Orange County: Judge has sex on the people’s dime—in chambers.

“Public censure:” a punishment worthy dishonoring the bench; the citizens of California? Give us a break!

More evidence of cover-up and corruption?  SBX-211

Steiner will remain on the bench despite the censure.

The state agency that oversees investigations into allegations of judicial misconduct found “engaging in sexual intercourse in the courthouse is the height of irresponsible and improper behavior by a judge. It reflects an utter disrespect for the dignity and decorum of the court, and is seriously at odds with a judge’s duty to avoid conduct that tarnishes the esteem of the judicial office in the public’s eye.”


Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_01 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_02 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_03 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_04 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_05 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_06 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_07 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_08 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_09 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_10 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_11 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_12 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_13 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_14 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_15 Steiner_DO_Censure_09-02-14_Page_16

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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