US Congress Assaults Citizens – Update June 2014

From: Arnie Rosner <>
Subject: US Congress Assaults Citizens
Date: March 26, 2010 6:48:39 AM PDT
To: Dana Rohrabacher <>
Cc: Arnie Rosner <>

An Admission of the Conspiracy:

Voila_Capture 2014-06-29_10-30-54_PM


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  • This is not about legally/Lawfully acceptable politics
  • This is not about normal partisanship
  • This is not about race
  • This is not about religion
  • This is not about the normally acceptable law making process
  • This is not about political issues


      1. This is about abuse of the public trust
      2. This is about the unabashed violation of the rule of law
      3. This is about unprecedented violations of the Constitution
      4. This is about the violation of all American’s civil rights
      5. This is about the violation of all American’s right to free speech
      6. This is about you and other members of the 111th Congress permitting the fraudulent certification of Barack Obama as president
      7. This is about using public assets to bribe legislators in exchange for partisan favors
      8. This is about recklessly illegally committing all American citizens to future financial obligations
      9. This is about permitting Obama from making treaties without the advise and consent of Congress
      10. This is about Congress refusing to heed our grievances and to abide by the will of the people
      11. This is about denigrating our military hero’s
      12. This is about taxation without representation.
      13. This is about Congress authorizing their own pay increases
      14. This is about Congress authorizing their separate healthcare plan
      15. This is about Congress not participating in Social Security and authorizing their own retirement program
      16. This is about false and misleading statements made by government representatives
      17. This is about your failure to properly represent my interests as your constituent
      18. This is about how you and every member of the 111th Congress permitted gross abuse of the legal system
      19. This is about you and every member of the 111th congress is guilty of dereliction of duty
      20. This is about your violation to uphold your oath of office to support and defend the constitution of the United States.

An open letter to Congressman Rohrabacher:

My apologies in advance for the opinions I am about to express and the questions I am about to raise. There are multiple issues of concern.

Since you are my representative, in the 48th district, my trustee, and a public servant, sworn by your oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, it is important that you understand my position. Under these outrageous circumstances, I find it difficult to remain civil. I fully recognize that I may not have all of the facts totally correct and therefore, I would respectfully request you correcting any
misconceptions expressed in the following:

First, under trust law, I require a response to the 20 questions listed above. Your prompt reply would be appreciated.

You may find my criticism in the following items to be unjustified as it applies to you but let me assure you, this is not just about you. To clarify this point further, my references are directed to all of the members of the last sessions of Congress since 1933. In my mind, this Congress acted as an institution, consequently you all share the responsibility for this gross abuse of power.

I may be off on this point but in the words of our good friend, Captain Neil Turner, it is my contention that at any time a true patriot, a true representative of the people, a representative sensitive to the need to protect the integrity of the Constitution, was legally compelled, by reason of MISPRISION, to stop the proceedings, immediately taking the floor and declaring (or words to this effect):

 ‘It is unconstitutional for us to enact a law that exempts ‘us’
from the terms and conditions of it. So, any of us who votes for it, or evenbrings it up for a vote, is violating their sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and must therefore remove themselves immediately from this chamber and from the processthat would even consider such anunconstitutional act.’

Such a champion of the Constitution could have followed with:

‘That said, I invite all who agree with me to leave this Chamber immediately, and to not be a participant in this unconstitutional process and act. Please, follow me, – and may God have mercy on the souls of those who refuse to do so!’

Granted this would have required exceptional leadership and courage but let me remind you Congressman, you were not elected to be just “present” as my representative in Congress. This was a unique time in history where the legal basis of our government was challenged. This was a time which called for leadership, not simply representation.

We are speaking of the failure of a political process that should be governing our great nation. We are speaking on the intent and the spirit in which the American values of justice and the rule of law were established. With few exceptions, those values, until, specifically, this Congress, the 111th Congress, had been held in high regard, were respected and revered. Today, as a result of what I consider as the illegal, flagrant abuse of power, these values, processes and principles have been totally abused and violated.

Even representative John Boehner called attention to and confirmed the very nature of this egregious set of circumstances. However, sadly, no one had the courage to step forward and protect the Constitution from this eventual act of rape. An act not only perpetrated against the American legal system but against the American people as well.

But you know Congressman Rohrabacher, in my view, you and the rest of the members of this congress openly invited this disaster. There were many signs and indications of pending problems. This whole set of circumstances could have been averted but even with many warnings Congress chose to ignore them.  Therefore this represents to me one more account of MISPRISION.

Even when I visited you in your office and challenged the main basis of this situation, Obama’s eligibility, it with great confidence, you passed-off my concerns as not being relevant or important.

