14 July 2014

Dateline Anchorage, Alaska

TO: ANGELA MERKEL, German Chancellor

FROM: Anna-Maria-Wilhelmina-Hanna-Sophia: Riezinger-von Reitzensten von Lettow-Vorbeck

Dear Chancellor Merkel:

The united States of America have some profoundly disturbing news to share, but also come to share practical solutions.

Your intelligence agencies have been infiltrated and compromised by the criminal CIA—which you know. Your 3,396 tons of gold supposedly kept for “safe keeping” in New York have been transported as part of 5,700 tons of gold shipped to China between 1992 and last year. This has been done to lock Germany into the fiat currency system and prevent Germany—and the rest of western Europe— from participating in the new gold and silver backed economic system being launched by the BRICs nations. You have been self-interestedly hemmed in, defrauded, and your trust has been betrayed—but not by the American people.

You cannot resolve any of this nor can you regain your misappropriated gold by sinking deeper into the web spun by the IMF and the FEDERAL RESERVE working in collusion. If you don’t know the history we are exposing herein, don’t feel bad. It was a very closely guarded secret for the better part of a hundred years.

At the Geneva Conventions of 1930 the G5 nations all declared bankruptcy by international treaty. The American representative at the Convention that year was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Three years later, having been elected President of the United States of America, Incorporated, he declared domestic bankruptcy as well.

All the “State of___________” franchises, for example, “State of Ohio” of this parent corporation were subsumed into this bankruptcy.  These legal fiction entities—all “franchises” of the United States of America, Inc., were merely named after the actual American states, such as the Ohio State. These “states” were franchises of the United States of America, Inc., in precisely the same way that local McDonald’s restaurants are franchises of McDonald’s Corporation as a whole.

Unfortunately, unknown to the American people, the “United States of America, Incorporated” —a private, mostly foreign-owned, for-profit governmental services corporation— set up other franchises operated “in the name of” individual Americans in addition to the franchises named after the individual American States. Without their knowledge or permission, agents of this unscrupulous corporation and its “State” franchises pretended to represent real living Americans and set up foreign situs trusts operated under names styled like this: “John Quincy Adams” prior to the bankruptcy.

The perpetrators of this identity theft crime then claimed that “John Quincy Adams” was a voluntary surety, standing good for the debts of the bankrupt United States of America, Inc. The banks were all too happy to “misunderstand on purpose” and advance mammoth amounts of credit to the perpetrators of this scheme, and to surreptitiously hypothecate the debt for all this against “John Quincy Adams”—-without distinguishing between the living man of that name and the legal fiction entity created out of thin air and merely named after him.

Thus, in 1933, we had all these “franchises”—legal fiction entities existing only on paper merely named after the real American states and real American people— all owned and operated by the United States of America, Incorporated.

As this parent corporation doing business as the “United States of America, Incorporated” went bankrupt the “Governors” of the franchise “states on paper” agreed to “pledge” the “good faith and credit” of their “states and the citizenry thereof”——that is, ‘the good faith and credit’ of all these legal fiction trusts that they had created on paper.

You may judge for yourself exactly how much the “good faith” and “credit” of pieces of paper should have been worth, and the depth of the breach of trust involved.

The nature of this fraud is now obvious. It was and is identity theft practiced against the American States and the American people by a governmental services corporation that was merely entrusted to guard the assets of the national trust and to provide nineteen enumerated services. As a result of it, international banks who were themselves colluding in this fraud as a means to lay commercial claims against the assets of The United States Trust (1789) advanced massive amounts of credit to the perpetrators.

Although both the British Monarch and United States Postmaster were obligated to act as international trustees of the American States and people, both offices acted in knowing Breach of Trust, and allowed all this to happen for self-interested reasons.

It provided the influx of capital needed to boot up American industry for the war effort of World War II and also provided a “legal” excuse for conscripting millions of Americans into military service against their will. The Pope at that time who was also named as an international trustee for The United States Trust (1789) kept mum and did nothing to defend the American States and the American people.

