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Mr. Obama (like all prior Presidents since the 1860 election) does not serve any public office directly related to the government of The United States of America (Major) meaning the 50 states — and NEVER HAS.  He is the elected CEO of a private, for-profit, mostly foreign owned governmental services company doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., which is in turn operated by the IMF, an agency of the United Nations, Inc.  The semantic deceit involved goes all the way back to the founding when George Washington took his Oath to “the United States” — a commercial company founded by Benjamin Franklin. The system was designed to promote private gain for the perpetrators based on juicy governmental services contracts built into the original Equity Contract known as “The Constitution for the united States of America”.

If Obama were still serving that company and that office, he would have to be a Natural Born State Citizen of one of the now-fifty organic States of the Union, but he isn’t.  Although the entire existence of and authority attached to his presumed office depends upon the original document known as “The Constitution for the united States of America” he and his cohorts have merely “traded on it” and pretended to have a successor interest in the most famous contract in the world.

The original Company ceased functioning lawfully on March 28, 1861.  The successor corporation that Lincoln formed was bankrupted on April 24, 1863.  The next successor operated as the United States of America, Inc. under the guidance of the Roman Catholic Church from 1868 to 1912, when it was purchased by a consortium of banks operating as the Federal Reserve. They ran the United States of America, Inc. into the ground (on purpose) and bankrupted it on March 9, 1933.  It remained in Chapter 11 reorganization until July 1, 2013.

The perpetrators published the private “Constitution” of their corporation as the deceptively named “Constitution of the United States of America” and proceeded to create and amend its By-Laws to suit their purposes. The first and key “amendment” to this private corporate document was the Fourteenth.  It created federal “states” — franchises of the United States of America, Inc.  These “states” were said to operate a “territorial jurisdiction” related only to federal property and “federal citizens” — federal employees, federal welfare recipients, African Americans who were never granted true State Citizenship after the Civil War, military personnel and most importantly, all corporations formed under the auspices of the federal government.

It was the object of these schemes to “redefine” living people as corporate entities, claim ownership of them and their assets, and so promote a form of public sector slave ownership long after private sector slave ownership was outlawed — all built upon the practice of personage and semantic deceit.

March 28, 1861, the original Congress ceased functioning when the Southern States representatives walked out and the Congress adjourned sine die (without day).  It has remained adjourned ever since.

In 1862, the 37th Congress, Second Session, Chapter 119, Section 68 — “Manufactures, Articles, and Products”– redefined the meaning of the word “Person” to mean “corporation”.

Then in the “corporate” Constitution’s 14th Amendment we find “all persons and citizens of the United States” — not the United States of America — “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof….”  This is the claim to own these “persons” and “citizens” and “subject them” to the corporation, which we find defined at 28 USC 3002 (15) (A) of the old Federal Code.

These actions created a new government, a new jurisdiction, and a new citizenry overlaying the old American system.

1871 February 2, 41st Congress, Third Session, Chapters 62, 63, 64, 65 — Declared itself to be the “successor” of all US Corporations and the property of all said corporations.  Having redefined “persons” as “corporations” the perps could now claim to own “persons”, too.

The motivation for all this was slavery.  Human slavery.  While declaring African Americans to be “free” and proclaiming the abolition of private slave ownership, the Union government doing business as the “United States of America, Inc.” seized “title” to all the “former” slaves by creating a new brand type of “citizenship”corporate citizenship and conferring this new “US citizenship” on them. Unlike State Citizenship, “US citizens” have no natural and unalienable rights.  They only have “civil rights” which are “privileges” granted or taken away by the US Congress.

The value of the labor of millions of American Negroes was claimed as a chattel owned by the United States of America, Inc. and bonds known as “1040 Bonds” were sold based on the value of this chattel.  This was the birth of corporate slavery in America, and simultaneously, marked a new role for the “Internal Revenue Service” — originally a group of Union privateers originally engaged to blockade and seize Southern shipping.

All that has gone on since then is an expansion of this shameful and unlawful practice to include people of all races and creeds as corporate slaves and to redefine them as “US citizens” who are “subject to” the jurisdiction of the “United States” — not the United States of America.