What I find very strange, is that we see consistent evidence of a gross cover-up. Were your actions in your office a party to this act?  The subtle application of even a foreign government’s interference in attempting to influence the political process in our country is documented below.

How is it you and the Congress can possibly expect any reasonable person to accept you are not all complicit. Please explain this Congressman.
How can the following events as reported in this news article, occur right under your noses?

And yes…BTW if the eligibility is not of such importance, why is Obama spending large sums of money to continue to seal his records. And why, may I ask is this Saudi prince so interested in meddling in the political affairs of this country?

Please correct me if I am wrong here, but does this not constitute a clear and present danger to our national security? Doesn’t this act add treason to the list of charges against this Congress?

Correct me if I am wrong here, but I see this as part of a larger problem where the administration has engaged in conduct that has violated the First Amendment rights of Americans. This demonstrates that the media have been engaged in suppressing information and abridging the content. Just what do you propose to do to address this violation of the Constitution?

Saudi controlled FOX moves against Gubernatorial candidates who question
Obama’s Eligibility

It was this behavior on your part I find to be most regrettable. You continued to ignore the warning signs, even though there were many high level signs of concern, signs we still see today, signs at which any reasonable person, let alone highly educated professional legislators, should have heeded. Warning
signs which demanded attention, but were irresponsibly cast aside.

Congressman, let me be very clear on this point. I see the manner in which these warnings were ignored, as dereliction of duty of the entire Congress. The Congress will now be held accountable for this failure as the rest of this drama unfolds. History will document those responsible and the American people will hold those responsible, accountable.

I have never been so angry and felt so betrayed by a such an irresponsible, bunch of hoodlums, hell-bent on defiantly abusing the public trust, and the Constitution at all costs. These criminals use the so called Congressional decorum to mask their illegal activities but I would like to point out that even Al Capone in a Tux would still be Al Capone.

If these devious, irresponsible members of Congress worked half as hard on solving problems, as they have in devising ways of circumventing the provisions of the Constitution, then I suggest we would not be faced with the added problems of a pending financial disaster and the destruction of our precious republic. Again Congressman, perhaps I got this wrong, is this is for what congress gets paid?

As I see it Congressman, you sir, and the rest of your equally complicit colleagues are totally responsible for this travesty of justice; this outrageous and maniacal attack on the Constitution. This egregious abuse of the Constitutional legal system is reprehensible and I personally view this as an open attack on the freedom and democracy of America.

By association, you are as guilty as the rest of the back-room, double dealing, cohorts who sold-out the American people. But there is more. There were also signs of this impending treachery. Signs that those of you in the same institution should have recognized and dealt with in a proper manner.

You will be hard pressed to convince me that you did not identify, early-on, the behavior of the Social Democrats as being part of the Communist conspiracy. It appears to me that Obamacare, is not the real issue. Because of the impact health care has on most people’s lives, passing Obamacare, against the will of the American people was the first real test of the Social Democrats ability to change American government policy with or without the legitimate support of the people.

The way this situation has unfolded it just serves to remind us of the dangerous, underhanded and divisive tactics the Social Democrats will employ to meet their objective at any cost. I suspect that If this experiment proves to be successful, we can anticipate this strategy to be further employed, in short order, to accelerate the Social Democrats subversive agenda with or without the support of the voters and the legal authority to do so.

In one way, it was fortunate, that the subversives became overly confident; they become careless and prematurely tipped their hand. Enough Americans began to realize that something was wrong. This speed at which all of this change was occurring became alarming.

Questions were being asked:

      1. Why was it necessary to move so quickly?
      2. Why were all of our time honored American values being trashed?
      3. Why was Obama traveling the world and apologizing for America’s greatness (arrogance he called it)?
      4. Why was Obama bowing to a Saudi King?
      5. Why were we downplaying the status of terrorism?
      6. Why were we suddenly willing to turn our backs on our allies?
      7. Why were we suddenly a nation that included Muslims as a dominant religion?
      8. Why was INTERPOL granted superior police authority (even over the FBI)?
      9. Why was the abuse of executive privilege unchallenged?
      10. Why were all of the Czar’s created to be able to permit the government to manage around Congress?
      11. Why were we permitting our lawmaking process to be circumvented to satisfy the Obamacrats (social Democrats), (communists) agenda?

Perhaps I can also ask you to respond to these questions as well. Certainly these are all obvious questions you and the rest of the members of Congress would have asked and received answers. Now share the answers with me. Please! I expect the answers may really surprise both of us.

It was very strange to me that Congress just sat idly by and permitted this undocumented alien to assume control of our government, A government for which at least Congress was one third responsible to control.

