American Sovereign, Jim Porter – Deprived of his Civil Rights under color of Law?

American Sovereign, Jim Porter – Deprived of his Civil Rights under color of Law?

For reference provided as a public service: The Colorado Summary of Corruption

On Jun 17, 2014, at 1:28 PM, Jim Porter <> wrote:

June 16, 2014

Dear Arnie,

Thank You for your work in providing information to the American Patriot.

As a sovereign, I want to accept your offer to publish facts relating to the Governmental taking of my Personal Property Rights by violating my Constitutionally Protected Civil Rights. These acts started in June, 2002 and my continuing pursuit of justice has developed a sizable list of governmental employees reluctant to follow the law. I would like to introduce myself to your readers and give a short explanation for this plea to all American Patriots.

My name is Jim Porter and I currently take shelter in Ridgway, Colorado. I moved to the western slope of Colorado in 1992 to pursue my goals of financial success through Virtue, Character and Honest dealing.

I moved to the city of Montrose, Colorado after securing employment. I worked hard and saved for the future until I was in a position to invest in the growth of the community. Without knowing the true value of a special piece of Real Estate, I bought it for future developmental purposes and the income it might produce. It turned out this property was the center piece of possibly the largest Commercial Development Project, as of that date, in the state of Colorado.

This fact was brought to my attention by a Colorado State government employee within the first month of my ownership of that property. I point this fact out to confirm the existence of honest people working in local, state and federal government jobs. I estimate from my personal experience there are at least 10 virtues government employees for every one government employee involved in Public Corruption.

I’m writing this report to ask the reader for a small favor. I realize the selfishness of this request, yet feel that by exposing this information to others, I am offering information to help them gather additional information for their cause, or battle, to beat Public Corruption.

I petitioned the state court for a civil trial, as an injured person, and received an order of Collateral Estoppel without a single day in court. To fight this order, I was introduced to multiple Special Agents with the F.B.I. office located in Denver, Colorado that detailed a report of Public Corruption. On that day, I surrendered dozens of document copies outlining the illegal taking of my property rights through Civil Rights violations.

To prepare for that meeting I asked Jayne Crawford, Supervisory Administrative Specialist Denver Division, what documents to bring. As I estimated it would take a small utility trailer to haul them into downtown Denver, she requested I bring only the sexy one’s for the initial meeting. At that meeting she assigned 2 F.B.I. Special Agents, and at the conclusion of that meeting her statement was in her experience over several years, the most fantastic and well documented cases of Public Corruption, just walk through the F.B.I. front door.

This meeting resulted in the F.B.I. Special Agents producing a report to be sent to the Washington, D.C. headquarters for possible criminal prosecution. Through the Department of Justice process for case development, the file was forwarded to a/the nearest Department of Justice Special Investigator, Prosecutor. I received a letter from the Denver, Colorado F.B.I. Division stating there would be no prosecution, so I drove to Denver to find out why. It turned out the Department of Justice Special Investigator, Prosecutor was a land owner/partner, and still is today, in the property that received my stolen property rights from the beginning of this story.

From there, my efforts to turn up the heat to expose Public Corruption included the purchase of a computer hard drive used by a current Montrose County Commissioner. This drive contains personal documents detailing public corruption and has been the cause of my arrest to force the return of my purchase. As I had a receipt from the purchase and didn’t return the said hard drive, I was shot at by the Montrose County Commissioner’s son. This fact was testified to in another hearing by the current Montrose County Sheriff while sworn to tell the truth.

After a complete investigation by my insurance provider I was sent a lose payment check for the damage from that shooting. The shooting occurred in the last week of June, 2011 and there has been no attempt to prosecute the shooter. I made requests for a criminal prosecution to the Montrose City Police Department, the Montrose County Sheriff’s Department, the 7th Judicial District Attorney located in Montrose, Colorado, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation Major Crimes Unit Investigator working from the Grand Junction, Colorado, the Colorado States Attorney and most recently to Senators from across the United States.

On April 23, 2014 I received a note from Senator John McCain who has a position on the Committee On Homeland Security and Government Affairs.

Voila_Capture 2014-06-17_02-25-51_PM

He expressed interest in assisting me and closed with his wishes for a favorable resolve. He forwarded my plea to Colorado Senator Mark Udall, who I have been requesting assistance from for years with no response, until his e-mail directing me to his staff that don’t respond to my request for assistance.

I’m asking those reading this letter to take a few minutes, and a couple of buck, to send their personal request to Sen. John McCain for his assistance in this matter. As a Committee Member on the above mentioned committee, he should not turn his back on a citizen of the United States of America with bullet holes in his truck.

I begged for him to have me arrested, for testimony before the Committee on Homeland Security. I want to provide documented evidence exposing a runaway government and the illegal acts of its employees against U.S. citizens.

My testimony exposing public corruption will be a small start, in a very small area of this great country. But it’s a start.

I own a copy of the 1868 Colorado Revised Statutes containing the original 13th and 14th amendments in proper order, along with a document from the Colorado Secretary of State stating the public corporation, being used by attorneys in this state for protection from personal liability, does not nor has never existed.

Without that public corporation, the contracts signed for the State of Colorado don’t seem to be valid. This could make all criminal prosecutions in this state null and void. As a matter of disturbing fact, I’ve read on these web pages that other states refer to a like corporation yet it may not exist in other states either.

I even received a letter from the Colorado State Supreme Court Attorney Regulation Council stating that office is not subject to the various requirements set forth in the Colorado Statutes.

If can get in front of the Senate Committee to present my documents and evidence exposing public corruption, I feel there is a chance to remove the corrupt individuals harming this country for their personal gain.

It’s a plan I can work, let me know how I can help your readers with their plan.

Best Wishes for Our Country,

Jim Porter




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