Assert…not defend! Time we the people change tactics!

On Sep 14, 2014, Don wrote:

I would assert / agree that the de-facto U.S. corporation is taking money from the public trust meant for the de-jure U.S.A. republic – under fraudulent STATES of EMERGENCY – and using it for their own profits and control mechanisms.
Good point.

Senate Report 93-549 as related to 1933


—– Original Message —–
From: Arnie
To: Don
Cc: Anna M Vonreitz
Subject: Re: Exposing government Fraud public notice | Scanned Retina Resource

Thank you Anna…


I know you have been personally abused so what I am about to say must be tempered with your personal experience.

We the people must stop playing the game of feeling we are obligated to


anything.  We are the sovereigns.  We are the boss.  we are the people.  We simply must ask the questions of our public servants and they must prove they are not acting with criminal intent.

So what about the oath of office?


Granted that is well and good in theory and we all know we need enough people taking such a stand in order to make our point seriously.  But first, the people themselves must act like Americans.  They must make the appropriate demands of their employes.

Let them “prove” the information is incorrect!

The response I received from my elected representative proves to me he is not acting in the capacity of my lawfully elected representative.  Therefore he is acting in fraud impersonating my elected representative.


On that basis he has demonstrated he is not the public servant he swore an oath that he would be.  Acting in dishonor, the next question must be asked is how is he taking money from the public trust to operate his area of elected responsibility?  Seems the treasurer or comptroller of the state has some explaining to do.  But we are not quite at the point to raise that issue.

Make sense?

California: A Breach of the Public Trust! Thank you Mr. Turner.



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On Sep 13, 2014, at 4:10 PM, Anna Von Fritz <> wrote:

Yes, correct.  The South walked out and left Lincoln unable to conduct business. Technically, the war started when he sent the Army across Southern State lines to try to capture the missing Congress members. The rest as they say is history… The “government” began functioning as a corporation and still does today.

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