Germany a victim too!

Germany a victim too!

As you know, the German government left 3,396 tons of gold on deposit with the Federal Reserve for “safe keeping”. A few months ago they asked for their gold back, and were told they couldn’t have it except in dribs and drabs—thirty tons by 2020.

The rats truly responsible for this and for so much other evil in the world are the banking cartels and the UNITED NATIONS Corporation. They have been hoarding up gold since the days of Charles DeGaulle.  Remember when he asked for debts to France to be paid in gold?

Germany has been one of the chief victims of this system, along–ironically enough—with the American States and the Chinese people.  We, three, have borne the brunt of the greatest fraud scheme ever devised.

The Chinese figured it out and have come to the table, ready to secure what they are owed.  It is essential that they are not the only ones to show up, bills in hand.

As we and the Germans have been similarly defrauded by these schmucks, I wrote a letter to Chancellor Merkel and explained things to her, so she is fully informed.  I am attaching a copy.  The most important aspect is that I am asking her to stop the IMF from (1) laying claim to our ESTATES under conditions of fraud and deceit and (2) help prevent the IMF from declaring bankruptcy.

We need to come to the table and demand our ESTATES back, free of lien or encumbrance.  Once we do that, and the Chinese do that, and the Germans do that—-the entire picture will shift.

Without us and our ESTATES to use as collateral, the IMF will try to seek bankruptcy protection.  It is essential that neither they nor the FEDERAL RESERVE be allowed to abuse bankruptcy protection to escape accountability for their actions.

They have used bankruptcy the way smugglers use coves. They must be taken down— both the FEDERAL RESERVE and the IMF—- and the assets returned to the American States and people.

While keeping the Provost Marshal and Joint Chiefs informed, we need to extend the outreach to other nations.  We have brought claim for our ESTATES and the assets of the organic states via the UCC-1 claims I filed.  Now it is time to start filing petitions with the UN itself, so that all the other nations of the world become fully informed and weigh in.

This is not a matter of the rest of the world against us.  It’s a matter of the entire world including us against the criminal syndicate that has infested Washington, DC and the UNITED NATIONS Corporation.

Once we recast things in the correct terms and people see what we have ALL endured, there will be universal agreement on dismantling the offending banks, the Bar Associations, and those “governmental services companies” responsible.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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