Anna sez….Ernie Gets IT! How about you?

Anna sez….Ernie Gets IT! How about you?

On Jul 15, 2014, at 12:34 PM, Anna von Reitz <> wrote:

Ernie is EXACTLY right!   The only point he isn’t taking up is that the “State of Washington” that presently exists is a privately owned and operated corporate municipal franchise of the FEDERAL RESERVE which is a subsidiary of the UNITED NATIONS, INC.  and the only “STATE OF WASHINGTON” that exists is also a privately owned and operated franchise of the IMF which is an agency of the UNITED NATIONS, INC.

And no, none of what they do or say applies to us.  It may be “law” to their direct employees, but none of their “codes” or “regulations” or internal “statutes” have anything to do with us, the living inhabitants of the organic states of the Union.  They have contrived to gain control over us by advancing a false claim of owning our ESTATES — an act of blatant self-interested fraud on their parts.

Since fraud has no statute of limitations, I am afraid that they will have to back water on their claims and demands and admit that “they” are nothing more or less than either (1) ignorant employees of a governmental services corporation run amok, or (2) knowing criminals involved in supporting the activities of a criminal corporate syndicate operating on our shores in violation of its corporate charter and the treaties allowing this entity to be here in the first place.

Take your choice.

But in any event, Ernie is using exactly the logic required to arrive at the unavoidable conclusion we spoke of yesterday—- we are sovereign.  Nobody gets to use delegated authority to misrepresent us and get away with it. No “equal” can enslave us.  We’ve been asleep and the bums have raped us, but all that is coming to a close.  The Great Fraud is being discovered and understood and soon The Great Awakening comes.

The “State of New York” which has hosted the City-State of the United Nations on the land of the New York State will have to answer to the inhabitants of New York for this situation, and they in turn will have to answer to the inhabitants of all the other organic states that have been victimized by this whole fraud scheme.

Glory, hallelujah!  Ernie gets it!  How long can it be, before everyone in America gets it? Oh, let us all hasten that day!!!


On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 9:27 AM, Arnie ‪<> wrote:

Thank you…

Ernie-lee: Letter to Editor…”By What Authority?”


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