Arnie’s Proposal:


Arnie Responds.

In my opinion, Richard, you answer reveals the reason you have lost the support of the people.

But despite your ignorance, or feigned ignorance,  I will spell it out.

While it is appreciated and we know it is at great personal risk, those few sheriff’s who are standing up are just doing the job for which they were elected.  There are no brass rings awarded for doing your job.

Although, thanks to your work, we the people have been made to realize it is the sheriff who is responsible to enforce the rule of law within a county.  As many have come to understand, the sheriff would lawfully play the role of the executive branch in county government.  This would maintain the balance of power.

At this point, it would appear that all counties which do not have the three branches of power in effect are in violation of the Constitution, and therefore, also in breach of the public trust.  This would seem to imply all public officers, knowingly, or unknowingly  engaging in this fraud may be subject to prosecution for committing fraud and obstructing justice.

This strategy, was most likely employed to accommodate the imposition of the fraudulent agenda 21 being imposed through stealth.  As you may recall Bush senior inserted this into the national agenda with nary peep or approval of Congress.  In fact to the contrary. Agenda 21 and related items summary page 

Congress, caught, RED HANDED in the commission of treason against the America people

On its surface Richard, reconfiguring the structure of the county government would be unconstitutional, regardless if the state legislature approved it..  That is the beginning of the fraud upon the people by almost all if not all county administrations.  You seemed to be silent on that point.  Cat got your tongue?

Next let us talk about membership in the CSPOA program:

There are approximately 3100 counties in America.  Not all have the position of sheriff. We have been led to believe there are around 100 members to CSPOA.  Why so few?

This is just dumb old me speculating, Richard…The sheriffs, of all people have a vested interest in belonging to your valuable organization.  Thirty-five dollars a year is a more than reasonable cost for such national representation.

If those to whom the CSPOA would be a direct benefit, do not see fit to join and support CSPOA, what do you expect of the general public?

The American people have come to realize that almost every talking head, including people like you, talk a good game.  For over the last five plus years, the people have been victimized by ostensibly “Patriot wannabe’s” huckstering all the right words and terms to evoke emotion and hope.  Few if any have fulfilled their promises.

Many people express the view, that the people are fed up.  And rightfully so.  After over five years of promises and hope, the people realize the only change to the hope was the money they donated went down the their drain…and into pockets of some unknown identity.

“The hard facts is every county continues to operate a court system which bears no resemblance to the court system for which the people pay dearly. This too is clearly fraud on the people.  The courts do not even attempt to act legitimately.”

The sheriff in many cases has decided to sell out the people by which he was elected and enforce the unconstitutional activities of these corporate systems of extortion.

So the reason the sheriff is acting in fraud is not for a lack of the education your organization can provide…it is because the sheriff in these cases is dishonest and lacks ethics and morality.  These are the sheriff’s who are directly responsible for the perpetration of this fraud on the people. He is right in the middle of the fraud on the courts and is obligated by law to enforce the Constitutional protections.

It is a matter of violating his oath of office, violating his fiduciary responsibilities and violating his contract with his constituents.  These are all serious federal crimes.

Now Richard…has the cat got your tongue on that one too?  Am I misspeaking on the subject?


Save all of your fancy rhetoric about your theory of saving America.  We have listened to your words and read your books.  Nowhere in the material you put forth have you touched on what appears to be the real truth:

  • Without the consent of the governed and without full disclosure, the lawful government of the American people has been overthrown by a foreign power.  This was accomplished in about 1933
  • Most noticeable among the group of co-conspirators on a consistent basis are various members of the Congress.  They have conspired with and as attorneys to perpetrate this hoax on the people.
  • Of special note was FDR and the era of 1933.
  • However, setting the stage for events at a later period, it appears that in 1862, the Congress was again involved in setting up the fraud we are under today.
  • Here is a list of curios events all in sequence to help further the fraud.
  • All of these acts and actions have been under the color of law and under the color of their respective offices.  Fraud plain and simple.  There are no statute of limitations on fraud.
  • America…One Republic…Indivisible…Operated in Fraud!
  • All lawful processes are suspended on the first defect.  That would be at least 1862…maybe even earlier.  As a result, nothing passed off on the people since 1862 was by their lawful government and therefore is null and void.
  • This information coming from you and those sheriff’s who do stand for the truth and honor all true Americans, will be taken with the proper recognition.
  • This is the reason the suggestion has been laid on the table.  You wish to take a stand…then do so based on the truth not a FANTASTIC resolution.



Keeping American Patriots informed of the “truth” has become a full-time job!
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About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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1 Response to Arnie’s Proposal:

  1. suzdelia says:

    Thank you Arnie for giving the Sheriff the Truths. So many have profited by Obama illegal presidency and this is what truly makes me sick is the fact that they do not truly care about our country their fellow Americans or even their loved once for they chose to not uphold their oaths of office, and this includes the Sheriffs. God Bless our America.

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