They all colluded to steal our credit cards and to enslave us via semantic deceit, non-disclosure, propaganda, and fraud in the name of winning World War II. It is and was the greatest fraud scheme in world history.

After the war they simply never stopped, never re-tooled American industry, never released the false liens against American property, never freed the American people.

So now what has happened?

The Bankruptcy Trustee that was named to administer the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Incorporated, and all its franchises —real and imaginary—was the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico. See the US Federal Code, Title 5, for the full details.

The Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico lost no time in having all the individual trusts that had been created out of thin air and named after living people declared “missing, presumed lost at sea”. All the assets assumed to be held in these trusts were rolled over into Roman Inferior Trusts doing business under names styled like this: “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS”.

The Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico—who never had any granted fully disclosed authority to do any of this also moved all these individual ESTATE trusts into Puerto Rican jurisdiction—that is, into the jurisdiction of “the United States of America (Minor)”—the deceptively named consortium of “American states” more often thought of as “federal territories and possessions”—Guam, DC, American Samoa, et alia, known as the Seven Insular States.

The living Americans inhabiting the fifty domestic states of the real united States of America were not only defrauded and enslaved but claim and control over their material assets was moved to a completely foreign jurisdiction via operation of fraud. This new jurisdiction is under the thumb and forefinger of the British government apparatus.

There is no statutory limitation on fraud worldwide. Fraud committed in all three jurisdictions—air, land, and sea, all alike, is a crime today, tomorrow, and always. It always merits the same response—an immediate cessation of all contracts and presumptions and claims based upon it.

To summarize, the actual American states are named like this: Ohio State, Wisconsin State. FDR’s fake franchises are named like this: State of Ohio, State of Wisconsin. Later, the UNITED NATIONS doing business as the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND set up more fake franchises doing business under names styled like this: STATE OF OHIO and STATE OF WISCONSIN.

The actual living Americans are known by names styled in all small letters like this: john quincy adams. The fake franchises created by the Roosevelt Administration are styled like this: John Quincy Adams. And the individual estate trusts created by the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico and IMF do business under names styled like this: JOHN QUINCY ADAMS.

All these fictions, all these lies, have been used to perpetuate crime and human enslavement for generations and have also served to create a motive to promulgate war throughout the world. The perpetrators never retooled American industry—-they just kept pumping out armaments and selling them to other countries, leading to the build-up of arms worldwide, and also providing the perpetrators with endless motive to continue promoting war and creating strife.


If people didn’t go to war often enough all by themselves, the “Americans” could always be found at the bottom of the rubbish heap as the perpetrators of war—-or so it has seemed.

In actual fact the American people have been robbed blind, taxed to death, falsely imprisoned, used as gun fodder and purposefully misled, kept ignorant and embroiled in endless war.

While they’ve been made out to be the perpetrators, the Americans have actually been the frontline victims, merely the tools in the hands of the men responsible for both the fraud against the Americans and the misery of the rest of the world: criminals in banker suits, lawyer wigs, and smiling politicians.

The British Monarch is culpable. The United States Postmaster is culpable. The Pope is culpable, and of the three international trustees only the Office of the Pope has now, under Benedict XVI and Francis, begun to function as it should to protect the American people and the American States.

This is where we find ourselves.

In 1944, the juicy governmental services contracts belonging to the bankrupt “United States of America, Incorporated” and the assets related to servicing them—were transferred by FDR to the IMF, an agency of the UNITED NATIONS. The IMF booted up a subsidiary corporation calling itself the “UNITED STATES” and took over all the “federal” governmental services and through its STATE franchises, all “state” services, too. The IMF has been working the fraud and cracking the whip ever since.

As of 2013 the bankruptcy reorganization of the “United States of America, Incorporated” was finally ended. The bankruptcy of the “Federal Reserve System” ended, too. The perpetrators promptly sought to re-establish a “new” entity merely calling itself the “FEDERAL RESERVE” under UN auspices.

