Debbie Warren responds to Cardinal George.


On Jul 18, 2014, at 3:55 PM, Debbie Warren <> wrote:

I advise you take your satanic ‘chicago style’ thuggery elsewhere.


I really don’t care how old they say they are….they don’t belong here and it will lead to more invaders…this is not a new crisis…it is a manufactured crisis and these ‘children’ are being used to implement something much larger and far worse than the present situation we are already dealing with.  As I said…it is an unmitigated Act of War.  It is a classic home invasion with the door being kicked down … not simply by the invaders, but by those who fund (with other people’s less) and invited the invasion.

Children…grannies…moms and dads…aunts and uncles…the chain that comes with the first invasion wave…IT IS OUR DUTY AND OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO STOP ALL OF THIS AT OUR BORDERS BEFORE THEY GET A TOE HOLD.  If this were any household…the doors would be locked and the invader shot as they enter and threaten the inhabitants.  That is as it should be.  They did not knock and ask to come in…they did not receive a welcome from those whose livelihood and safety is being threatened and absconded with…they did not follow the legal rules.  It’s just too simple and logical for any sort of ridiculous argument.

We have a duty to ourselves, our country, our future and our children to utilize the existing immigration laws … that most countries have in place, btw … that control the numbers and health risks.   And that stop the people, diseases and such from entering at all.

We have a duty to hold the countries that are off loading these people responsible for their own…and what about all the money, aid, factories, jobs and so on that WE provide already!?

WE have a duty to hold those in public service and those who are in positions of trust accountable as the Traitors they are with all the ultimate penalties necessary to punish the crimes involved.

Let those who are pushing this fake ‘humanitarian’ B.S. off on the rest of us remember that they don’t speak for US.  The majority of this country do not want or need the massive influx on top of the blood-letting…both financially and through the crimes these invaders commit…that is already out of control.

NO ONE has the right to unload this mess upon the rest of us…particularly while we vehemently disagree.  WE have families who have lost everything to the rampant fraud, theft, abuse and criminality and are still losing…people who heretofore were productive and contributing members of this crumbling society.  Crumbling due to this kind of abuse we are witnessing…and it is our hard earned money, taxes and debts that are being absconded with.  We are devastated and being rendered unable to contribute much less care adequately for ourselves…yet, this insanity continues and these ‘churches’ are part of the problem.

They encourage this parasitic infection even while their own parishioners suffer and get dragged down into the void.

WHO THE HELL IS SUPPOSED TO CONTINUE TO PAY THESE BILLS?  It is insanity.  It is pure unadulterated evil.

I won’t even say open your own doors and take them in…because it is still American soil that would be affected and our people would pay the price either way.

AND FRANKLY…I’ve had my gut full of the alleged Christian emotional blackmail that is being used to coerce Americans into baring their necks for another swipe of the sword.

The Catholic Church and Baptist Church are known to be directly involved in this heinous activity…and it is offensive that they ‘use’ God in the manifestation of their socialist and other agendas…including the large amounts of money they collect from the gullible and OUR government to this end.  There is money to be ‘made’ off of this activity…for these organizations.

I make no apologies.  I am a Christian and I don’t believe God expects us to aid and abet theft and criminality…on any level or under any manufacture excuses.

Debbie Warren


From: Archbishop Archbishop [] 
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2014 3:47 PM
To: ‘Arnie’;
Subject: RE: Giving Aid and Shelter to Illegal Children

In response to your e-mail, these are Cardinal George’s remarks: “We are talking about children, ages one to 13 or 14 years old.”

Ana Paula

Secretary to the Archbishop

>>> “Debbie Warren” <> 7/17/2014 9:27 AM >>>

The only thing I’m going to comment on for the moment, due to time constraints, is this:  THESE ARE NOT ‘CHILDREN’.  Stop obfuscating…these are mostly young MEN from God knows where.  These are invaders and they all need to be shipped back, if already here.  We need guns blazing at the border…all the way across…to stop any more of this.

It is a premeditated invasion…and ACT OF WAR…perpetrated by alleged Americans working in public service jobs and collecting a public paycheck…from the public who don’t want them here.

It is an act of TREASON for which all involved should be hung as is appropriate for Traitors.

Debbie Warren

From: Arnie [] 
Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2014 5:06 AM
To: George, Cardinal
Subject: Fwd: Giving Aid and Shelter to Illegal Children


Dear Cardinal George,

Americans are under attack.  Since at least 1933, with the assistance of subversive elements of the people’s government, President FDR, orchestrated the over-throw of the lawful government of the American people.  This bloodless coup was executed through unconstitutional means.  

Further, these acts of treason were accomplished with no consent of the governed, with no lawful delegated authority from the people and without full disclosure.  The actions involved were totally unconstitutional and even though passed off as legal legislation, they were based upon fraud and were executed with no lawful force of law. 

Since that time, the public servants operating out of Washington, D.C., a foreign owned corporation named the United States, have done so in fraud.  In their corporate capacity, they have conspired to misrepresent themselves as the lawful public servants of the American people.  They act in fraud and treason. 


As an American I can tell you of my concern, at indications that some of the leadership within the Catholic church seems to be playing a role to aid and abet our enemies…those who would impersonate the public servants of the American people.  The obama administration specifically is leading a direct attack to flood America with a segment of society that many would classify as undesirable and contagion.  The intent is criminal although the actions are justified on the basis of humanitarian reasons. 

Most disturbing is how it is reported he is using many religious organizations to mask his intentions to destroy America and many Americans through infection; essentially germ warfare.  Your role in these matters are being questioned.  Your behavior in support of this attack on America is inconsistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.  The question…Cardinal George…is where do you stand?



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