Attached is the beginning of UCC-1 filings that show who owes who what.

UCC1 Financing Statement – Anna M. Riezinger


These entities, these “persons” doing business in my NAME, or Name, do not belong to me.  The perpetrators of this fraudulent scheme have created these foreign situs trusts and ESTATE trusts and are now creating transmitting utilities named after living Americans and are operating them “in our behalf”.  They are then playing upon the semantic confusions and deceits made availabe by the use of similar names to lay false claims against me and my assets.  This is a sophisticated form of identity theft and fraud known as personage.

Personage relies on confusing a corporation with a living being, for example, confusing the ELIZABETH ARDEN corporation with a woman of the same name, usually for the purposes of credit fraud.

When I was still a baby in my cradle unscrupulous men claiming to “represent” me, enfranchised my given name without my knowledge or consent. This served to redefine the living man denoted as “david everett robinson” as a corporate “person” they could own and operate for their own purposes.  They used this device to lay claim under color of law to my earthly estate.  They next claimed that I owed them a lot of money (my share of the so-called “National Debt”) and was “missing” — “presumed lost at sea” — and that their corporation was my “beneficiary”, instead of me.

Next, they began misappropriating my credit.  They moved the “DAVID EVERETT ROBINSON ESTATE” offshore to Puerto Rico — placing it under the control of a foreign government — the United States of America (minor) — the “American” “states” known as “federal territories and possessions” — or the District of Columbia (D.C.) and under the control of their own foreign “federal” maritime jurisdiction.

This was done to me (and you) by people claiming to “represent” me and my estate; and the same thing has been done to everyone else in this nation who has a “Birth Certificate” or who has mistakenly signed up for Social Security Insurance.

They used the same excuse of claiming to “represent” me when they self-interestedly agreed among themselves that I and my earthly estate were“pledged” as “voluntary” surety for the debts of their private, for-profit foreign corporation doing business as the non-federal “Federal Reserve” doing business as the “United States of America, Inc.” just before they bankrupted it in 1933.

Using this vacuous non-consensual “pledge” and abusing my trust and the trust of every other American, these monsters in suits proceeded to hypothecate liens and debts and title claims to land and homes and businesses throughout America.  They also set up a foreign currency system on our soil in violation of the only commercial contract allowing them to be here doing business on our soil — the over 200 year-old original equity contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America.

These original organic geographically defined States of America are the only states we are or to which we belong.  All other versions and varieties of “State of_________” and “STATE OF_______” are merely “states of states” defined in the “Definitions” Section of the Uniform Commercial Code — legal fiction entities merely named after the real states of the Union.  Just as David Everett Robinson is merely a foreign situs trust under federal “law” and just as DAVID EVERETT ROBINSON is merely a federal ESTATE trust and just as DAVID E. ROBINSON is a transmitting utility owned and operated by the UN Corporation. 

This is all fraud, identity theft, purposeful self-interested semantic deceit, inland piracy, unlawful conversion of private assets favoring “public” trusts merely “owned in the name of” living Americans and promulgated by two gigantic banking cartels — the non-federal Federal Reserve running “the United States of America, Inc.” and its “State of Whatever” franchises and the IMF (a UN agency) and the UNITED STATES (INC.) and its “STATE OF WHATEVER” franchises.

These banking cabals are international crime syndicates practicing modern day slavery and fraud gambits on an unimaginable scale, all based on semantic deceits, undisclosed contracts, and false claims of indebtedness. 

In the system these vermin set up no debt is ever paid, because nobody can pay a debt with an I.O.U. and that is what a “note” is, whether it is a “Promissory Note”or a “Federal Reserve Note” or a “US Treasury Note” — a note is a debt instrument that conveys nothing but more debt, so that every time an American is forced to use a “note” of any kind to pay any sort of bill, they dig themselves deeper into debt.  The unspeakable con men responsible for this, add “interest” and “fees” and “tithes” to the “debt” thus created on paper, and what happens to the corresponding credit — the credit the same American earned to obtain those phony-money “debt notes” in the first place?  Why, those commercial  criminals siphon it off as pure credit for their bank, and keep it in “off balance sheet” demand and escrow accounts.

