Stop Illegal Immigration – Michael Gaddy

Mr. Gaddy, thank you for this in-depth analysis.  I found the arguments so persuasive I am compelled to add a few words of my own.  I hope you do not mind.  – Arnie

Immigration is not unlike any other abuse to the American people by members of our government.  Especially members of the Congress.  Forget the humanitarian reasons.  The people who are behind the end run on the law is just that.  An end run on the law.

There is nothing about immigration upon which to debate, discuss or negotiate.  The law is clear.  Follow it!  Those who fail to follow the law must be dealt with immediately and with such force no one would dare break the law again.

Violation of their oaths amounts to perjury, insurrection and rebellion against the Constitution of the United States of America.   These are felonies.  Not much different than a bank heist!  And committed by people (public servants) with the same degree of character, ethics and morality.

The decisive moment of criminality of the Congress?


On Jun 13, 2014, at 7:17 PM, Michael Gaddy <> wrote:

Wrote this back in 2005, Arnie shortly after I return from being on the border with the Minuteman operation in April of that year.

Of course the “Libertarian” website I was writing for at the time chose not to publish but in the light of recent revelations such as those I sent out yesterday perhaps this piece deserves another look-see. (M.G.)

Voila_Capture 2014-06-13_09-44-08_PM

In the month of April I traveled to the Arizona border and worked as a volunteer with the Minuteman Project. Upon returning I wrote an article that appeared at LRC. For several days that followed I received many emails, including fellow writers at LRC who took issue with my stance on protecting our borders. I understand the issue this raises with those who believe in the open border policy advocated by many Libertarians. My question is: can we live with the theory of open borders when obviously what we are experiencing is not people immigrating for a better way of life, but an invasion?

The one question that I never received an answer to from all those who wrote me in opposition to my position was: with the current open border policy and the welfare state how do we protect the private property of not only those who live on the U.S. side of the border, but others whose private property is being destroyed by the criminal element that constantly flows across our porous borders?

While one of my most respected writers at LRC, Anthony Gregory, touches briefly on the objections to free immigration in a welfare society by Hans-Hermann Hoppe in his work, I believe there was absent a delving into the meat of Hoppe’s argument in which he addresses what he believes to be an invasion as opposed to free immigration.

In Hoppe’s work On Free Trade and Restricted Immigration, he states:

“In light of steadily mounting immigration pressure from the world’s low-wage regions, three general strategies of dealing with immigration have been proposed: unconditional free immigration, conditional free immigration, and restrictive immigration. While our main concern will be with the latter two alternatives, a few observations regarding the unconditional free immigration position are appropriate, if only to illustrate the extent of its intellectual bankruptcy.”

As for unconditional free immigration, Hoppe’s words are certainly relevant if one is a close up observer of our basically unprotected borders today, and the millions here illegally who demand their share of welfare “entitlements,” and politicians who seek votes by insisting these immigrants receive the fruits of the labor of others.

“Since unconditional free immigration must be regarded as a prescription for national suicide, the typical position among free traders is the alternative of conditional free immigration. According to this view, the U.S. and Switzerland would have to first return to unrestricted free trade and abolish all tax-funded welfare programs, and only then should they open their borders to everyone who wanted to come. In the meantime, while the welfare state is still in place, immigration would have to be made subject to the condition that immigrants are excluded from domestic welfare entitlements.”

Here Hoppe draws a distinction between free trade and free immigration.

“There is no analogy between free trade and free immigration, and restricted trade and restricted immigration. The phenomena of trade and immigration are different in a fundamental respect, and the meaning of “free” and “restricted” in conjunction with both terms is categorically different. People can move and migrate; goods and services, of themselves, cannot. Put differently, while someone can migrate from one place to another without anyone else wanting him to do so, goods and services cannot be shipped from place to place unless both sender and receiver agree. Trivial as this distinction may appear, it has momentous consequences. For free in conjunction with trade then means trade by invitation of private households and firms only; and restricted trade does not mean protection of households and firms from uninvited goods or services, but invasion and abrogation of the right of private households and firms to extend or deny invitations to their own property. In contrast, free in conjunction with immigration does not mean immigration by invitation of individual households and firms, but unwanted invasion or forced integration…”

Hoppe elaborates on the view that illegal immigrants are nothing more than foreign invaders, forcing themselves on those who have no choice but to receive them.

“…with respect to the movement of people, the same government will have to do more in order to fulfill its protective function than merely permit events to take their own course, because people, unlike products, possess a will and can migrate. Accordingly, population movements, unlike product shipments, are not per se mutually beneficial events because they are not always —necessarily and invariably—the result of an agreement between a specific receiver and sender. There can be shipments (immigrants) without willing domestic recipients. In this case, immigrants are foreign invaders, and immigration represents an act of invasion. Surely, a government’s basic protective function includes the prevention of foreign invasions and the expulsion of foreign invaders. Just as surely then, in order to do so and subject immigrants to the same requirement as imports (of having been invited by domestic residents), this government cannot rightfully allow the kind of free immigration advocated by most free traders.”

