So what about the oath of office?

So what about the oath of office?

Alicia Lutz-Rolow/ Leonard Harview wrmltd: EXPOSED!!!!! The misrepresented corporate constitution; by-laws of the corporation; not the law of the land! Fraud Visiates ALL!!!!

The oath of office is required by, the Constitution for the American people, of any lawful public servant, to assure compliance of the faithful execution of his job and to be able to accept payment from the public treasury.  The oath is a contract with the people.

Upon accepting payment from the public trust; the people…, the public servant voluntarily, consummates the contract.

Here is the oath being publicly administered:

But of course she lied. Third Request! We the people have been betrayed…Once More!

After many opportunities to understand how the de facto agents side-step the issue of the oath, I began exploring the matter.  Below are some very short clips of real conversations with people who were acting as public servants.  I am now convinced these people have all been trained to deal with people challenging them on the oath of office.

In my view, this is a pivotal point to gaining control over our employes. The fact they attend regular training on how to effectively deceive their employers indicates to me this is very…very…important.  You see by using deception, they are already violating their oath.

What does that mean…?

Violating the oath of office is a felony; a federal crime.
Oath of office is a quid pro quo contract
A Federal Crime! Violating Their Oath; cause for removal from office!

Violating the oath of office is perjury, insurrection and rebellion against the Constitution; the law of the land.  These are all serious matters.  Such violations may even merit a charge of treason.

Considering the enactment of the NDAA, one being charged with treason while we are at war could earn them the death penalty.

Side note:  With special attention to Travis Allen, Assemblyman District 72.

Regarding recording public servants: 

“I make the claim that thanks to the dereliction of duty of current de facto lawmakers, unlawfully impersonating lawful lawmakers—by their permissive acceptance of the routine invasion of privacy, regularly practiced by the NSA, a for-profit service corporate branch of one of the government service corporations, currently controlled by the foreign UN corporation—there are no longer any reasonable expectations of privacy…for anyone!”


In these examples, since there were no witnesses, I let them off the hook in order to gain information.  With three or more people involved and video taping the exchange, I sincerely believe many de facto agents could be brought into de jure.  At this point it is just a theory but to those who understand what has been revealed here, you may wish to organize your own groups and engage your own public servants.

In case you might be unaware, it is the person who asks the questions who is in control of the exchange.  Notice how the employee is trained to respond by asking you to solve the question you raised.  The come-back I use is to remind them that this for what they are being paid.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  This is really important to understand.

And now on to the show!

State Medicare Administrator

DHS Det Sgt.

Police Watch commander

Assemblyman’s field-man

If at this point you are interested in taking this a step further, visit the following link:
An Interview with a public servant

This interview led to the following:

So what was it that prompted such a response?
Public Notice of the crime of fraud reported to public officer Travis Allen

So please feel free to comment or drop me a message as to your reaction.  Your personal view on this matter may be a lot more important than you may realize.


Keeping American Patriots informed of the “truth” has become a full-time job!

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For those interested in deeper research…
It is the BONDS Stupid! The key to compliance of the Oath is the bonds!!!!

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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