What happened to the bankruptcy proceedings of the “United States of America, Inc.” begun in 1933?  The banks claimed title under color of law to every asset and “person” in America, and then they advanced absolutely staggering sums of “credit” to the perpetrators, who spent it all, like drunken whores having a party weekend, and left us with the bill for it.

Finally, as of July 1, 2013, the bankruptcy was settled.

All debts and accounts of the “United States of America, Inc.” were discharged in bankruptcy.  And, lo, and behold, the corresponding credit — an amount equal to the entire so-called “National Debt” appeared like magic on the registry system of the international Uniform Commercial Code, showing both the “debtors” and the “creditors” of the final settlement related to that exchange.  (See the second attached UCC-1 files, pages one and two).

Please note that there were always Americans watching the play.  You will note that one of the “creditors” is the United States Department of the Treasury (1789) and another is the North American Water and Power Alliance and another is the Internal Revenue Service whereas the Debtors are the non-federal FEDERAL RESERVE and something called E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA presided over by Barack H. Obama and a Department of Defense Agency.  This is where finally the rubber hits the road.  This, in part, is where the credit side of the “National Debt” went.

In effect, we have been slaves for the non-federal Federal Reserve for eighty years paying off its debts during its bankruptcy reorganization, and now that the bankruptcy is over, they are pulling the same old scam again, using credit that belongs to us as the basis to float more “notes” — this time, “US Treasury Notes”. 

The commercial lien created by the follow-up filing in behalf of the original and organic State of Alaska — the only kind of “state” that can contain a being with hands, feet and blood — lays claim to more credit than the entire national debt.  This is because we are all owed every penny of the credit and interest, PLUS actual cash value.  These hyenas owe us all the PROFIT from our assets purloined for the last 80 years, plus our assets returned free and clear of any debt, encumbrance, lien, or other “title” held under color of law. 

This is what they don’t want to pay back or give up.  This is why they are anxious to murder their creditors by the bus load.  This is why they have come up with the ridiculous mechanism of taking out million dollar, and million dollar -plus life insurance policies on all their “property” — their slaves — so that when they murder their creditors they make a handsome profit.

This is precisely why everyone needs to find the patience and courage to expose the situation for what it is, by laying claim to their individual ESTATE trusts, and filing the necessary paperwork to reclaim the national and state assets.

A word now about Tim Turner and The Republic for the united States of America (RuSA).  Tim Turner was onto something.  He had part of it right and he did his best, but he did not have the comprehensive history, the ecclesiastical law background, the knowledge of the accounting and IRS/Internal Revenue System, and the rest of the “missing pieces” that we now have.

We purchased Tim Turner’s “Freedom Documents” several years ago and admittedly used them to some extent to develop our own paperwork and UCC-1 process.  Whereas Mr. Turner’s object was to prosecute commercial claims in admiralty, our purpose has been to expose the fraud and secure the material interests owed to all Americans.

I am attaching a copy of example documents loosely based on Tim Turner’s original effort. Given the urgency and importance of these filings for both individuals and for states and for our nation as a whole, we hope, trust, and pray that Mr. Turner is content with what we have done and the risk we have taken for our own part and that he will be happy with donations from anyone who makes use of the information in recompense for his effort and sufferings.


Most people will only need to file claims against four (4) names in the following forms:

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS    (Puerto Rican Estate Trust owned by UNITED STATES)

JOHN Q. ADAMS            (United Nations Transmitting Utility)

John Quincy Adams       (Probated “dead” foreign situs trust owned by States)

John Q. Adams              (New version state franchises)

In the example filing, Anna wound up claiming every name possible or likely simply to clear the decks.  Because she had such a long complicated name to begin with and because she used a nom de plume as a writer it got even more complex — but women who have had different married names will all be in the same boat.

