All Things Considered Judgmentally
–Steve Langford, 6 July 2014

All Things Considered Judgmentally
–Steve Langford, 6 July 2014

A still-valid plea from Rodney King:

Is King’s plea naïve, when set against such a story as this?:

We’re being played big time, people! Divide and conquer is working against all of us but the puppeteers, who are probably a subset of the infamous 1%. 

 Kill the FED (Federal Reserve Central Bank). Hold treasonous politicians fully accountable, worldwide, starting with such as David Rockefeller.

Consider putting your faith in GAR

before you keep it any longer in the corporate de facto “government” of which obama is CEO (about which much more at <>; see especially 1933) — despite the profiteering that seems to be exhibited at

 But remember that obama/clinton fired Ham (together with about 200 other high-level military personnel over recent months), when he tried to save the Benghazi Four. Even that could be a ploy to set up a false scenario in order to involve common folk in taking sides in an upcoming military battle that could boil down to self-inflicted genocide by stupid and ignorant American sheeple who can not and will not think about such possibilities but have been driven to insane furiosity by the world’s continuously threatening tyranny and disorder.

Now consider that among the sick children there well could be some who purposefully are carrying the deadly Ebola virus, on top of incurable strains of tuberculosis that more commonly are mentioned in such reports as these:

- – – – –

Germ Warfare Via unlawful Immigrant Children: Related URLs


The following URLs are captured as references for future efforts to protect our national, State, County, City, and Town borders from very real health risks:

  1. Michael Savage, Epidemiologist:

  2. National Liberty Alliance Pima County Members:

  3. Medical staff warned: Keep your mouths shut about illegal immigrants or face arrest

  4. First peek: Immigrant children flood detention center

  5. MAP: Where feds are trying to relocate illegal border surgers

  6. Contagion: Is It More Possible Now Than Ever In the United States?

  7. UN: Ebola Outbreak Could Become Pandemic -Anxious Health Ministers From 11 Countries In Emergency Meeting

  8. Congressman (Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, 1st Congr. Dist.) rips into ‘good monarch’ Obama, Warns prez ‘quickly moving’ U.S. toward constitutional crisis

  9. Feds Threaten Journalist With Prison Over Report On Illegal Immigration

Feds Threaten Journalist With Prison Over Report On Illegal Immigration – See more at:

10. FED UP: Angry Americans Turn Back Buses Filled With Illegals

11. Town won’t welcome illegals without a fight


– – – – –

Who is responsible for this madness? If you are an adult American and understand the Constitution for the united (sic) States of America, then YOU ARE!:

I salute The People of Murrieta, California, for their current Bundy-like stance against the absolutely unlawful actions of the so-called federal government under the direction of the so-called president obama. Those lower-case words are here intended to show absolute disrespect, whereas the lower-case “u” in the above “Constitution for the united (sic) States of America” is intended to reference the organic, original Constitution, not the bastardized version that has been thrust unlawfully upon a naïve, trusting, unconsenting and IGNORANT American public, victimized by charlatan representatives who have been assassinated every time they have tried to establish trustworthy currencies not based upon fiat money that has been purposefully intended to enslave the population through debt that is impossible to pay off – a populace kept so busy trying merely to survive that most people have had no time even to consider exercising the responsibilities thrust upon them by that organic Constitution. No wonder there is stupidity, ignorance, and a herd mentality!

So – against the background of those thoughts – please consider the following exchanges of emails between the proud Town of Oro Valley (State of Arizona) Administration and me (a resident thereof):

2 July 2014

Satish I. Hiremath, D.D.S.
Phone:(520) 229-4991
Fax: (520) 297-0428
Cell: (520) 437-2824

Subject: What is the Oro Valley Administration’s position re bused, unlawful-immigrant children?

Dear Mayor Hiremath:

 I congratulate you for being so accessible via

 I would like to know your Administration’s position concerning the potential release of unlawful-immigrant children in The Town of Oro Valley. I guess that you probably know more about what is going on in these regards than I do, but the story told at

- – –

[image redacted]

- – – 

might interest you in any case.

 I am concerned to know whether Oro Valley would welcome such children or would stand with the California Town of Murrieta in stopping them from exiting such a bus.

 I wonder whether you have already held a public meeting on the question, whether the matter is on an upcoming Town Meeting Agenda, who has decided what to do if such an occurrence happens before such a Town Meeting takes place, and so on.

