The Other Americas of which few are aware!

The Other Americas of which few are aware!

Oh yes…Let us not forget the Courts.

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The offending Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 appears in the very first version of The Constitution— the real one—-circa 1789.  I believe it was put there as a result of the Treaty of Paris guaranteeing the British King the Trusteeship on the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways”—–and also guaranteeing him a yearly tithe in gold mined in the States, for which he required customs houses…..

Anyway, the fault that allowed the development of two governments under one roof was started at the very beginning of the nation and had nothing to do with the 14th Amendment per se, apart from the fact that the 14th Amendment issues are a RESULT of that intrinsic flaw and allowed by them… the 14th Amendment an opportunistic outcome that was later consolidated and approved of by the US Supreme Court in the Insular Tariff Cases.

But always remember this— all that has ONLY to do with the “other” version of United States of America —- okay?  The 14th Amendment does not exist as part of our Constitution.  Think of it this way—

Republic– Perpetual Union of Nation States–American States— American State Citizens—three branches of government—American Nationals—The Constitution for the United States of America—unincorporated—real—-organic—three branches of government.

“United States of America, Inc.”— a governmental services corporation — “US citizens” both living and corporate—Constitution of the United States of America—-legal fiction–incorporated–unreal—only one branch of government (Congress) operating as a legislative democracy, claimed to “represent” the Republic.

“UNITED STATES, INC” — another governmental services corporation — ESTATE TRUSTS entirely corporate “citizenship”—  CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES–legal fiction, incorporated– unreal — only one branch of government (CONGRESS) operating as an oligarchy.

There should be three nations—- (1) The United States of America (Major) = The 50 States (2) the United States of America (Minor) = 7 Insular “Federal States” and (3) the Municipal (City State) government of Washington,DC—-all on the same level.

All three of these are separate internationally recognized nations. (1) is a Constitutional Republic; (2) is a Legislative Democracy; (3) is a Plenary Oligarchy.

Congress is supposed to wear three different hats.  (1) it should be the third –legislative—branch of the three branched government we learned about in school;  (2) it functions as the only single branch of government ruling a democracy by mob rule in the Insular States; (3) it functions as a complete oligarchy and rules over the Municipal government absolutely.

AS I explained in an earlier reply, there is a fault in our original Constitution that allowed this situation to develop.  Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 allowed the establishment of a legislative democracy (or oligarchy) subject only to the legislative branch of the federal government to be established.

Three branches of government = Constitutional Republic
One branch of government = legislative democracy/oligarchy established to rule the District of Columbia and “federal” territories and possessions.

There is indeed a “nation within a nation” situation, but it was allowed and created by The Constitution from the very beginning.

The legislative democracy dba “United States of America (Minor)” has imposed upon and presumed upon and committed fraud aplenty against The United States of America (Major) and has sought to established rule over its benefactor and sponsor and has also used and abused our resources, acted criminally and in gross breach of trust….you name it, and they have done it.

It all comes back to roost with the members of the Congress—then and now.

The Republic, our lawful government, stopped functioning the way it was intended to function in 1860.  It revived for a few months in 1865 (April through December) and then went silent again because of the actions and in-actions of the 39th Congress.

The “federal government” has been run as a malfunctioning corporation ever since.

There was a flaw in our Constitution— or if not a flaw, something that was interpreted into a flaw by the US Supreme Court—- Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17—-gave Congress, one branch of our three branched system—control over the District of Columbia without regard to the Constitution itself.  It created a nation inside a nation— a legislative democracy (oligarchy) operating inside a constitutional republic.  This situation came about because the Founders clearly intended to separate the land jurisdiction from the maritime jurisdiction—-and to have the three-branched government in control of the land, while the single branched government was to address the international jurisdiction of the sea.

That’s how we wound up with The United States of America (Major) and the United States of America (Minor).  The State governments and the People were responsible for running things on the land, the three-branched “federal government” was the interface between the States and the single-branched maritime government of the “District”.  Thus each State has a flag as a separate nation, and the “federal government” has two flags— the civil flag of the three branched constitutional republic and the maritime flag of the legislative democracy.

All these entities have “turf” in the game, but so do we, because the People and our States are sovereign by international law and everyone knows it.

The power of a commercial affidavit in this system is deadly to them, rat poison to the rats.

But it is mandatory that everyone claim their Constitutional Remedy found at 1-308 of the Uniform Commercial Code and that we all speak nothing but the truth as we know it and that we understand our liability or lack of liability.  Under the Common Law (which we claim by signing everything “without prejudice” or “all rights reserved”) we are not liable to perform under undisclosed contracts.  If we reserve that right, speak the truth, and sign plainly labeled commercial affidavits against them there is not much they can do.

At that point, the whole world gets involved—the Vatican, Unidroit, the UN—everybody.

And the rats wind up with a situation like they have right now—- 177 countries lined up to tear them apart and everyone in America not far behind.  They must be “highly motivated” to make peace with the people of America, or the whole ship of state goes down in flames.  This is the message which all the members of Congress need to hear.

We either fix the problem in Washington, or both Washington (the maritime District government) and America (the land government) as we know it, will be destroyed.

Perhaps that is as it should be.  We are, after all, responsible for controlling our own government and our failure to do so has resulted in war, criminality, and misery throughout the world and on our own shores.


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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