From a man with more insight! On General Ham’s Appointment…


Understand why I can say what I do:

As one who convened a Common Law Grand Jury in March of 09, in the city of Stockbridge, Georgia and currently a Delegate for Georgia to the Union States Assembly, I am very familiar with David Robinson’s Group, even though he knows nothing of mine. These outposts of Freedom exist in every State and are, in no way, hiding from the imposters. Documents have been filed in various International Venues formally announcing their formation for the purpose of restoring their State’s Lawful government and holding elections to fill what currently are vacant positions being occupied by imposters who are merely the assigned receivers of the trust established by this Nations creditors, formalized by the Acts and Proclamations of FDR.



At least two separate assemblies preceded the Union States Assembly and fell victim to corruption or infiltration or both before completing their goals. The State’s assemblies remained and have, in good faith, continued the process. Maine appears to have reorganized under the CLGJ banner but represents the same ideal.

Working to help us all by exposing the truth Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III uncovered in Tennessee, brought with it contacts within the military where a pattern of transformation in leadership was being carried out by the Executive branch and a recent trip to South Florida, my original home, brought the shocking revelation of large settlements of young Russian men who looked far more like military than civilian but without the uniform. Validation of other enclaves in the State of Florida came when researching the question of why the Miami Beach gathering was here in the first place. Nothing but rumors on that.

With the recent purges of the Military it’s hard to say what the Pentagon level folks have in mind and even harder to try and get any confirmation that the one(s) who would be supportive of returning us to Lawful status still remain. With scattered enclaves of Russian military looking men confirmed to be living in Florida, one, in the same area as South COM (Tampa), allegiance becomes tricky to figure out.

U. N. vehicles  were being transported north from the Mobile, Alabama vicinity on June 14. A You Tube posting of the convoy of trucks ferrying these vehicles caught someone’s attention enough to post it.  Now the openly aggressive chemical warfare the administration just dropped on us, with confirmed coordination known to have been as early as January, preparing for this in advance. Well, if it looks like this foreign and alien form of government is waging war upon American Citizens and prepares like it is waging war, then it’s not much of a stretch to say THEY ARE WAGING WAR ON US. The intent being to provoke an action sufficiently visible to make them think they have the right to invoke Marshal Law. A coup did occur here but historians can argue its origin later, we have to deal with its result.

Yes, folks, your chains were long since forged. Their clanging can be heard on streets all over America and the words of Patrick Henry’s most famous speech now begin to echo in the fearful minds of its citizens.

This is my perception of how and why these events are unfolding. All receiving this can relate to some of what I say. It is my opinion and all who know me realize this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God, as I see and understand it.

One very close friend, before I wrote this, asked how I could make the case that these disease carrying  illegal aliens could be equated to the dropping of a chemical bomb. My two word answer is, documented premeditation.

I have no knowledge of who, currently in the Military, would be duty bound to receive the civilian orders bit if this gets to you, know this…
Our numbers have reached a level sufficient to put you back on Lawful, Constitutional footing. We exist and have the courage of our conviction. Enough to recognize that actions speak louder than words Those actions are manifest in the CLGJ success just registered in Rushville, Nebraska where  the GJ took jurisdiction in a case away from the County Court resulting in cases being dismissed. we have ascended to and assume our rightful place. What say you?

I am not authorized and do not attempt to speak for any organization other than my own, the Patrick Henry Board of Review.

Steadfast in support of our Constitutional Republic,

Carl – Alfred: Swensson, jr

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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