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A Call to Act

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I think that a good part of this was addressed in my previous Notice… to all have to STOP looking for someone else to do it, to STOP looking for someone or something else to give us “authority”.

We have all the authority in the world, bequeathed to us by our forefathers, who vested the ENTIRE civil government on the land in the people of America. Each and every one of us has more authority on the land than the entire federal government!

I keep thumping people on the head with this, and encourage everyone else to do the same. Each one of us has more civil authority on the land than the entire federal government. It is an international maritime and admiralty jurisdiction under contract to provide services, obligated by treaty and commercial contract to perform. It only remains for us to wake up and hold their feet to the fire.

WE are the only one Supreme Court. If you look at the Constitution it rapidly becomes clear that the Supreme Court they refer to is NOT the “US Supreme Court” — it’s the Supreme Court of the People which already existed PRIOR to the Revolution!

Like everything else, the “US Supreme Court” is a semantic deception, a “look alike” posed to create an illusion of authority vested in something or someone other than the people of this nation. Once you know the truth, the circumstance is too outrageous for words. We’ve been conned and defrauded for generations using nothing more than semantic deceits and ignorance promulgated in public schools.

“Authenticity” of the court order? We have recouped our standing as American State Citizens having beneficial interest on the land. As such, we are entitled to occupy any office of our organic states. We have taken and affirmed our decision to demean ourselves to serve in the judicial office of our organic states and taken the oath to perform these offices with 100% commercial and moral and fiduciary liability. That’s the only “authority” there is, the only authority that has ever been — the right to act resides in the responsibility accepted.

It’s origination comes from of who we all are. All of us. And the equal realization that we have all been defrauded and abused by our hired “servants”.

Quite literally, the butlers and the housemaids have stolen our credit cards and thrown the beneficiaries out of the house. They’ve hired and equipped armies to use against us by spending our misappropriated credit toward this end. The further origination comes from knowing that the banking cabals and the “US government” owe us, the American people, a tremendous amount of money — both actual cash value and misappropriated credit — and now that that debt is due they wish to kill their creditors, and propose to make a profit off murdering us by taking out million dollar life insurance polices on every American man, woman, and child.

Their intent is obvious and has been obvious for months and both the American intelligence community and the Army have been ordered to stand down by Mr. Obama, a corporate “President” who has only been elected to the “Presidency” of the UNITED STATES Corporation and the “Presidency” of “the United States of America (Minor)” composed of the “American” “states” of Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa… the Seven so-called Insular states.

Obama is not now and NEVER has been elected to ANY office representing The United States of America (Major) — the 50 states. People have GOT to understand this and exercise their own power. Our ship of state is adrift and headed for the rocks because the American people are not at the helm, are not exercising their own authority, are not accepting their own responsibility — aren’t even recognizing who they are.

Now, some of us have awakened and done the things necessary to redeclare our identity and standing and acting as the lawful beneficiaries demeaning ourselves to accept judicial office and take the oath, sitting in judgment of this situation.

As the true employers and entitlement holders of our Armed Forces, we have both the right and the responsibility, acting in our behalf, to give orders to the Joint Chiefs of Staff ; and if they fail us, their betrayal and treason will stand before the nation — and the entire world.

If Mr. Obama thinks that he is going to order DHS or FEMA or any of these other so-called “government agencies” to operate as commercial mercenary armies on American soil against the American people without it being exposed to the entire world as a criminal enterprise — he had better think again. Even the people working for these agencies are going to know — up front — what these banking cabals have proposed to do and what the “US government” has colluded with the banking interests to do.

Examine those General Civil Orders more carefully and you will notice some peculiar things. First, they operate on two levels. On one level, they require that posse comitatus be maintained, and then, on the other hand, they require that The Grand Army of the Republic be re-commissioned: OUR ARMY.

This is to put it plainly to the Joint Chiefs that modern armies of OTHER nations, such as NATO forces or UN forces, are NOT allowed egress on American state soil. Only our OWN Army, The Grand Army of the Republic is allowed to bypass posse comitatus for the restricted and clearly stated purpose of protecting the interests of the American states and the American State Citizens.

You will also note that commercial stipulations are put in place —these function as contracts. The vermin responsible of setting this threat to our “national security” in place have taken out huge life insurance policies on every American. We just placed huge commercial liens against them in reply — five million per American killed, plus the other damages. We have taken the profit out of the scenario. Zero, Zilch.

