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“Trustee” is defined as a term in law and it is the same no matter what kind or level of “trust” it is.  All trustees bear strict fiduciary obligations both to the Donor of the trust assets and to the Beneficiaries.

All trusts are formed the same way.  A Donor places assets into a trust which is to be guarded and managed by a Trustee for the benefit of the designated Beneficiaries.

As a result of the Revolutionary War, the Pope created a new National Trust  out of the assets of all the former Colonies.  This new trust was called The United States Trust (1789).  All national level trusts are split into three jurisdictions— air, land, and sea.  The Pope in his “temporal role” as Trustee of the Global Estate Trust retains responsibility for all three for all nations.  He delegates the responsibility for the air jurisdiction to Trustee Office appointed within the Church.  In our case, the Trustee of the Air Jurisdiction is the Rector of the National Shrine in Washington, DC.  The Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways for Americans is the British Monarch. The Trustee on the Land is supposed to be The United States Postmaster, but in 1933 the Congress placed the entire Post Office under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, so Jacob L. Lew inherited that responsibility.

It is important to understand what went on step by step.

Between January 1866 and December 1878 a new governmental services corporation was formed doing business as the “United States of America, Inc.”   This entity was created to take over the role and responsibility of the United States Company which was the original governmental services provider during its bankruptcy reorganization which began in April 1863.   It published a “new” corporate “constitution” known as the Constitution of the United States of America which was almost (but not quite) the same as the original constitution known as The Constitution for the united States of America…..

This new corporate Constitution was only a corporate document.  The several States were in bankruptcy and unable to contract, so Congress “changed hats” and signed on as the government of new “legal fiction states” created under the foreign auspices of the new “federal” government.

Original Constitution  was The Constitution for the united States of America.  The name of the country is was and always will be “States of America”.  The word “united” was just an adjective, a descriptor of “States of America” acting as a “union” of separate states.  These were designated as “the Maryland State” and the business entity “representing “the Maryland State” was known as “the State of Maryland” —– pay attention to the word “the”……

The land and the people of “the Maryland State” were never involved in any bankruptcy at all.  They were (and are) held in perpetual trust as part of the Global Estate Trust.  The entities bankrupted in 1863 were all franchises of the parent company doing business as the United States Company doing business as “the State of Maryland”, “the State of New York” and so on.

The new corporation that took over formed new “state” franchises for itself, so after 1878 we had the United States of America, Inc. and franchises known as “The State of Maryland” or “The State of Ohio”.   This corporation and these franchises functioned under the Constitution of the United States of America until 1933 when it, too, was bankrupted.

So, the perpetrators again “reorganized”—- the United States of America, Inc. being run by the Federal Reserve System was entered into Chapter 11 and a new entity run by the United Nations/IMF doing business as the UNITED STATE (INC)—a French commercial corporation– took over and created new franchises doing business as “the STATE OF MARYLAND” and “the STATE OF NEW YORK” and so on and also published privately yet another new constitution known as the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

Are you beginning to catch the drift and the con game?

The Constitution for the united States of America was replaced by the Constitution of the United States of America which was replaced by the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES…..and only God knows what the rats are colluding among themselves to call things now, but you can bet that a new entity calling itself the UNITED STATES OF AMIERICA will appear and with it new “state” franchises probably calling themselves just “MARYLAND” or “OHIO”.

All this is nothing but semantic deceit and mismanagement on the part of corporate entities and especially the members of “Congress”.

There is only ONE valid “equity contract” in the whole pile—-and that is the original document known as The Constitution for the united States of America.  That is the only contract agreeing to create and maintain the “federal government” and agreeing to receive and pay for its services.

All the successors traded on that contract and are under obligation to fulfill it or not get paid.  However, since they have set up their own franchises to operate the “STATE” governments, the franchises loyally fork over whatever the parent company wants.

And THAT, gentlemen, is where our “checks and balances” went out the window.

In 1933, the Federal Reserve System contrived a means to plunder The United States Trust (1789) via fraudulent misrepresentation.  The Federal Reserve System owned and operated the United States of America, Inc and its “state” franchises known as “The State of Ohio” and “The State of Wisconsin”, etc.  So they just had all the “Governors” (men elected to fill the public office, but acting in a similarly named private corporate office instead) of their franchises “pledge” the “good faith and credit of their states and the citizenry thereof”.

Well, which “states” were these?  NOT the organic states, which are held in perpetual trust by the Global Estate Trust.  NOT the original “state governments” of the organic states of the Union, either.  They could only “pledge” the resources of the “states” that their corporation created— that is, “The State of Ohio” etc.—-a fictitious legal fiction entity existing only on paper—-and its “citizenry”—–equally fictitious entities organized as foreign situs trusts merely named after the living Americans.