The IMF has been providing all sorts of “services” to the American States and people that they never ordered, and then grossly overcharging for these “services”. The most recent example of this is the wildly unpopular “Obamacare” initiative under which the UNITED STATES, (INC.) proposes to corner a monopoly interest and control over the entire healthcare services industry in The United States of America (Major). It has also misused its presumed authority to lock up the resources of the American States and shut down peace-oriented American industries as a means of rigging commodity markets.

From 1944 to 2013 the IMF could simply collect on all charges against the “ESTATES” of the living Americans—force the American people to be “mistaken” as chattel or executors of their own estates—under the presumption that they were “voluntarily” standing as surety for the debts of the “United States of America, Incorporated” during its bankruptcy reorganization. Now that the bankruptcy is ended, the IMF has no legal way to collect these “debts” being racked up against the American States and people, but it is continuing to defraud Americans by the hundreds of millions and to abuse the American States by secretively and without disclosure of this whole circumstance offering “new contracts”.

They are doing this by changing the nature and identity and venue of the legal fiction entities once again.

The Puerto Rican ESTATE trusts doing business under names like “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” are being redefined as “public transmitting utilities” and operated by the UN under new names of the form: “JOHN Q. ADAMS”.

The IMF, a corporation chartered in France, is preparing to bankrupt the UNITED STATES Corporation, a subsidiary also chartered in France.

Preparatory to that, the IMF is claiming that all the bank accounts of the innocent American people which have been unlawfully converted to the ownership of public ESTATE trusts under the control of Puerto Rico via the fraud mechanisms described herein, belong to the IMF.

You can see how this works. The IMF through its subsidiary doing business as the UNITED STATES owns all the banks as franchises. When trusting living American people open a bank account they believe that it is their private bank account, but instead, it is a bank account that unknown to them —on paper— belongs to a Puerto Rican ESTATE trust owned and operated by the UNITED STATES—that is, the IMF, an agency of the UNITED NATIONS.

Hundreds of millions of Americans are being “presumed” to have knowingly “donated” their life savings, their bank accounts, their homes, their land, everything—to a foreign, for-profit, crime syndicate. When the IMF declares the “UNITED STATES” corporation bankrupt it is their full intention to have stripped hundreds of millions of American retirees of their life savings and homes. After working them as slaves and taxing them over 60% of their wages throughout their working lives and falsely indebting them to the tune of $15 trillion dollars, the villains propose to steal what they have managed to put away for their old age on top of everything else.

Now we see that Germany is following suit? We do not suggest following the lead of criminals. When the people lose faith in their government and their banks it is extremely difficult to restore any kind of economy at all, so be forewarned. However tempting it may be to “nationalize” private bank accounts and to ape the IMF, don’t do it. If the IMF does that in America, there will be Hell to pay on earth—including in Germany.

And yes, the situation gets even worse.

The perpetrators of this humongous fraud realize that they owe the American States and the American people an incalculable amount of money and credit which they do not want to repay. So they have proposed to kill most of the people in America, and, moreover, have taken out million dollar life insurance policies on each and every American man, woman, and child.

These monsters in suits have done all these terrible, criminal things, and they hope to avoid paying the piper by killing their creditors. They also hope to make a profit on these murders of innocent people by collecting on the life insurance policies they have purchased from the proceeds of the victim’s labor.

There is no point whatsoever in protecting these criminals. It’s time to give them the treatment they deserve—that is, time to round up the bankers and lawyers and politicians responsible and put them in the same prison camps they have prepared for the innocent parties.

To that end, we ask for your help.

First, the American Press has been taken over and muzzled and trained to propagandize everything since World War II. Do what you can to get the word out to the entire world. Explain what has happened. Direct your government workers to assist. Make sure this information goes viral so that everyone worldwide knows what has happened. Expose the criminals. Therein lies the best safety for everyone involved and the only hope of recouping German gold.