As for my husband and I we are what is lightly discussed in the “Answers” part of the Final Judgment and Civil Orders: shepherds. We are here to defend the sheep with our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

We are called to duty and labor in Christ and by ancient obligation to the Christian Church as a whole. We are “temporal officers” charged with oversight. Even if we were NOT Americans (though we are by birth right State Citizens of Wisconsin and Washington states) — having become aware of such outrageous fraud, theft, and now, reckless endangerment and self-interested murder planned against innocent people — we act as canon judges.

We levy the full weight of God’s Judgment: “where two or more are gathered” and “shake the dust from your feet”. That is why we issued the orders using our canon names. Our civil authority derives from our reclaimed birthright status as American State Citizens. Our commercial authority comes from our right to contract and our 100% liability.

At the end of the day, Dave, the only “laws” are the ‘Law of Love’ and the ‘Law of Free Will’ in the operation of canon law. We have exercised both to intervene in behalf of the American states and the American people. It is the ‘Law of Love’ that protects the lives and peace of the innocent. It is the ‘Law of Free Will’ that we exercise in dictating our Orders to the Joint Chiefs. Prior to this we went through the entire Due Process requirements to additionally render the rats in complete, admitted commercial and administrative dishonor and default (commercial authority).

Our right to act as Judges at canon law derives from our devotion to Christ and His Sheep;

Our right to act as Judges of state derives from our identity as organic states of the Union and birthright State Citizens of States of the Union;

Our right to act as Judges in commerce derives from the Due Process given to all parties concerned;

Notice upon Notice upon Notice, Witnessed, and verified.

Our right to act Finally, rests upon our willingness to take the oath of office and accept full responsibility for our actions.

Is there anyone who cares to claim that we do NOT have the right, ability, and responsibility to direct our employees as to our will and our desire for their service to protect our safety and material interests?

Think about it all for five minutes. Mr. Obama is the “President” of a foreign corporation under contract to SERVE us. He is also the “President” of a foreign nation merely calling itself “the United States of America (Minor)”.
And we are all standing around letting him threaten and endanger our lives by buying billions of rounds of ammunition and using our credit to buy tanks and armored vehicles and explosives to use on American soil and to build FEMA camps and hire mercenaries to kill us. Hello? Without a peep? We are letting banks establish monopoly control of our money and forcing us to use I.O.U.’s instead of lawful money as currency, so that we are automatically forced into unending and perpetual debt for NO REASON but stupidity? Hello, hello, hello…?

We are putting up with this without an effective objection? Without countermanding our SERVANTS??? Hello? It’s one thing to be sheep and another to be shepherds, it’s true, but there are many, many shepherds called to guard the flock.

The “government” in this case is nothing but a for-profit, mostly foreign-owned commercial corporation d.b.a. “UNITED STATES” chartered with the rest of the IMF in France which has acted in gross breach of trust and contract. It deserves and gets no respect it doesn’t earn.

And the only “United States of America” currently functioning as a sovereign nation is the puny insignificant mutant phony “nation” made up of the “Seven Insular States” more normally thought of as “federal territories and possessions” improperly and fraudulently operating as “the United States of America (Minor)”.

It is time for the states and the people of The United States of America (Major) to stand up and speak. It’s time for us to hold feet to the flames, to expose the corruption, nature, and identity of the FRAUD that has been used to steal our national identity and rob us blind and now threatens to endanger the peace and our very lives.

Instead of standing around wondering what our authority is, it is fully time for men and women throughout this country to realize what THEIR authority is and their absolute authority to demand SERVICE from their PUBLIC SERVANTS and to defend their own interests and lives against these interloping crime syndicates operating on our shores in flagrant violation of commercial contract, trust, and treaty.

If the Joint Chiefs don’t willingly, happily, and quickly act in favor of the people, their actual employers, and don’t recognize that their primary and only duty is to protect the people of these Several states and the resources of these organic states, then they need to be recognized as traitors.

Their treason needs to be on the record before the whole world. And they need to be replaced by men who will honor their obligations.
That is our purpose and decision.

Judge anna-maria-wilhelmina-hanna-sophia:riezinger-von
reitzenstein von lettow-vorbeck non-negotiable autograph,
under seal and in service, all rights reserved;

Judge james-clintwood:belcher non-negotiable autograph
under seal and in service, all rights reserved

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