 Depending upon what has already been decided or done — if anything — in these regards, I may have some relevant thought to contribute to the conversation. I would appreciate a definitive response to such questions and learning anything else about the situation that you feel free to divulge.

 Hoping for your soon response. I am

 Sincerely yours,

 -Stephen A. “Steve” Langford-

9140 N. Shadow Mt. Dr. 
Town of Oro Valley
Arizona, 85704-6742, U.S.A.

 Tel. 297-1245

Copy to Arnie Rosner

Dear Mr. Mayor:

 Please see this article


[image redacted]

and please visit in order to discover how well organized people can become in order to take back control of our borders.

 Sir, as Mayor of Oro Valley and as perhaps the most key figure of this proud community, you have (in my strong opinion) a duty to be fully engaged in this important issue and to be as proactive as possible in setting a good example. I was hoping by now to have received your response to my email, sent yesterday. Please get back to me as soon as possible on this matter of Town, County, State, National, and International social urgency. I am counting on you to be part of the solution to these complex matters, which relate not only to my personal security but also to the safety and security of every other member of our Town and national communities.


 -Steve Langford-

P.S. I would appreciate having one of you provide Patrice Lynes with my contact information and let her know that I would like to ask for her help.


[Cc: copies of this email were sent to the following people:

Arnie Rosner <>

Rob Luton Immigration Policy Analyst 858-414-6229 <>

Jeff Schwilk Border & Immigration Security Analyst 760-525-1655 <>

and the email was Bcc: copied to many other people. I am still waiting for Ms. Lyne’s contact information.]



Where Greg Caton <> is Town Manager, Town of Oro Valley, AZ.


Dear Mr. Langford,


Thank you for contacting the Town of Oro Valley. Mayor Hiremath has asked that I assist in providing an accurate response regarding this particular issue.


Illegal immigration is ultimately a federal issue, which is why the U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agencies have been charged with enforcing federal immigration policy. Although the Town does understand the concerns you are expressing, we do not generally commit to a particular stance on a political issue, such as our opinion regarding a federal policy or how that policy is carried out.


Due to the fact that the U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. ICE agencies do not have any facilities in Oro Valley, we do not anticipate that this federal issue will have a direct impact on the Town. Should an issue arise relating to illegal immigration, the Town will address the issue within our legal authority.


Thank you,


Chris Cornelison

Assistant to the Town Manager

Town of Oro Valley

11000 N. La Canada Drive

Oro Valley, Arizona 85737

(520) 229-4723


Here and now I am responding to the Town of Oro Valley Administration:


6 July 2014


Subjects: Personal responsibility. You’re fired!



Dear Mssrs. Hiremath, Caton, and Cornelison:


My emails were addressed to Mayor Hiremath and I believe that he has the responsibility of answering me in person. However, because he has not dissented from your response, Mr. Cornelison, I gather that he has agreed with the irresponsible position that you have outlined.

 I strongly disagree with your statement ultimately immigration is a federal issue. I believe it to be ultimately a very personal issue, and one that you should feel charged to have seen that way as well, if you are to have done your sworn duties to protect We the People of your jurisdiction, Whom you have sworn to serve. We the People are fully aware of the dangers imposed upon us by the unlawful federal actions related to what amounts to an assault upon us from within by the enemy of state known as that son of a bitch barack hussein obama, together with the rest of the national and international cabal that by all their actions and inactions have so repeatedly demonstrated themselves to be anything but our enemy. You leave us unprotected from the many dangers outlined (in part) further below and pretend that you have no responsibility to intervene on our behalf. Having given the matter due consideration since receiving your remarkably irresponsible statement, I can only conclude that you of this Town’s Administration are each and all part of the problem.


The Constitution for the united States of America has charged you with the duty to perform your Oaths of Office, which I have been led through prior communications to believe you have taken to defend and protect that Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. I declare and restate here and now what I have said for years: obama is not President of these united States of America. He has been emplaced unlawfully by a process that has implicated in treason those who were responsible for vetting candidates, together with all others who have had the power – but have not exercised it – to take the usurper and his felonious accomplices out. Our three branches of federal government as well as many related agencies such as the IRS, DHS, and others too numerous to name (all of them?) are corrupt to the point of criminality; we have no government worthy of respect at any level at all, you have just proven to me:


That you have evidently done nothing at all to take a stand as a Town against obama and have accepted his and his tyrannical administration’s edicts as lawful is convincing that by your silent consent you have become part and parcel of the problem. Now, you have continued that trend of honoring those who dishonor our Nation, its Constitution, and your respective Oaths to protect and defend the latter.


