressed for 100 years—is around $20.   That ounce of silver you bought today can easily be worth twenty times what you paid tomorrow and 40 times what you paid by the end of next month, as silver naturally “bounces back” to its real parity with gold. So the American and British are faced with (1) finding a new “fix” or (2) buying into this escalating market and AGAINST their own advantage— every ounce of silver they buy to relaunch either the British Pound Sterling or the American Dollar drives the market for silver higher….. it’s like the famous Chinese knucklebuster. The harder they pull, the tighter the noose.   This is the pay back for almost a century of self-interested lies promoted by these government services corporations and it is both diabolical and deadly.

The next attacks will be against the Church itself, which while certainly culpable for some of the worst that has gone on, is still the most cohesive, most powerful, and most organized opponent of the “new order”.  Be watchful therefore for attacks aimed at the Pope, the Church in general, and Christianity as a whole. Those in back of the Georgia Guide Stones are Deists, not Satanists. They find the idea of an absolute Evil as childish as the idea of absolute Good, and they revel in illusions and fraud schemes that take advantage of our dualistic educational system — using “good” and “evil” choices as a means to “herd the sheep”. As long as we can be “suckered in” by dualistic thinking, they have ready means to control us. They believe in “a” God, a supernatural “Force” which orders the Universe, but they are not “Christian” and they are not aligned with any other major religion, either.  In philosophy and religious practice and belief they are closer to the Founders—Franklin, Washington, et alia–and formally recognize only two “Laws” apart from the “Natural Laws”— the Law of Freewill, stated as “And so long as it harms none, do what ye will.”  and the Law of Love, stated as “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  They are more closely aligned to the ancient Druids than anything else— nature worshippers, practicioners of “natural magick”, and yes, blood sacrifices of various kinds.  They are not “nice people”, but they are very diligent and serious-minded and they are enemies of the “unsympathetic” world religions— they purposefully set the Jews and Christians and Muslims to fighting each other so that they kill off and diminish their enemies.

Their take on the Bible is that it is an allegory and spellbook, but they do accept the view that mankind is here on this planet for valid reasons and that it is our fundamental role to act as caretakers of the planet and the animals and to answer the question “What?”— because that is the only question we are competent to answer— via a process of naming and cataloguing and observing the world around us.

The two duties given to Adam in the Book of Genesis are precisely that— to take care of the Creation and to name it all.

So there are “points of contact” between the Deists and the rest of the world, but almost unavoidably, even these points of agreement are subject to some strange interpretations on their parts.  Because the Deists believe their “religion” to be based on reason and rationality rather than superstition, they are quite snobby and arrogant toward belief systems that they consider “contrived” or “fanciful”.

Anyway, I hope that explains some other aspects of the struggle before us all.  As long as the Deists are not recognized as a specific, identifiable, known and organized group, they can continue their activities undetected, and continue to pit the Christians against the Muslims and the Buddhists against the Christians and the Jews against everyone else. As all these others groups are busy killing each other, the Deists are selling arms to both sides and profiting from the destruction of their competitors.

They hope that we can all be baited to killing each other, and they will be left with the control of the planet—as they consider themselves to be the only ones intelligent enough and rational enough to rule over everyone else.  They call the rest of us “livestock” and consider themselves to be gentlemen farmers, living off the labor and assets of others, and that this is the only rational and right outcome—-the “result” of our “believing in fantasies” and “sophomoric belief in right and wrong”.

So this is just another level and aspect of the overall situation.  The Deists were heavily represented among the Founders who knew that King George was funding both sides of the war, that it was a sham to replace the old government with a new government in order to overturn the Treaty of the Delawares promising there would be no colonies beyond the Appalachians–something that both the King and George Washington and Company wanted to avoid keeping their word on.  This is how they opened up the Continent.  They changed the management.

By now you have noticed that from the very first George Washington took his Oath to “the United States” —a commercial company—and not to any “united States of America”, and that he chose the office of “President”— a commercial office, not the office of a head of state.

The fraud, my dears, goes back to the Founding.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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