The trial started at 10:00 after the pretrial at 9:00 – Randy Due – Day One.

On Sep 3, 2014, at 8:07 AM, Randy Due <> wrote:

Family and Friends,

I will admit that the following is a copy and paste version I sent to our nephew last night. The day was too long to go through the address list, but when I saw his request I could not resist answering. Here is the update on first day of Randy’s trial:

The trial started at 10:00 after the pretrial at 9:00.  During the  pretrial the jury was selected.  Uncle Randy was able to be a part of that.  First was the prosecutors turn to call witnesses, which in effect were those listed on the lien (that they are saying is false,  fictitious and frivolous).  Not one witness could prove how they were false etc.  Uncle Randy (UR) then asked to give the jury a copy of the
Criminal Complaint #1 (which is what the Lien is based on), but the  judge would not permit that evidence of proof. He had declared at some point that he had asked for blank sopenia forms for the witnesses he wanted to call, but he was denied them and the judge still said no to
giving him some then “so you want to go on record as denying me due  process of law?”  UR asked, the judge said “Yes”.  (I’d think the whole thing would have stopped right there.  How can a judge be  “unbiased” and say that?! )

Anyway, the witnesses had a hard time figuring out how to answer UR’s questions and often said “I don’t know how to answer that”. There were
6 CLGJ members in the “audience”, one that UR would have liked to come forward to the table he was at and be co-counsel, but the judge denied  that, but when the jury was not present they were able to discuss some things.

The trial should last  at least until Thursday, then go to the jury.  I don’t know how they can come up with any kind of verdict without all  the evidence, meaning UR’evidence, one sided evidence cannot be all  the evidence.  He will appeal should they find him “guilty”.  He says  he will not stop fighting.

He is preparing for “his day in court”.

After the jury was dismissed for the day the judge did ask for a copy of the Criminal Complaint #1 to study tonight.  UR thinks he might be  rethinking his denying of due process statement.  It is all in  accordance to God’s will as to how it will end.  UR feels strongly about that, so keep him before God this week.

A good beginning to the Kangaroo Court proceedings, Black’s Law  Dictionary 6th Edition defines Kangaroo Court this way: “Term descriptive of a sham legal proceeding in which a person’s rights are  totally disregarded and in which the result is a foregone conclusion  because of the bias of the court or other tribunal.”

Some others that might have heard from those in court with Randy (CLGJ members from Sheridan Co.) may have some other points to add.

I have added to this email a copy of the CC#1 and the lien ( this one in particular is one sent to MS Gilg, but the others are all the same Everyone is listed on the front page)of which the tial is all about so you can see what it is all about.

The USA side of the court has nothing to stand on.  I can only hope the jury is paying attention and steps up and does the right thing and either say they are a hung jury or even better unanimously “NOT GUILTY”.


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