Hell yes, I have abandoned the RNC RINO’s – have I given up – hell no.

Mr. Fred Richard Herndon
19 Village View Drive
Palm Coast, Fl. 32137

August 21st, 2014


Reince Priebus
Republican National Committee
310 First Street SE
Washington D.C. 20003


Dear RNC

Mr. Parker wrote, “I don’t want to believe you have abandoned the Republican party, but I have to ask …. Have you given up?

I responded to him: “Hell yes, I have abandoned the RNC RINO’s “– have I given up – “hell no.” (Ask him for a copy of my letter; and also ask his reply) I must apologize to the RNC for the hasty response to taunting words!   My hypothesis below will explain:

My hypothesis is that the RNC has abandoned me and the Conservatives of the United States. (A hypothesis is a tentative assumption made in order to draw out and test its logical or empirical consequences). I am only giving you a bullet list of why I created this letter. You can look each up (or have an office lackey do that for you).

When passing the TV, FOX News (constantly on TV here) I saw that the Ex-Governor of Virginia, Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen were on trial for corruption and quite a number of charges were founded on both. As I walked away, I was compelled to pen this memo to apologize for being too hasty in prior correspondence to the RNC, but feel that it is you, the RNC, that has accomplished the Abandonment and owe the apology to all.

  1. The Office of the President should be reproach (http://www.obamaforgerybook.com/ – I helped research this document in several ways, technical and mechanical.
  2. The Office of a Governor should be above reproach! (I sent Governor Rick Scott a notice of Misprision of Felony (DNC Chairman 2012 Crime against the State of Florida) and have received only a kiss off in response from a lackey in the outer office. (Not Acceptable)
  3. The letter from your Treasurer above which is taunting and demanding. (Not acceptable)
  4. Several Documents listed at the following WebSite (hyper linked) that show that the Republican Party is not a party of Conservatives but a Party of SOCIALIST willing to sell their souls to the devil and could care less about the Natural Person conservative of the Constitutional United States!

These documents have been provided to individuals viewing this particular web site – the point you need to remember is that each reviewer generally has many contacts in their personal address book. The documents are generally PDF for easy emailing to friends.

It is your requirement to also determine just how many up-set individuals such as myself are forwarding these documents to our individual hundreds of contacts. (Remember the exponential multiplier when one email sent to five suddenly, at the fourth level constitutes 260,100 emails sent on the same subject). As a precaution, I have one friend with over 4000 email address in his book, and another with an email address book with over 7000 contacts (something for you to think about.) The letter to you is posted at ScanRetina.com and was referenced in a tweet to 545 Congressmen and assistants.

The Book published in Virginia with a Virginia Constitution quoting the Original 13th Amendment of 1810, along with the complete US Constitution published; and a copy being sent to the President of the United States in 1817. Monroe made a claim that it had never been ratified – something that must be addressed. (Note the absence of President Monroe).

  1. The fact that the southern states of America were seated and participated in ratifying the third version of a 13th Amendment in 1865 and later, the same states were denied seating in Congress so that the 14th, and 15th Amendments could be claimed (by the elimination of these States from voting) to be legally ratified. YOU CANNOT HAVE it both Ways! This find assures that the woes of Congress and Presidents have not yet begun.
  2. 8, 1957 – GEORGIA MEMORIAL TO CONGRESS—FOURTEENTH AND FIFTEENTH AMENDMENTS TO U.S. CONSTITUTION BE DECLARED VOID. A document that has never been answered (or the response is hidden) by Congress of the United States. Substantiates the item in 6 above.
  3. A Number of Supporting Documents are at: https://scannedretina.com/2014/09/04/america-one-republic-indivisible-operated-in-fraud/ (Including this letter to You).
  4. The fact that as Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush permitted the withdrawal of $328,000,000 from the Florida Retirees Trust and invested in ENRON 90 days from bankruptcy – with all money lost. (This alone should dis-qualify Jeb for a 2016 Run for the Presidency – his integrity is lacking.)
  5. The fact that to make his budget look good, Jeb Bush took away $40,000,000 from the old-tire disposal fund into which we pay $2.00 for every tire purchased and put it in General Revenue (A encumbered fund). (This alone should dis-qualify Jeb for a 2016 Run for the Presidency – his integrity is lacking.)
  6. GHW Bush and/or George W. Bush bought 42,000 hectares (over 100,000 acres) of land in Paraguay’s northern “Chaco” region. The land, near the town of Chaco, sits atop huge natural gas reserves, according to sources in Asuncion. Moreover, the land deal was consummated in a dinner meeting between Bush’s daughter Jenna and Paraguayan President Nicanor Duarte.   Also, Bush and the Carlyle Group are also the owners of major tracts of land along the proposed U.S. super-highway linking Mexico and Canada (which still may be a plan) land that will be worth hundreds of millions more when the highway is completed.  (Gas, Water, Oil, and Drugs come to mind). It is your job to discover – not mine. I am just being forwarded emails very fast and at hundreds per day since the prior note to Tony Parker). A question has been posed, “Was it the money Jeb permitted to be removed from Fl. Workers Retirement Fund that permitted this purchase? – something to consider when Government is Corrupt as it is today)
  7. The fact that American Citizens have been forced to complete their own research and law suits against the illegal alien that was pushed into the Whitehouse by illegal means (when a county has 147% voter turn out and the Governor (Scott) does not call fraud in election, then we can surmise you the RNC are as guilty as the real criminals. (see: http://www.obamaforgerybook.com/ and drill down to a downloadable PDF of truth.
  8. The illegal BAR and Judge Racket ………………………

SO, I retract my statement that “Hell Yes, I have abandoned you…”, and replace it with my own Answer, “Hell Yes – You have abandoned me?”

In summary, under the factor-rule of email propagation, you should have some dire concern. The Hypothesis presented is more fact than fiction – you have to make your own determination about life and the GOP future – it may already be history; and, you seem to have ruled out many Conservatives.

Most of us conservatives want to quickly return our Government to a full-fledged Constitutional Government and fire anyone that thinks otherwise (including presidents and Congressmen).


Fred R. Herndon, 1st Amendment Rights Prevail over False Government




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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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