For you to continue in office under these circumstances is unthinkable.




 As a Sovereign, Natural-Born Person of these united States of America, under the full ægis of Common Law derivative of the Magna Carta,

I hereby order you to stand down and to dissolve the Corporation known as the Town of Oro Valley, State of Arizona; and, I further order you to recompense the People of this Town for the salaries and perquisites that you have through time collected unlawfully while failing to do your sworn duties.


 I hold you personally responsible and wonder why bonds paid for at taxpayer expense ought properly and lawfully to be seen as lawful protections against these charges of malfeasance, misprision, and treason.


 I make these criminal and civil charges publicly and openly, together with the demand that those in True Authority (whether or not General Ham, but in any case not the unconstitutional and feckless Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, sheriff of Pima County, Arizona) see to it that you are investigated and lawfully prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, as that is specified in Our organic Constitution.



 To expand upon my charges (which I reserve the right to expand and revise as I alone see fit) I demand that you consider the dangers that you and your fellow shrinking politicians around this nation have put us in — through such of your inactions as you have just demonstrated in your response — by subjecting us to Alinksy tactics designed to bring our nation to its knees and to freeze the offices of government in a time of war to the point that we have no defenses at all against such as dirty nuclear bombs, the spread of disease from unlawful immigrants, unemployment that drives our middle class to homelessness, and so many issues to deal with at once that it seems that nobody is in charge because so few who have been elected to represent us do their jobs!

 You’re fired! *I* say so, and I suspect that many other people around this Nation will agree that their own local officials ought also to be in your shoes now.


 Get the hell out of here in chains!


 That goes for you jackboot thugs up and down the line who no longer respect We the People Whom you have had the duty to serve with honor but Whom you have treated instead as the enemy, at least since 1933!


 Confess first to yourselves, then to each other, and finally to We the People that you have failed miserably in your duties and do us the favor at least of leaving office with a changed attitude of contrition as you beg for forgiveness. Such an honorable change of character might mitigate the circumstances of your future lives, should those who take your places and who shall sit in your judgment become convinced of your sincere remorse.




-Stephen A. Langford-

9140 N. Shadow Mt. Dr.

Town of Oro Valley, Greater Tucson

Arizona, AZ 85704-6742, U.S.A.


  1. 520/297-1245

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

No, that was no joke.
We now return to Our regularly scheduled program.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Date: 7/5/2014 11:00:05 PM


Subject: My news analysis on the Ukraine attacks

Our thanks to Kristen for asking where the photos were taken.

I decided to find out not only where the attacks occurred but also to read some Russian language and English language sites regarding the attacks. There is already a disinformation campaign at work. Here is what I have found so far:

Story in English:

July 2nd 2014, Ukrainian air-force planes attacked the Stanytsa Luganskay Cossack village and the village of Kondrashovka.

Consequences of military action [photos shown in my earlier email and shown in the linked story]

Corroborating reports at Russian sites:

Here is one named Voices of Ukraine, which also confirms that the attack was carried out by Ukrainian planes. It is noteworthy that this site is pro-junta. It supports Poroshenko and is anti-Russian. That makes it more credible that the Ukrainians are responsible for the attack. In fact, Western reports also confirm this.

The following site mentions the above-mentioned disinformation campaign to blame it on the Russians, but like the vast majority of sources, reports that the destruction was done by Ukrainian planes. It seems to be a local site in southeastern Ukraine operated by Russian speakers:

The UKRAINIAN site (in Russian) linked just below here blames the devastation on the Russians, saying the attack was done with a BM-21 Grad, a mobile missile launcher as described here .


