Is it possible to go beyond treason? With link to related documents

Note:  Updated with new information. Published under a previous title.

This series of accounts was recently published as, “Historical Significance beyond my ability to appreciate!”  Now, thanks to Anna Von Reitz, of Alaska, a great grand mother and a judge, I have come to understand this egregious affront all too well.

This has all been beyond reason…Is it possible to go beyond treason?

Updates in green

—It must take time to sink in!

It started off difficult enough to understand and to believe.

Once the initial shock settled in and based upon all of the separate trails of information being followed by so many reliable sources it all began to make some sense.  Many scoffed…Many ignored the information; labeled it as a hoax.

Given the circumstances, that was easy for me to understand.  After all, the people behind this fraud and conspiracy, orchestrated upon the people of America and in the name of the people of America, were experts by this time, of manipulation and deception.

Since 1933, even to me, a rank nobody, it appears their long-term-criminal-plan of deception and fraud of the grandest of scale, and beyond the limit of existing human comprehension had been masterfully and successfully executed.

The current chain of events, are still unfolding. So it makes if difficult to know from where to begin. But for me I suspect it started with the letter from the Pope.

 Is it possible to go beyond treason? Related Documents.

And now we come to the last development so far.  Spanning a time of over 80 years, this conspiracy has long been hidden from the view of the American people.  Isn’t it time we take off the gloves and deal with those public servants who have violated our trust and who used their positions of trust to gain at the expense of every man, woman and child of the American republic.

Yes, as far back as 1934, Congressman Louis T. McFadden said as much, and here we are.

Still no accounting for where the American gold went, then or now. No accounting for where the Chinese Nationalist gold went, then or now. No accounting for where the German gold went, then or now. Still no action to release the American ESTATES back to the Americans they belong to. Still no action to release all the color of law titles taken against our organic states.

Karen, Karen, Karen — you are a SMART woman, a good woman. Think about what I am saying here. The important thing isn’t the gold. The important thing is the land and the people. And there isn’t a “good guy” bank or group of banks versus a “bad guy” bank or group of banks — that’s all just for show. They’ve all colluded to a greater or a lesser extent ever since World War II!!! This entire circumstance would not be possible otherwise. And any idea that people are going to just take the trinkets and blankets, and sell Manhattan, needs to be put to rest.

Once and for all time, please, tell the rotters and plotters that the American State Citizens demand to be free again and to have their lands and homes and businesses back in their own control, and to have the profit due and owed to them, and to have their Equity Contract honored and to receive the governmental services they contracted for and paid for — and if these terms are NOT met, then there IS no deal and no amount of pretty coins scattered in the streets will make it right.

And now to resolution:

Can we speak freely? Dereliction to Duty…Accessory to murder!

 Is it possible to go beyond treason? Related Documents.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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