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Irrevocable Will Irrevocable Will 2014-09-23_12-56-27_PM

ANSWER—- A true photographic copy of the scanned Will is attached.  The international commercial claims set up as UCC-1 claims are all cured. What is owed to one is owed to all, be they States or individuals.  As an American National born in one of the fifty domestic States of America you receive the grant of the land and resources of your birth State and the grant of your private property extracted from the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc and returned to you by this Will. Now we will all have to be on our toes and make it absolutely clear to the UNITED STATES, INC. and its creditors that we do NOT stand as sureties for the UNITED STATES, INC. as it prepares for bankruptcy and that its “GOVERNORS” do not represent us nor our organic states of the union.  It was all fraud to begin with and it is still fraud now, but we must expect that the perpetrators will not easily give up such a lucrative “System” without being exposed and counter-claimed.

Please bear in mind that the UNITED STATES, INC. like the United States of America, Inc. before it and like the new version of the FEDERAL RESERVE’s  new spin-off operating as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. under UN auspices now—are all private, for-profit, foreign corporations.  Their internal workings are not directly observable or published, so it is not always possible to immediately know what they are doing or claiming about the rest of the world—-but this much has come to light thus far:  The old Federal Reserve System and the corporation it owned and operated as the United States of America, Inc. has settled its 1933 bankruptcy as of July 1, 2013 and all claims and debts related to it and its federal “State” franchises — including all the “individual franchises” named after living Americans— have been discharged.  As a result, the IMF’s subcorp doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC. can no longer legally just “pass through” its operational costs to the “sureties” of the bankrupt United States of America, Inc., nor can it claim to have a valid contract with the States of America except as a “successor”.  The apparent plan is or was for the UNITED STATES, INC. to go bankrupt in turn and claim that the ESTATES of the living Americans and the STATE franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC. are all standing as sureties for it during Chapter 11, while the old FEDERAL RESERVE’s new version of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. would spin off new “individual franchises” organized as “transmitting utilities” and take up where the UNITED STATES, INC. left off.

Think of it as a tag team— these two giant international banking cartels, the Federal Reserve and the IMF, colluding together as a team and engaging in a cyclic abuse of bankruptcy protection so as to defraud the “sureties” they’ve created out of thin air for themselves and sought to attach to living Americans and actual American states.

First, the United States of America, Inc. operated by the Federal Reserve System goes bankrupt, the UNITED STATES, INC. operated by the IMF takes over and passes through its charges against the sureties (Americans and their states) for several decades, the perpetrators open up a new shop as the “FEDERAL RESERVE” under the auspices of a new host (the UN) and a new subsidiary, “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.” and they start passing through its charges against the sureties of the “old” UNITED STATES, INC.

They propose to do this by renaming and “redefining” the American people and the American states again.  The UNITED STATES, INC. being purposefully run into the ground by the IMF will claim to have millions of individual “transmitting utilities” operating under NAMES styled like this: “JOHN Q. PUBLIC”  and “STATES” operated simply under NAMES like this: “OHIO” and these will be the “new” sureties and DEBTORS.  The new UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. run by the new FEDERAL RESERVE will step in and service the juicy service contracts and begin passing through all its costs to the IMF transmitting utilities names after us and our ESTATES that they are attempting to “roll over” into the transmitting utilities via these name changes from “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” to “JOHN Q. ADAMS”.

It is essential that we all recognize the “new offer” and object to it and to them and to what they are doing.  Expose it for the fraud and attempted identity theft that it is.  Do so now and place your claims before the World Court and other international Courts of Record and the Roman Curia, so that they cannot contrive to keep this outrage an “in-house deal” between the perpetrators of this scheme.  The UNITED STATES, INC. can go bankrupt if it pleases, but it will NOT be allowed to continue to make false claims against the American People and their ESTATES, nor against the actual States of America.

Individuals can claim equal protection under the Law from either the guarantees of the United States of America (Minor) in the case of someone living in DC, Guam, etc., or via the similar protections offered by United Nations Declaration.  Congress operates Washington as a plenary oligarchy and as a separate international city state with its own laws, treaties, etc.and I don’t know offhand if it recognizes the law of the State of New Columbia on this matter or if it is a party to the United Nations Declarations.  If you live or work in the municipality, you will need to do some investigative sleuthing to find out how Washington may differ.

The District as part of the United States of America (Minor) recognizes dual citizenship— that is, it will accept you as BOTH a “US citizen” of the District, and an “American National” born in a domestic State.  The domestic fifty States have never accepted dual citizenship.  This leads to an odd dichotomy that affects everyone throughout the country.  The separate nation known as the United States of America (Minor) composed of the “Insular States” has its citizens scattered throughout the fifty States of The United States of America (Major) and those “US citizens” have only “equal civil rights” — subject to the whim of Congress—not the “natural and unalienable rights” of “American Nationals” otherwise known as “State Citizens”. but those (like yourself?) who are born as “American Nationals” on the land of one of the fifty States retain their standing (if they invoke it) while living and working in the District, because the District recognizes dual citizenship.

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A question posed to you?






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Subject: [Scanned Retina Resource] Please moderate: “USA Corp. A Delaware based religious non-profit corporation”

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Kenneth Smith commented on USA Corp. A Delaware based religious non-profit corporation

For all the Doubting Thomases and Doubting Sarahs and Doubting Osceola Renegades out there, I am attaching a copy of the actual …

GOOD DAY Anna Von Reitz ;I read your posting, “The Significance Of My Will “, (07/2014). Two questions: 1.) How may I locate/receive a copy of the subject Will ?, and, 2.) As one who who lives in the Territory (not state), known as the ” District of Columbia, ” since 1970, how is my American Citizen status claimed or stated? None of the many “Guru’s” that I have associated with over the past 25 years (there have been many), seem able or willing, to offer a clear and direct answer for this question. HELP !!! Thank you for you Glorious Work and Efforts






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