Second, make sure that the IMF is not allowed to declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is protection owed to people and persons who have acted in good faith, not those who have purposefully planned to take advantage of such protection—and done so in a methodical, cyclic manner. Please understand that the American States and the American people are NOT sureties for any of these debts and that the bank accounts that the IMF has its eye on to confiscate under conditions of fraud and deceit do NOT belong to the “UNITED STATES” or any of the banks chartered under its auspices. All deposits held in the names of living Americans in those bank accounts are private property. Period.

Third, support a commodity backed monetary system for the American Dollar. By their fraud these monsters have managed to decimate the buying power of the American Dollar by hyper-inflating the look-alike “Federal Reserve Note”. This has led to severe problems for everyone worldwide and led to a loss of faith in American honesty and productivity.

It’s not the American Dollar that is the problem. It’s “Federal Reserve Notes” that are the problem. See again the semantic deceit?

Notes of any kind are I.O.U’s. Can anyone ever pay off a debt with an I.O.U.? Of course not.

Such practices merely serve to create debt—more and more and more debt, in the same way that adding a negative number to a negative number always results in a larger negative number.

This is precisely the “policy” these criminals established back in the 1930’s. They haven’t paid a single penny of any transaction owed since the 1930’s. Instead, they have siphoned off the wealth and productivity of the American States and the American people for 80 years and left the victims to pay the “National Debt”.

As everyone knows the “National Debt” of the UNITED STATES is over $20 trillion and climbing. When the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Incorporated settled it was just at around $15 trillion. The odd thing about a “debt-credit” monetary system is that when you create a debt, you also create a credit, so we made it a point to watch for where the credit associated with the “National Debt” reappeared.

We are sending you copies of actual UCC-1 Financing Statements which clearly show you the “DEBTORS” and the “CREDITORS” responsible for this unspeakable fraud.

You will note that the creditor—the Department of the Treasury (1789)— and its resources have been immediately turned around and used to do what? Issue more “Notes”—-this time, “US TREASURY NOTES”. In other words, the perpetrators are offering the world more of the same old scam, simply repackaged—and still nothing but more debt and more enslavement and more threat against the American States and people.

We are admittedly being mismanaged and abused by a governmental services corporation gone wild. This “thing” calling itself the “UNITED STATES” is nothing more or less than a French-owned for-profit corporation which is a subsidiary of the IMF –also chartered in France—which is an agency of the UNITED NATIONS. If we want to combat terrorism in the world it is time to understand who the real terrorists are.

All these corporate entities are functioning in a criminal manner and in violation of their charters.

Pope Francis has given them three years to straighten up their operations top to bottom or be liquidated for cause. Instead of recognizing their sins and doing so, they are scurrying around like a swarm of cockroaches under bright lights, planning how to seize the life-savings of innocent senior citizens, how to kill off a few hundred million Americans so they won’t have to pay their debts, how to get the rest of the world to approve bankruptcy protection for them when they have willingly colluded to go bankrupt, how to foist off yet another bogus currency system that creates debt out of thin air and then leaves innocent Third Parties to pay that debt.

Pope Benedict XVI recognized the evil of this entire situation, as has Pope Francis, as have the people of Iceland.

In that case, the people simply realized the source of their problem and dealt with it. They recognized that their bankers were functioning in a criminal manner, arrested them, re-issued a real Icelandic currency, and the rest is history.

The problem and the correct course of action is the same in America, Canada, the UK, most of Europe, Australia, and Japan: recognize the source of the problem, arrest the bankers and brokers and lawyers responsible, and start over with a clean slate and a peacetime economy.

There is no place in the modern world for the kind of criminality that has been embraced by certain elements of the CIA and other “agencies” around the world. No reason for Americans to be enslaved and to pay endless debts created out of air. No reason for the rest of the world to be kept in a constant turmoil to insure profits for these criminals.

It is time that they were imprisoned and the rest of us had peace.

As we write, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been fully informed and have been asked to re-commission the Grand Army of the Republic, the army of the individual American States, and they have been authorized to assist the States in seizing huge stockpiles of military-grade armaments which have been surreptitiously accrued and stored within the American States by the Obama Administration. The excuse given for buying billions (with a “b”) of rounds of ammunition for “federal agencies” like the “Department of Homeland Security” and the “Federal Emergency Management Administration” is the same excuse given by Adolph Hitler after the Reichstag Fire: national security.