Without the slightest visible resistance or objections the Congress has permitted this illegal usurper, to trash the American reputation and acquiesced to the will and the dictates of the rest of the world? Based on their terms?  And Congress just stood by and did nothing! Did I get that correctly?

So Congressman, I look forward to your responses. After careful consideration, one explanation that occurred to me was that the Democratic Party has been Infiltrated and taken over by the progressive party, otherwise known as the Communist Party. It seems very strange that members of the Democratic Party did nothing to alert the rest of our political system to this intrusion. In fact, the Social Democrats, (communists) had so successfully infiltrated the Democratic Party that few citizens, if any, that even realized this had occurred.

However to be fair, let me give credit where credit is due, the progressives or as better known, Social Democrats (Communists to be even more precise) are very clever people; Chameleon’s in human form. They have had many generations to develop their
devious skills of deception and we now have come to understand they have been working for at least two generations to insinuate their presence into the American culture. This is the reason, many of us have been taken by surprise. The Communist party did not simply vanish they simply invaded the Democrat party and became the Social Democrats.

Without firing a shot the real political war had begun and “We the People” were still unaware. In our naivete, we failed to identify that our enemy was among us. That our normally recognizable competitive ideology was not the liberal faction of our political system but a whole different ideological enemy; the communist!

So now we recognize the real status of the situation. The battle properly identified, is really between democracy and communism or as G. Edward Griffin, explains it,  individualism versus collectivism. This also coincides with the emergence of the New World Order conspiracy. Only this is no longer a conspiracy; here this for yourself. Just listen to Gordon Brown of the UK explain how all members of the G20 conference (July 2009) are working together at their best for a fairer global society.

And to update (June 2014) this message permit me to present the usurper as he claims to speak for the American people, courtesy of you Mr. Rohrabacher and your colleagues who violated your oath to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.


Now I can accept that just as a regular citizen, this concept of deliberate deception may have at first escaped detection up to this point, but this is where I begin to draw the line with our professional career politicians. I find it difficult to believe that they did not see the tell-tale signs. I see this as their failure to protect and safeguard the Constitution and the interests of the American citizens.

In my view, the Congress has violated their sacred oath once more and hopelessly shattered the trust of the American public, and once more they failed to protect America, a grave responsibility entrusted to Congress by the American people, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I further contend that by knowingly permitting this criminal activity to proceed without taking corrective action causes the entire body to be guilty of one more charge of the crime of misprision.

The worst part? This treasonous act was orchestrated by the very people we trusted were American citizens elected to protect and defend our constitution. The truth appears that they deceived us into believing they were members of the Democrat party. I suspect many actually swear allegiance to other nations. What else would explain why they so easily openly violated the Constitution, the rule of law and betrayed the will of the American people?

To their incredible credit, our framers even had the vision to see this reality in advance. Now I can see exactly why the sacred oath, to which all members of this Congress, swore allegiance, included the phrase “all enemies foreign and domestic.” Congressman, In my opinion, this phrase was meant to exactly fit this situation.

By their treasonous acts of deception and manipulation, those members of Congress who directly participated, deliberately violated their sacred oath they swore to uphold, and has now earned the distinction, in my mind, to be labeled the “domestic enemy.” Congress by their actions has become the “enemy” and by so doing, declared an Alinsky based war on the American people.

We have taken note and we will not treat this threat lightly.  Based on rather wide-spread national public-reaction, many polls and many new pending
nation-wide litigation reflect that the American public is not very happy with this Congress. Many Americans have all expressed the same sentiments that leads me to conclude the doubtful likelihood that incumbents will be re-elected.

In closing, we are constantly reminded of the so-called precious decorum the Congress uses to impart an air of respectability to their conduct. Congressman, it is my belief that actions speak the loudest; it is our actions that reveal our true character and spirit. This being the case, the 111th and all successive sessions,  Congress, by its actions, given the trust and opportunity to represent the people, have now displayed their true colors.

The 111th Congress and all successive sessions,  has exposed their true character and no degree of decorum will legitimatize, what I view as this criminal conduct. This devious circumvention of the legal process is simply too much to tolerate. This is totally unacceptable and I will not tolerate this any further. I am seeking an appropriate remedy to resolve this matter.

We can begin with your immediate resignation!

Your response would be appreciated.


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iJohn Boehner:
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signs we still see today:
Warning signs which demanded attention, but were irresponsibly cast aside:
Social Democrats, (communists) had so successfully infiltrated the Democratic Party:
individualism versus collectivism:
Alinsky Based War:

Gordon Brown: New world order:

NWO Speeches:

Obama NWO Speech (audio): 


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