In my view, Hoppe could not be more correct in his belief that the government should protect its citizens from the foreign invasion of those who enter our country illegally. In fact our Constitution demands it.

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion…” ~ Article 4 Sec. 4 of the U.S. Constitution

Voila_Capture 2014-06-13_09-48-22_PMI understand how one can idealistically look at free immigration and believe that to place restrictions on the free flow of people is inconsistent with liberty. Those who support this view should travel to the border and see first hand the destruction being wrought on the private property of our citizens; slaughtered livestock, water lines dug up from the ground and left running in an environment where water is as valuable as gold, fences destroyed, homes invaded and burned, citizens literally afraid to walk to the mailbox unarmed, private property owners who have actually deserted their property to avoid the constant harassment , threats and violence and the refusal/inability of our government to protect them from this destruction.

In fact, many of our politicians, including Congressman Raul Grijalva of Arizona, have sought federal intervention against those private property owners who seek to protect their property from these invaders. His words on the subject speak volumes.

An atmosphere exists in southern Arizona that threatens to ignite in a flashpoint of violence. The words and actions of these groups (read private property owners) are evidence of an armed racial movement intent on taking the law into their own hands. We cannot allow the complex issues in U.S.-Mexico border policy to be hijacked by individuals who have chosen to break faith with our government and take matters into their own hands.”

In my view, this issue is one of national security more than any other. Our run away government’s reckless foreign policy has created a plethora of enemies who seek our destruction, not just of our government but of the citizens as well. Allowing those who wish to destroy us unfettered access to our property and our lives is ridiculous in the extreme.

Voila_Capture 2014-06-13_09-49-49_PMOur insane policy concerning those who are invading our country and seek to do us harm is most obvious in the following: when natives of Mexico are apprehended after crossing illegally into this country, they are fingerprinted, given food and water, medical attention if needed and then transported back to Mexico, but an illegal from any other country, including those with whom we are at war, even though these wars are illegal and immoral, are taken to a city such as Tucson, processed, given a trial date to appear in court and then released! Should it come as a big surprise that less than 5% ever return to honor their court date?

To doubt the millions crossing our border and the millions already here constitute an invasion is baffling. Immigrants migrate for a better way of life while invaders come to dominate and control. One need only listen to the words and writings of the invaders and their supporters, many of who are teaching in our institutions of higher learning here in the United States.

California is going to be a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn’t like it should leave. They should go back to Europe.” ~ Mario Obledo

The border remains a military zone. We remain a hunted people. Now you think you have a destiny to fulfill in the land that historically has been ours for forty thousand years. And we’re a new Mestizo nation. And they want us to discuss civil rights. Civil rights. What law made by white men to oppress all of us of color, female and male. This is our homeland. We cannot—we will not—and we must not be made illegal in our own homeland. We are not immigrants that came from another country to another country. We are migrants, free to travel the length and breadth of the Americas because we belong here. We are millions. We just have to survive. We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. It’s a matter of time. The explosion is in our population.” ~ Jose Angel Gutierrez, Professor and Attorney, University of Texas Arlington.

The ultimate ideology is the liberation of Aztlan. Communism would be closest [to it]. Once Aztlan is established, ethnic cleansing would commence: Non-Chicanos would have to be expelled — opposition groups would be quashed because you have to keep power.” ~ Miguel Perez of Cal State-Northridge’s MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) chapter.

As an academic mission I’m proposing it (El Norte) as a thesis. But I’m also an advocate of the idea, I myself-through the way I teach my classes and to the students I help form in the classroom-that’s my activism. The main incentive would be so people of the same culture, language, and identity could develop their own nation-state under the principal of self- determination.” ~ Chicano Studies Professor Charles Truxillo at the University of New Mexico who advocates that California, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona secede from the United States to form the Chicano republic of El Norte.

Professor Truxillo, is a self-described disciple of Chicano-Marxist terrorist Reies Lopez Tijerina. Tijerina and his terrorist group have been advocating retaking the southwest since the mid ’60s. In June 1967, Tijerina led his gang in an assault on the courthouse in Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico. During the attack, he proved that his violence was non-discriminatory. They shot fellow Mexican-American jailer Eugolio Salazar in the face, pistol whipped fellow Mexican-American Undersheriff Dan Rivera, and killed fellow Mexican-American Deputy Sheriff Nicainor Saizan.

Professor Truxillo claims that the new nation of El Norte should be established “by any means necessary.”

These are the critical years for us as a Latino community. We’re in a state of transition. And that transformation is called ‘the browning of America’. Latinos are now becoming the majority. Because I know that time and history is on the side of the Chicano/Latino community. It is changing in the future and in the present the balance of power of this nation. It’s a game – it’s a game of power – who controls it. You (to MEChA students) are like the generals that command armies. We’re in a state of war…What this means is a transfer of power. It means control.” ~ Armando Navarro, Prof. Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside.

Are the above the words of those who seek only economic opportunity?

Voila_Capture 2014-06-13_09-50-21_PM

While I am in complete agreement with Anthony Gregory and others that the State will only use this issue to pass more oppressive legislation against its citizens, I hardly see how allowing the free flow of immigrants who are determined to colonize the Southwestern United States will stop this oppression. If the ignorant among us show an unwillingness to buckle to the desires of the State, there will always be another “New Pearl Harbor.”