It was and is the biggest fiduciary trust scam in the history of the world.

The Americans trusted “their” government.  Why shouldn’t they?  The governmental services corporation doing these vile things behind their backs had published the Constitution of the United States of America and The Pledge of Allegiance promising to abide by the rules of the contract and to “represent” the Republic.

Roosevelt and the “Governors” (hahahahah!) of the Federal Reserve System used semantic deceit and similar names to lay surreptitious claim against the real assets of real states and real Americans.  They used the process of “hypothecation” to do this without being detected.

Hypothecation allows a debtor to lay claim to the assets of a “surety” without obtaining actual title to the property.  The “colorable” title established in the way is never exercised until or unless the original debtor defaults on paying the debt.

The most familiar example of this is “co-signing” a loan.  As long as the primary pays his car payment, the secondary doesn’t hear a word from the dealership.  But if the primary debtor defaults, the dealership will contact the secondary debtor and demand that the account be paid up.

That is what the Roosevelt Administration did in 1933.  FDR bankrupted the private, for-profit governmental services corporation doing business as the United States of America, Inc. and named fictitious “states” and foreign situs trusts named after living Americans as the sureties for its debts.  The banks gleefully “misunderstood on purpose” and established all sorts of hidden liens and colorable titles against the real assets of real states and real people, and extended huge amounts of credit to the perpetrators—- the members of Congress, FDR, the “State” Governors—-all based on the assets of the “new” sureties.

So, you may wonder—- how could this be of any benefit, when the United States of America, Inc. was in Chapter 11?

The rats went offshore, established a new banking cartel doing business as the “International Monetary Fund” and chartered a new governmental services corporation in France doing business as the UNITED STATES (INC.).   The UNITED STATES took over the service contracts “in behalf of” the United States of America, Inc. in precisely the same way that the United States of America, Inc. took over the service contracts “in behalf of” the original United States Company.

All the costs of the services provided by the UNITED STATES corporation were charged against the account of the bankrupt United States of America, Inc. and since the United States of America, Inc. was already bankrupt, the charge got transferred directly to the “sureties”—-which the banks (very quietly) presumed to be us and our real states.

We, meantime, knew and were told nothing whatsoever about all this fraud and graft being accomplished “in our names” by the private corporations providing governmental services.

The only “notice” given to rank and file Americans was that the form of their given name used for correspondence from “the government” changed from upper and lower case : “John Quincy Public” to all capital letters “JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC”.

And once again, the rats are set up and ready to bankrupt “the American government”—-wink, wink—-only  it is NOT the American government. It’s just a privately owned for-profit French commercial corporation run amok.

Once again, the only “notice” of the change that rank and file Americans are receiving is a subtle “name change”—–from “JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC”  to “JOHN Q. PUBLIC”.

If those same Americans don’t wise up, lift their heads, and say— What?   The rats will “presume”  that those Americans “accepted” the “terms” of whatever new “service agreement” is being agreed to by “their representatives”.

The same sorts of people that laid false and stealthy claim to you and your assets and the assets of your states in the first place can be counted to sell you even farther down the river (if possible) in the upcoming round of fraud, semantic deceit, false claims, unseen liens, and personage.

It is time to outlaw the “Bar Associations” that have been enforcing these frauds upon the American People and to hold the “judges” and “lawyers” feet first to the flames for participating in this—-because they knew what was being done.  They knowingly have participated in the practice of personage against the American People.  They created and expedited this whole scam.

And it is time for them to pay the piper, both in terms of being called out individually to account for individual acts of malfeasance and for failure of their profession as a whole.

Similarly, the politicians must be brought to heel, repudiated as “representatives” and held to account for this mess.

Finally, —-last but not least, the bankers must be pulled out of their holes like badgers from burrows and beaten at their own games.   The end of the use of ALL “private” debt notes as currency for public debts must come to an end for starters.

When we’ve lined them all up and blistered their rumps, we can stand straight before the rest of the world again.

Please note that 177 other nations have aligned against the rats.  The rats can ill-afford to lose the support of the 50 States.   Once the 50 States wake up, it will be no time until the Canadians and Australians and British People wake up.  The Germans are already awake and grumpy as only Germans can be when not fed.   Yes, m’dears, the time has come.  The rats are between the jaws of a nutcracker.  They either straighten up and do right by the American People they have abused and defrauded or the parasites will be hunted down and destroyed by their hosts as well as by their other victims worldwide.




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