When you’ve had a chance to go over the mind-blowing UCC-1 Affidavit attached, pause a moment and let what it means sink in.  Those in Washington claiming to “represent” us have passed on another humongous debt to the American People as “payment” for eighty years of use and abuse of our resources and credit.  They’ve also failed to return the gold they confiscated from Americans during the 1930’s and haven’t released the “presumed” titles to real estate—lands, homes, businesses, public land, etc., that they created back then and have held under color of law ever since.   The list goes on and on.

Let the record show that no American ever born on the soil of the American states ever agreed to be represented in such a fashion or to receive such “services”. Let it also show that we are not responsible for this gross mis-administration of the public trust, nor are our individual estates to be held liable.  We claim our Common Law right preserved at Uniform Commercial Code Section 1-308 not to be bound to perform upon or held liable for any contract we entered in good faith that is unilateral, involuntary, tainted by fraud — including semantic deceit, misrepresentation, mischaracterization, not in-kind, created by others merely claiming to “represent” us, or deemed to exist as a result of our receipt of any compelled benefit or fruit of monopoly inducement.  We also claim our recourse preserved as UCC 103.6. 

This is by far the biggest fraud scheme in the history of the world, and it impacts virtually all of Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, and Japan — as well as the US.

The Maine Republic Free State Trust is in the process of updating and overhauling the “Freedom Documents” to make them truly user-friendly.  A retype should include new, very simple instructions.  Certified copies of the Act of State should be apostilled and sent via Registered Mail to the Secretary of the Treasury (who inherited the duties of The United States Postmaster to act as Trustee on the Land) and the individual state Secretary of State, plus Her Royal Highness Elizabeth Windsor dba ELIZABETH II, who is obligated to act as our Trustee on the High Seas and Inland Waterways.  These, other than Pope Francis, who has already weighed in and done his best to help, are the international trustees in Breach of Trust in this matter.

It is no longer possible to do what Anna and others did in making the “dollar” claim affidavit and extracting their ESTATE trusts back into the true State where they live, because the window of opportunity to do that is now closed — however, the fact that they made the claim for themselves and their organic states shoves a boot in the door. Everyone in America was similarly defrauded.  Every organic State was similarly defrauded.  What is owed to one, is owed to all.

The operating principle at law is similar to the “Anchor Baby” principle used to import whole families based on the birth of a baby on American soil.  These Americans who claimed back their own estates during the bankruptcy settlement provide the basis for all Americans to reclaim their property even now. Similarly, as the organic states of Alaska, Wisconsin, and several others have reclaimed their property, all others have an equal claim.

Despite whatever arrangements and dispositions the Obama Administration and the members of the “US Congress” attempt to make — there is no statute of limitation on fiduciary trust fraud.  The fiduciary trust fraud that started in 1860 and which is finding its culmination today is just as actionable now as it ever was, and it has tainted every contract, every agreement, every corporate “law”, claim, title, and deed based upon it.

Just as surely, the people of the world have spoken clearly and forever regarding human enslavement. No jurisdiction can prevail which condones it.

The land jurisdiction we are owed clearly and forever abolished slavery and peonage. It is well past time that the maritime and admiralty jurisdictions of the world followed suit and foreclose any safe harbor for those who make their living as parasites seeking to enslave their fellow man.

At a certain point, when enough people have wised up and filed their claims the politicians will jerk fully awake and realize that they have NO CHOICE but to make the necessary changes and go back to a lawful system of money and public fiduciary accountability. They have no choice but to release all pretensions of representational power without acceptance of the responsibilities that go with it. People will also force the lawyers and bankers to come to heel once they understand the enormity of the commercial and financial crimes that have been committed by those claiming to “represent” them.

We are fully motivated to stop the presumption that we are being “represented” by the perpetrators of these crimes against us and against our organic states of the Union. We are presenting ourselves in the flesh and exercising our authority in the flesh. As the 1934 Bankruptcy Act Section 101 (11) makes clear, WE are the Principals of all financial transactions.  Corporations and corporate officers are agents without recourse and debtors by definition.

