Cardinal George — A Lawful Process fails upon the first defect.


From: Arnie <>
Subject: Re: Giving Aid and Shelter to Illegal Children
Date: July 18, 2014 at 3:11:45 PM PDT
To: Archbishop Archbishop <>

Dear Cardinal George,

Thank you for your response and clarification.  It is good to know where you stand.

However, your Eminence, what you say about elected officials, would be true if the conditions as represented by those conducting the elections and operating the foreign owned corporation, named the United States, were not in fraud themselves.

In fact Dear Cardinal, any lawful process fails upon the first defect.  The fraud against the American people in 1933, removed any chance for the American people to participate in any lawful process since that time.

The fraud continues and to this day the people in Washington, D.C., are misrepresenting themselves as the lawful representatives of the American people.  Today Dear Cardinal George, those public servants, operating in their corporate capacity, are not lawfully representing their constituents.  Instead they are impersonating public servants and by doing so they are violating their oaths of office, their fiduciary responsibilities and are routinely committing acts of treason against the American people. Your contention that the people in power were duly elected by the American citizens is untrue.  Since 1933,  All Americans have been declared as enemies of the state.  Enemies of the state have no standing.

More on the long-term fraud is unfolding even as each day passes.

A judge in Alaska addresses Chancellor Merkel on this aspect of the matter:

“Unfortunately, unknown to the American people, the “United States of America, Incorporated” —a private, mostly foreign-owned, for-profit governmental services corporation– set up other franchises operated “in the name of” individual Americans in addition to the franchises named after the individual American States. Without their knowledge or permission, agents of this unscrupulous corporation and its “State” franchises pretended to represent real living Americans and set up foreign situs trusts operated under names styled like this: “John Quincy Adams” prior to the bankruptcy.”



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On Jul 18, 2014, at 1:51 PM, Archbishop Archbishop <> wrote:

I stand with the universal Catholic Church, founded by Christ.  All the people whom you accuse of defrauding American citizens were elected by American citizens.  That doesn’t mean that what they do is morally right, but the responsibility, finally, rests with the electorate.

God bless you.

Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.
Archbishop of Chicago


>>> Arnie <> 7/17/2014 5:06 AM >>>

Dear Cardinal George,


Americans are under attack.  Since at least 1933, with the assistance of subversive elements of the people’s government, President FDR, orchestrated the over-throw of the lawful government of the American people.  This bloodless coup was executed through unconstitutional means.  


Further, these acts of treason were accomplished with no consent of the governed, with no lawful delegated authority from the people and without full disclosure.  The actions involved were totally unconstitutional and even though passed off as legal legislation, they were based upon fraud and were executed with no lawful force of law. 


Since that time, the public servants operating out of Washington, D.C., a foreign owned corporation named the United States, have done so in fraud.  In their corporate capacity, they have conspired to misrepresent themselves as the lawful public servants of the American people.  They act in fraud and treason. 


As an American I can tell you of my concern, at indications that some of the leadership within the Catholic church seems to be playing a role to aid and abet our enemies…those who would impersonate the public servants of the American people.  The obama administration specifically is leading a direct attack to flood America with a segment of society that many would classify as undesirable and contagion.  The intent is criminal although the actions are justified on the basis of humanitarian reasons. 


Most disturbing is how it is reported he is using many religious organizations to mask his intentions to destroy America and many Americans through infection; essentially germ warfare.  Your role in these matters are being questioned.  Your behavior in support of this attack on America is inconsistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.  The question…Cardinal George…is where do you stand?




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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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