Mr. and Mrs. America…You be the Judge. Of what crimes are your representatives guilty?

  1. The Plan…The Plan!

  2. 1933

  3. NDAA: Nulification of Indefinite Detention – Clark County, Nevada

  4. Obama – a list of 365

  5. The Judicial Deception Presented by Judge Lamberth, himself.

  6. Congress Commits Treason On NSA Reform

  7. As for Rules of Engagement (ROE) = Treason

  8. Provost Marshal General Quantock – Obama – Treason…again?

  9. McCain Accused of Accepting Bribes – Treason!

  10. Rep. Mullin D2, OKLAHOMA – Publicly caught lying about his acts of treason?

  11. Congressional Treason


A Manual of Congressional Duties and Responsibilities.

Congressional Oversight Manual

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Download the manual:

RL30240 Congressional Oversight Manual RL30240

  • Congress guilty of dereliction of duty?
  • Violation of their oath of office?
  • Violation of their fiduciary responsibilities
  • Misrepresentation?
  • Impersonating public officers?

It is the members of Congress who also are the trustees of the public trust and serving in that capacity as public servants, have the fiduciary obligation as well to protect the interest of the American people?

Why are members of the Congress not exercising their authority delegated to them by the people to reorganize the executive branch?  Especially to

Ensure That Executive Policies Reflect the Public Interest

Congressional oversight can appraise whether the needs and interests of the public are adequately served by federal programs, and thus lead to corrective action, either through legislation or administrative changes.

Protect Individual Rights and Liberties

Congressional oversight can help to safeguard the rights and liberties of citizens and others. By revealing abuses of authority, for instance, oversight hearings can halt executive misconduct and help to prevent its recurrence, either directly through new legislation or indirectly by putting pressure on the offending agency.

Other Specific Purposes

The general purposes of oversight—and what constitutes this function—can be stated in more specific terms. Like the general purposes, these unavoidably overlap because of the numerous and multifaceted dimensions of oversight. A brief list includes:

1. review the agency rule making process;

2. monitor the use of contractors and consultants for government services;

3. encourage and promote mutual cooperation between the branches;

4. examine agency personnel procedures;

5. acquire information useful in future policy making;

6. investigate constituent complaints and media critiques;

7. assess whether program design and execution maximize the delivery of services

to beneficiaries;

8. compare the effectiveness of one program with another;

9. protect agencies and programs against unjustified criticisms; and

10. study federal evaluation activities.

These matters are all within their pay grade and job description.  Based on my assessment as a common citizen, the members of Congress have failed to honor their oaths…and committed:

  • Perjury
  • Insurrection and
  • Rebellion against the Constitution of the United States of America

The members of Congress have failed in their responsibility and obligation to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities…a violation of trust law I believe….This point especially applies to those who passed the ACA bill without reviewing the bill before approving.

Now About That Unconstitutional ObamaCare…

Now who exactly is responsible for members of the Congress to execute their responsibilities as directed by their own manuals developed expressly for that purpose.  By what authority and by whose direction nor instructions are the individual member of the Congress ordered to ignore their fiduciary responsibility?

By what authority are political parties instrumental in controlling and establishing hierarchies within either of the houses of Congress when each representative caries the sacred obligation to respect the will of his constituents?  And certainly not any party platform or agenda?

By whose authority has the original intent and purpose of the Congress been subverted?  And by whose direction?  And since each member of the Congress is elected and sent to represent the people as an equal representative, by what authority and by whose direction has this process been deliberately subverted to disenfranchise the American voter?

Exactly who is it responsible for this treason against the American people?


Warrant For Arrest Form AO-422: – Public Officer







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