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CSC offers UCC filing services nationwide. We can help you file your liens
and monitor your UCC 1 filings through our secure, web-based portal.

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Whether you need to file UCC-1 financing statements or UCC-3 continuations, amendments, releases or terminations, CSC can help you with all your UCC filings from one secure and convenient Web application. CSCFinancialOnlineSM makes quick work of UCC filings and includes a proprietary debtor name validation service that alerts you to potentially incorrect corporate debtor names before you file a lien.

Best of all, CSC keeps track of changing jurisdictional requirements—like which states have enacted the 2010 amendments to UCC Article 9—so that you don’t have to. Our application is automatically updated with the appropriate forms and prompts so that your UCC-1 filings and any additional UCC filings remain in compliance.

UCC Filing Benefits with CSC

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry by storing common debtor, secured party, and collateral information in one convenient location.
  • Review and edit all your UCC filings on the actual UCC forms after they have been created and store images of your UCC forms and attachments indefinitely.
  • File electronically in more jurisdictions than any other service provider offers, using one simple UCC filing system to file in all states.
  • Receive automatic updates regarding your order status through every step of the process.

Not Just UCC Filings

CSC handles every part of your UCC filing life cycle, including tracking jurisdictional requirements and expirations, calculating UCC filing fees, processing documents, writing checks, and submitting UCC filings—all within our comprehensive system.

And filing a lien is only the first step with CSC. We will monitor all the UCC-1 filings in your portfolio for expiration or continuation, notifying you in advance of the deadlines so that you can take the appropriate action.  Additional, optional services include tracking your debtors for additional UCC filings, corporate status changes or bankruptcy filings.

Contact CSC Today for UCC Filings

For more information about our UCC filing services or to file your UCC-1 financing statements and other UCC filings through CSC, please complete the brief form to the right. A CSC UCC filing specialist will contact you soon.

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