Has Soros influenced—corrupted—Washington State SOS?

Our thanks to Brian Reilly for this information.

Reference:  Soros Eyes Secretaries of State

Regarding your current discussion, with Anna from Alaska and Ernie from Washington.

Back in the mid 90’s I was working on a research project with a county commissioner in Washington. We were researching the demise of the once powerful grand jury system in Washington.  Back in the mid 1960s the independent King County Grand Jury discovered corruption within King County government.  Successful prosecutions of county officials resulted.  The state officials publicly applauded the King County Grand Jury and said that they would “reform” the powers of the grand jury system in the state to make it better. In reality, they passed legislation to neuter the power of the grand jury so that what happened in King County at the hands of the grand jury would never occur again.

While researching the history of the grand jury in Washington, I had the opportunity to discuss some issues with a representative of the  Secretary of State’s office.  During my discussion I learned that the original organic Constitution for the State of Washington was being held in trust by the Secretary of State’s office in Olympia.  Essentially, I was told that the original Constitution for the State of Washington was not in operation.  This discussion  happened many years ago and to say the least it shocked me.  Maybe your readers will have some input on this .

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