We must ask—whose nation? The “nation” deceptively calling itself “the United States of America (Minor)”—composed of the Seven Insular “states” more often thought of as “federal territories and possessions”—Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, et alia, or the real America? The united States of America (Major)?


The presence of commercial mercenary armies on American State soil is self-evidently a prelude to mass murder and violence on the American continent and against the American States and the innocent American people if prompt international and national and state level action is not taken to prevent the bankers and lawyers and guilty politicians from unleashing this terror on the world again.


We say with Pope Francis— enough is enough.


We stand together to accuse these monsters of what they have done, what they have planned, and we name them as criminals and false beneficiaries and trustees in breach of trust.


The object of the General Civil Orders issued to the Joint Chiefs of Staff by the American people acting as their employers is to prepare an American State response in self-defense. We have ordered the Joint Chiefs to seize control of military armaments brought onto our soil under conditions of false pretense and to disarm these “federal agencies” to assure domestic peace. If the Joint Chiefs fail to recognize their actual duty and contractual obligation to protect the American States and American people from attack by a foreign government—that of the “United States of America (Minor)”— then these same Generals, especially General Martin Dempsey and Major General/Provost Marshal David E. Quantock are to be regarded as part of a junta, undertaking action by omission against their actual employers and in favor of the crime syndicates and banking cartels that have caused the entire world such agony and senseless endangerment since 1912.

While there is still time to take rational action, let us do so. Let us recognize that men like Evelyn Rothschild and Jeffrey Rockefeller are the true enemies of humanity— that despite their fine educations and veneer of civility, they are insane and without conscience and that their mental illness has brought ruin and want and needless destruction to our entire world.

Let us also recognize that unless and until we clean up our own mess the entire rest of the world has no very great reason to trust or continue to trade with most of Europe, the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, or Japan.

We are determined that the bankers, lawyers, and politicians who have defrauded, enslaved, and grossly misrepresented the American people must be stopped, brought to account, and removed from power. We are determined that the American Dollar will be commodity backed real money, as it has actually and really always been, and that it will no longer be confused with look-alike “debt money” described as “Notes” of any kind.

In making these decisions for ourselves and for our States, we pledge our determination to end these frauds and deceits, to end the violence and criminality which has infested our nation, and we ask your help and assistance to promote knowledge and understanding of these issues throughout the Continent and throughout the world.

Obviously, the clean-up must include the United Nations, which has harbored both the criminal banking cartels, and with the Pope, who has engaged the problem but stopped short of liquidating any of the corporations responsible. He must be supported and encouraged to hold the United Nations corporation responsible as well as the IMF and FEDERAL RESERVE.

The misuse of bankruptcy protection by these banking cartels must be thwarted. The claims of the IMF against the American States and individual living Americans must be recognized as the result of self-interested fraud, identity theft, and unlawful conversion. The theft and misappropriation of German gold by these same entities must be recognized for what it is—theft and misappropriation.

Instead of returning German gold, which they should have been able and willing to do if they were honest men, they have promised 300 tons by 2020 and—- you have received 5? You must face the facts. These same men have lied to the American people for a hundred years, waged war upon the whole earth for profit, enslaved us, stolen us blind, stolen our identity as a nation, subjected us to every kind of depravity, ignorance, and deceit. They’ve driven our economy and educational standards into the dirt and used your gold to pay the Chinese for their debts. They are criminals, nothing more or less.

Please have the courage to admit what is true, and to act accordingly. Please see the enclosures.

Your friend,

c/o box 520994
big lake, alaska
near 99652 usa

UCC 1 Financing Statements/Commercial Affidavits
General Civil Orders 1-3
(W)rit of Assistance and Affidavit of Truth
Final Notice of Commercial and Administrative Default
Final Judgment and Civil Orders

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