California: A Breach of the Public Trust! Thank you Mr. Turner.

On Sep 14, 2014, at 7:28 AM, Arnie <> wrote:

Mr. Turner,

Thank you for forwarding this information.  I too must confess my shock!  But in addition to the shock I must add my outrage!

From what is being stated, while it is regrettable, Ms. Bowen is in ill health and suffering—and out of concern for her well being, may I express my sincere best wishes for her speedy recovery—never-the-less, as a casual observer at this point, it appears that Ms. Bowen has been operating the position of the California SOS in fraud, during these periods of her deficient job performance as noted.


Operation Green light

If this be the case, among other things, she would be and has been, violating her oath of office and her fiduciary responsibilities.  She would have been in dishonor of her duties as a public servant for quite some time.

This would seem to imply that many transactions, conducted during these troubled periods, by the office of the SOS, may not have been conducted in a proper, legal, lawful and ethical manner.  Such conduct, if proven to be true, might subject the state and the good people of California, to financial liabilities, for what may be found to be, criminally liable acts.

Such discovery, would also seem to suggest further…that a complete investigation by a competent panel of non-partisan citizens be immediately commissioned to investigate these conditions.  It would seem appropriate that such a commission make a determination of possible injuries which may now exist, which must be ethically, morally and lawfully resolved.

Mr. Turner, not to overreact…do you find my comments and suggestions reasonable under the circumstances?

May I also respectfully add…that since this seems to be common knowledge, many other public servants operating in the California state government in Sacramento, during this same period, must have also been aware of these criminal conditions…and…for some time.

If this too be the case, It would seem to me, all of those who failed to come forward in compliance with their respective responsibility to honor their oaths of office and safeguard the public trust, can now be safely regarded as guilty of misprision of felony.  Would this not be correct?  Not being an expert in law, this matter is unclear to me.

But even so…does not an even greater breach of fiduciary responsibility and violation of the oath of office appear at the doors of the offices of the controller and the treasurer of the state?

As I see it, Mr. Turner, as public officers, have they not been knowingly aiding and abetting the commission of fraud upon the good people of California, by paying for the operations of the office of SOS, out of the public trust, when it has been in a state of dishonor?

Have they not been unlawfully supporting acts of fraud with public money?

Among other criminal acts, would this also not be considered as dereliction of duty and possibly embezzlement? Certainly, at minimum, a violation of fiduciary responsibilities, a breach of the public trust and other unnamed crimes not mentioned at this time?

And speaking of complicity, what of the role of the governor and the attorney general?  Surely they too were all aware of Ms. Bowen’s deficient job performance and delicate condition?  And at least upon the surface, the question must be asked…did they fail to properly act to safeguard the public trust?

Puzzled and outraged!


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From: Neil Turner via Bojen3
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2014 4:00 PM

Subject: Open letter to Sec of State of CA Bowen: you will overcome your depression and drinking problems if you come clean and declare that you made an error by placing Obama on the ballot while knowing that he is using a stolen SSN and all fabricated IDs
Citizens for the Constitution;


As Attorney Orly Taitz’ first plaintiff (as a CA elector for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party) in her first lawsuit in November 2008: Keyes v. Bowen, but initially Turner v. Bowen, I was astonished to learn that the ‘Defendant’, CA Secretary of State Debra Bowen, who refused to honor her oath of office and remove one of the two ineligible candidates for President on the CA ballot in 2008 (Peta Lindsay of the Peace and Freedom Party – not yet 35 years old, but not Obama/Soetoro/AKA??? using fabricated and counterfeit ID’s and a stolen SS # 042-68-4425 that still fails E-Verify!) …

… I was astonished to learn that she is a recovering alcoholic who now lives alone in a rented mobile home, and often does not show up for ‘work’ in her taxpayer subsidized ‘office’, due to debilitating bouts of depression!

Considering that Obama/Soetoro/AKA???’s name has been placed on the ballot twice during Ms. Bowen’s time in ‘office’, despite his obvious ineligibility and lies about who and what he really is, it would appear that Kim Alexander, president of the ‘non-profit’ California Voter Foundation, doesn’t have a clue when she says: “Elections have been run competently for many years in California, so I don’t see it being an issue.” Apparently acts of Treason are not an issue for Ms. Alexander also.

In her open letter to Ms. Bowen below, Orly Taitz ‘gently’ offers a possible remedy for her debilitating condition, a condition that has led to untold grief and depression for the voting citizens of California, and all of America for that matter, for the last 5 ½ years.

In Liberty and In Truth.

Neil B. Turner

Citizens for the Constitution

Open letter to Sec of State of CA Bowen: you will overcome your depression and drinking problems if you come clean and declare that you made an error by placing Obama on the ballot while knowing that he is using a stolen SSN and all fabricated IDs


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