Yes, of course, the Russians would destroy the towns occupied by Russian speakers, wouldn’t they? The accusation by the above Ukrainian site is that this was done to weaken the Ukrainian position at the upcoming talks in Berlin. I think we can safely say this is some pretty badly done propaganda. The Russians, particularly at this juncture in history, are up in arms about the fact that Putin has not stepped in to protect the Russian speakers in Ukraine, so it is virtually inconceivable that he would order a strike on his own vulnerable people there. He knows it would be political suicide for him to do that. In fact, every time a report appears in the Russian press regarding another attack on the Russian speakers in Ukraine, Putin is attacked in the media. He is truly in the hot seat now. While it is true that Russians have been known to produce disinformation, it is doubtful that any Russian soldier would dare fire on a Russian town, especially now at this most sensitive time of great patriotic fervor. But more importantly, the Ukrainians have been trying to attack the positions of the Russian-oriented fighters ever since the insurrection started, months ago, so there would be no need for Putin to destroy Russian villages and pretend it was the Ukrainians.

My conclusion is that the attacks on these towns were in fact carried out by the US puppet Poroshenko and this can be blamed squarely on the Washington oligarchs, who are used to perpetrating such destruction and getting away with it.

This time, though, perhaps enough Americans will see through the propaganda and start demanding an end to this savagery. That would be a game changer.

Don Hank


—– Original Message —–

From:  HANK

Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2014 7:39 PM

Subject: Re: READER QUESTION: WASHINGTON’S ANTIRUSSIAN GENOCIDE: Washington Murders Countries, the US Constitution, and the Presstitute Media Makes Americans Complicit by Paul Craig Roberts (illustrated)


Don, do you know when and where the photos were taken?

On Sat, Jul 5, 2014 at 3:22 PM, DON HANK <> wrote:

Our thanks to Kristen for this comment/question below (which I responded to below). I had added a disclaimer to yesterday’s article by Paul Craig Roberts, but not to this because I wasn’t 100% sure he had written the text below the first photo (of the White House; it is a small snatch of text, not a full article and didn’t seem like something Roberts normally would write).

But in future, please remember this proviso.

The thing is, most of what we read is written, even in the ‘conservative’ press, as a subtle genuflection to the NWO, and those few like Roberts and Alex Jones, for example, who venture beyond the comfort zone are so rare that I tend to just indulge them. What is strange is that when the standard RINO viewpoint is expressed (for example, the contention that Russia is doing evil things behind the curtain–as if the US never did anything of the kind), very few mention that this is propaganda. Yet when the anti-NWO viewpoint is expressed, people are quick to point out that there is bias in the texts.


—– Original Message —–



Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2014 3:50 PM

Subject: Re: WASHINGTON’S ANTIRUSSIAN GENOCIDE: Washington Murders Countries, the US Constitution, and the Presstitute Media Makes Americans Complicit by Paul Craig Roberts (illustrated)


So, if you know he is cherry-picking info, why do you lend him credibility by sending out his stuff? Or, if you’re going to send it out, why not include a disclaimer from you saying what you just said to me? (Not trying to be confrontational; just curious.)

Thank you.


On Sat, Jul 5, 2014 at 1:24 PM, DON HANK <> wrote:

Roberts does have good info, but unfortunately, he doesn’t make much effort to sound objective. For ex, if I had written this, I would have mentioned that Russia is sending arms to the insurgents. That makes Russia sounds bad, so he omits it. Not good!

I can read Roberts fr facts but must strain it all through my filter. Russia is not a bunch of choir boys, but the worst offender, though, is the Washington oligarchs who do in fact murder people wholesale, right out in the open, and pretend that they are above reproach.

I think of the Christian populations of the invaded nations as the canaries in the coal mine. If Christians are ‘accidentally’ being killed and forced to leave their homelands, then that is the responsibility of those who invade, even if they have propaganda that sounds like a genuine justification.


—– Original Message —–



Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2014 2:17 PM

Subject: Re: WASHINGTON’S ANTIRUSSIAN GENOCIDE: Washington Murders Countries, the US Constitution, and the Presstitute Media Makes Americans Complicit by Paul Craig Roberts (illustrated)


Don, I refuse to believe anything Paul Craig Roberts says. He has been way off base on Ukraine since the beginning. I don’t claim to understand everything that is going on over there, even though I have a lot of friends in Kyiv. But I am confident that Roberts is totally up in the night.


On Sat, Jul 5, 2014 at 12:42 PM, DON HANK <> wrote:

Our thanks to everyone in this thread.

There can be no doubt that Washington, which backed the coup in Kiev, is firmly behind these murders.