As a result of the misrepresentations and deliberate deceits which have occurred, there are two versions of “the internal revenue service”.  The non-federal FEDERAL RESERVE dba UNITED STATES OF AMERICA operates the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE.  The IMF dba UNITED STATES operates the IRS. 

The INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE holds the credit side of the individual ESTATE trust accounts, while the IRS operates the debt side of the accounts.  The UNITED STATES is owed money because it has been providing governmental services, so it charges the individual NAMED accounts of those presumed to be sureties for the debts of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. But it does so in a deceitful and improper manner.

It presents these charges to the victim of the crime, the individual living man or woman that the public ESTATE trust is named after, instead of presenting the charges to the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE for payment.

Since the individual living people don’t even know that an ESTATE trust named after them exists, they are unable to interpret these billings and “statements of account” as anything but bills they are obligated to pay — when in fact the charges are owed by the federal ESTATE trusts operated “in their name”.

A new “System” is being set up in which the FEDERAL RESERVE is operated under UN auspices and the ESTATES are rolled over and redefined as transmitting utilities doing business under names styled as “DAVID E. ROBINSON” but the overall game remains the same. They charge the corporate “person” of similar name, and present the bill to the living man or woman, who then mistakenly pays the bill “for” the corporate entity.

Imagine that the ELIZABETH ARDEN Corporation owes a bill for chemicals used in their perfume business, but rather than paying that bill, the corporation has the vendor send it to a woman named “elizabeth arden”.  She isn’t told specifically what the bill is for.  It just lands on her doorstep and she logically thinks it is addressed to her — after all, it is her name and her address, so, what else is she supposed to think?

And then the vendor — in this case, the IRS — who is legitimately owed money, albeit not from the victim of this crime, begins to bring complaints about the bill being unpaid and the account being “delinquent”.  The IRS continues under the false presumption that the living woman owes the debt and alleges the same to the “US District Court” — which is an in-house corporate tribunal owned and operated by same folks who created the debt and misaddressed it to the living woman in the first place — the UNITED STATES, operated by the FEDERAL RESERVE which also operates the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE.

What should be happening is that the “US District Court” should tell the IRS to bill the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE in the name of “DAVID EVERETT ROBINSON” or “DAVID E. ROBINSON” or “ELIZABETH ARDEN” or whatever other corporate persona owes the debt, and the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE should debit the credit side of that account and be done with it.  They should leave the living man or woman out of it and alone.

Instead, the “US District Court” has been acting in favor of its duplicitous employers and helping to defraud the victims.  They’ve been using this process of mistaken identities and personage to pass the debts of these “federal” corporations off to individual living Americans. They’ve been committing mail fraud in abundance and purposefully misaddressing these debts and it has all now come home to roost.

We, the living flesh and blood people, are the Creditorsthe priority Secured Party Creditors of EVERY financial transaction without recourse and we are here to execute judgment.  Any and all debts owed to the IRS “in the name of” DAVID EVERETT ROBINSON or DAVID E. ROBINSON must be re-addressed to the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE in care of the SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY, who is responsible for keeping these accounts zeroed out and balanced at all times.  All officers of the US TAX COURT and the US District Court are given due notice of the same instruction and are to be fully informed regarding this circumstance.

The living man, francis william messier, is tax exempt and always has been. This pernicious practice of misaddressing bills to him must cease or be prosecuted as mail fraud.  Any debt owed to the IRS in his name is to be discharged by the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE without argument or delay, in full settlement of the corporation’s account.

Anna Maria Riezinger and David Everett Robinson, and MILLIONS more Americans who have now been fully informed regarding the nature of the “federal” government and its “state” franchises, and who are now exercising our position as the Principals, without any “representation” and without the United States.

Any member of the Bar Association who thinks we are joking or don’t have the FACTS dead in the water, right down to who did what, when, and where, had better think again. This has been thirty years coming and it is here now!  All parties are being given fair Notice to withdraw all complaints and all pretensions of jurisdiction related to the living man.

“We are as mad as hell — and we’re not going to take it any more!” 

( )

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