“It is all the fault of the American People!” So says Lynn DeSpain.


On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 12:36 AM, Lynn & Judy DeSpain <dspainlj@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Richard,
I firmly believe that both you and Arnie honestly feel what you are saying is of a recent development, but it is not, and it matters not blaming Political Parties, and Politics in general, when it is,We, the People” who have failed miserably in keeping this Republic of ours as it was designed to be by our, “Founding Fathers”, who meant “Us”, the People, and the States to be the Sovereigns, the Rulers, and not the Federal Government, and those we elected and allowed to be appointed!
Washington, in His Farewell Address, warned us all against Political Parties, “Lest they be a Fire left untended will consume.”
We allowed, beginning in 1819-20, for Political Parties to manipulate, “Us”, instead of staying within the, Boundaries set forth in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.
Understand this, as it is of deep and personal importance to me; I abhor, “SLAVERY’ in all forms and fashion. With that understood, I tell you now, our, Civil War, was only about Political Party Power, and rejecting the Constitutional Law of, “TAKING” for forty years!
Our Law, “The Declaration of Independence; The Constitution; and Our Bill of Rights,(the First Ten Amendments) are the only actually Laws of our Land, and they are without EMOTION!
As much as I hate the concept, I can conceive, in the same manner as from the time from the conception of the above mentioned Documents to the beginning of that disastrous War, that all agreed Slaves were PROPERTY.
So much so, that for every 5 Slaves that an American Citizen owned, that Citizen was allowed 3 votes!  The first measure to keep a balance between those Southern Democrats, with their 3 votes, and the “Others”, began with the Missouri Compromise, allowing a FREE STATE to enter the Union at the same time as a SLAVE STATE.
Then came the BACK BREAKING LEGISLATION FROM OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, ” No Slave Holder could take His Slaves, (Property) into any New State, or Territory. This was coupled with another Illegal legislation that no New State Could enter the Union, as a Slave State!
The SOLUTION is plainly written, and begged to be followed by Jefferson Davis, also a Senator, The Designer of the Congress Building Additions and its Dome and the Statue atop, and the Initiation of the Smithsonian Institute, as was called for by our own Constitution. Senator Davis asked that those Property Holders who were denied to take their property with them, be paid for said property and the going Market Value, ad required by the Law in our Constitution.
After four years of imprisonment, with all of the North, through letters to our Supreme Court, demanding Mr. Jefferson be Tried in Court for Treason, all Supreme Court Justices replied, through letters, that “If Mr. Jefferson were to be brought to Trial for Treason, He would be found INNOCENT, on the GOUNDS THAT HE WAS UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.
We, The People failed greatly on that one; and we failed again when we allowed “OUR” Congress to create another Amendment, allowing Corporations to be protected under the same “Bill of Rights”, as a Sovereign Citizen! In effect, the Sovereignty of the Citizen became nullified, and the people were no longer the “Kong” of those we elected. We no longer were able to tell those we elected what WE wanted for LAW!
Next, and just as bad, Congress was allowed to change the Constitution, and take away the Sovereignty of all the States! The Constitution’s Law said, the States’ Representatives shall elect and appoint two Senators for Federal Senate.
This allowed the State itself to recall those Senators when either or both no longer represented the will of the majority of the States Voting Districts! No, they made it an, “Open Election at large, winning by majority! So the two or three largest cities within each State, controlled the Senators, and to recall either or both, required large funding, timelines and special voting, and still the two or three largest cities win!
Hundreds upon hundreds of such example exist, are written, and have taken away all rights we have as American citizens. Very few even know that our Bill of Rights, was created by the States and had to be accepted by our Federal Congress before the States would Ratify our Constitution. Those Bill of Rights were created to PROTECT not only the People, but the States themselves from our Federal Government.
In summation for this rant and rave; as long as people still pit one political party against another, with blame and solutions, we are doomed. Until we get the gumption, and backbone and off our lazy asses and actually learn the people running for offices, instead of hearing advertisements, we will keep making the same mistakes over and over again.
This is our home, and We are the ones responsible to clean it!

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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