To: undisclosed-recipients

Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2014 12:32 PM

Subject: Washington Murders Countries, the US Constitution, and the Presstitute Media Makes Americans Complicit by Paul Craig Roberts (illustrated)



(Dr Roberts, now here is a man who’s heart always seems to be in the right place. One of my very favorite and trusted sources for the truth. J)



Date: 7/4/2014 11:43:04 PM

To: undisclosed-recipients:,

Subject: Fwd: Re: Washington Murders Countries, the US Constitution, and the Presstitute Media Makes Americans Complicit by Paul Craig Roberts (illustrated)


 Thanks for having the guts to share this, Jim. -Steve-



– – – – –

[The following text is cast into pure ASCII format in order to facilitate editing

and to eliminate excessive broadband demands. SL]

> – – – – –



> Washington Murders Countries, the US Constitution, and the

> Presstitute Media Makes Americans Complicit



> Having Murdered Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and the US

> Constitution, Washington is now Murdering Ukraine


> Washington Murders Countries, the US Constitution, and the Presstitute

> Media Makes Americans Complicit

> <>



> /by/ Paul Craig Roberts | | July 4, 2014


> ————————————————————————

> ____



> Having Murdered Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and the US

> Constitution, Washington is now Murdering Ukraine.


> Thanks to Op-Ed News contributor Eric Zuesse, I can bring to your

> attention these photographs (URL below) of what the Nazi Government in

> Washington is doing to Ukrainians who protest the Washington Nazis’

> theft of their country. On this Fourth of July Americans need to ask

> themselves just how much horror, how much evil, and how many lies they

> can accept from a government in Washington that has established itself

> independently of any input from citizens to which government in the US

> is allegedly accountable. Before you wrap yourself in the flag this July

> 4th, realize that “your” government under Clinton, Bush, and Obama has

> destroyed in your name, in whole or part, eight countries, murdering,

> maiming, and displacing millions of civilians, and now is at work on

> Ukraine. These massive crimes against humanity rival Hitler’s and have

> been completely covered up by the presstitute American media, a

> collection of whores who lie for money. How can you be a human when you

> sit in front of CNN, Fox News or read the New York Times and submit to

> the brainwashing? Think about how you are propagandized, lied to,

> disinformed, and led into accepting “your” government’s murder of

> millions of peoples. Consider, isn’t it treason for Washington to so

> dishonor the flag that we love? Why do we tolerate it? What is wrong

> with us? Our duty is to the Constitution, not to the criminals in

> Washington. A patriot is a person who defends the Constitution against

> enemies “foreign and /domestic/.” While we sat sucking our thumbs,

> shaking in our boots in fear of nonexistent “terrorists,” our

> Constitution was murdered by Washington.


> Turn your backs and walk away from the militarist poison that will be

> spewed in July 4th speeches. Do you really want to support the

> Washington Nazis in their campaign to become known as the worst mass

> murderers in world history? Is mass murder to be America’s legacy to the

> world?


> Here are the photos of Washington’s ruin of Ukraine:


> <>The evil demons in

> Washington and Washington’s whore media tell you that these devastated

> people are “terrorists.” If you believe that, you are not human.


> 1

> Фото: Станислав Красильников / ИТАР-ТАСС


> 1 (7)

> Фото: Валерий Мельников / РИА Новости


> 1 (14)

> Фото: Валерий Мельников / РИА Новости


> 1 (1)

> Фото: Станислав Красильников / ИТАР-ТАСС


> 1 (2)

> Фото: Валерий Мельников / РИА Новости


> 1 (3)

> Фото: Валерий Мельников / РИА Новости


> 1 (4)

> Фото: Валерий Мельников / РИА Новости


> 1 (5)

> Фото: Валерий Мельников / РИА Новости


> 1 (6)

> Фото: Валерий Мельников / РИА Новости


> 1 (8)


> 1 (9)

> Фото: Станислав Красильников / ИТАР-ТАСС


> 1 (11)

> Фото: Станислав Красильников / ИТАР-ТАСС


> 1 (12)

> Фото: Валерий Мельников / РИА Новости


> 1 (13)

> Фото: Валерий Мельников / РИА Новости


> 1 (10)

> Фото: Валерий Мельников / РИА Новости


> Here is Erik Zuesse’s article about the Washington sponsored murders:




> Read it and be so ashamed. Everything American has been totally

> dishonored by “our” government, which has become the epitome of total evil.


> /Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic

> Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist

> for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate.

> He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have

> attracted a worldwide following. His latest book, The Failure of Laissez

> Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West

> <> is

> now available./


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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