I was asked on two separate occasions this past week to be a guest on talk radio out of Mexico City. During my appearance, I asked the host if he locked the doors of his home at night and when he was away. He finally, after repeating the question until he answered, said that he did. When I asked him why, he said to keep unwanted people out of his home—people who might steal his property or harm his family. My question to him and to others is: Why should we not control our borders for the same reason?

June 27, 2005

In Liberty




On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 6:37 PM, Arnie ‪<> wrote:

From: “Debbie Warren” <>


Date: June 13, 2014 at 5:30:57 PM PDT

To: “‘Arnie'” <>, “‘Richard Sanders'” <>

Cc: <>, <>, <>, <>, “‘Mary Seales'” <>

Reply-To: <>


Richard…your comments are ridiculous and contribute to the damned problem we have now.  Children, grannies and all the rest are simply used as emotional blackmail and you are falling right in line…thus the situation all the bleeding hearts who said “It’s only one maid cleaning toilets” or “only one guy mowing my lawn or painting my house” created.


Then there is the cost of those guys framing houses (you know how they do it when the 2×4 or 4×4 holding up the house is too short?  They just nail another piece on as an extender…need I tell you what is wrong with that?)  I could go on and on about what this “we help everyone” mentality has created in the building industry alone!


How about those ‘cheap’ tomatoes….ever read up on that?  The real cost?


Mexico has been taken over?  Let THEM solve their own problem.  They have people and they are a very rich country.  What we need to concentrate on is keeping all these savages and raggedy banana republic ‘thinking’ people from overrunning our country and our voting system.  NOT letting the same dirt bags take over America.  WE don’t need to babysit any of them…at any level.


No Compromise….shut down the border…man it with guns…get them out of our deserts and areas this side of the border.  Shut down the watering and map stations.  Shut down ALL programs to feed and medically care for and house intruders of all kinds….including all these millions of alleged refugees that wind up torching or blowing up our people and buildings.


Take the children back and force their governments to deal with it.  Stop sending our money and arms and aid and stop sending our people to be raped, murdered and imprisoned simply for being American and/or Christians.  Or hey….Let the Catholic Church save Mexico.


Put those kids and the women who ‘accompanied’ them on buses and planes and drop them off where they came from.  Let their damn countries figure it out.  If they refuse to let our planes land then WE refuse to let them land here with visitors, dignitaries or anyone else.  WE cut them off at the knees.


Sound cold?  Heartless?


Tell you what…YOU take them into your home.  How about YOU start with say 20 or so all at once.  Can you handle that?  All the care/housing/feeding/medical for all of them and their unborn babies….and don’t come crying to the rest of us for help.   Do you grasp the reason for ‘controlled’ immigration?  What do you think all these ‘juveniles’ will become here?  How many of their families would then be allowed to join the poor little things?  Which families or group homes do you suggest WE fund to take them all in as they come in hoards … unchecked.


Who the HELL are you to decide what Americans NEED to do with all these intruders.  Who the hell are you to reach in my pocket or anyone else’s?  What about all the American children who need homes and food and medical care and are standing in line (or begging on their knees) behind all these ‘alleged refugees’ and cockroaches that skittered across our border…broke down the door to OUR home?!!!


Would you take from your own hungry children and their future to feed far more people than you could in your lifetime…?


This all has to come to a screeching halt and NOW.  What is wrong with you?  Have you been paying attention?  We have laws that were designed to control immigration, not stop it.  And you want to unload thousands of these ‘children’ off on our cities, towns, homes at this point in our economy?


WE?  Who do you mean?  Me, Arnie and the rest of the slaves in America who have been bending over for and going into debt for the whole damnable world?  The veterans who were sent to war and told not to fight and win, but to be killed and maimed and decimated on behalf of nations that go right back into the same or a worse situation when we come hobbling back home defeated and ostracized and the brunt of the world’s jokes and derision? And HATE?


Thank GOD our Forefathers were willing to sacrifice everything…not for their children, but for US. And look how we squandered it.  They did not require their fellow Americans to sacrifice…they did it on their own with little help…a small number made the commitment and did not force the cost upon the rest.


Use YOUR checkbook….not mine!  When we are out of money…out of options…out of credit…out of homes for our kids…who the hell is going to step in?  Mexico? Saudi Arabia?  Who?  And at what cost?  Look at the cost of our dependence on China…how embarrassing and disgusting and dangerous!  All because of people who said “WE need to do this and that and this…..” on everyone else’s nickel.


Americans…real Americans…who worked their hump off for decades as did their families and asked for ZERO from their public servants other than the performance of their duties to: first and foremost, provide for the National Security/protect our borders, country, Constitution and citizens from enemies foreign and domestic…are now in need of help from the safety nets we were forced to fund.  We are discriminated against, treated like beggars and left in the gutter while people like you shower our production on those who haven’t contributed squat.


Debbie Warren



From: Arnie [] 
Sent: Friday, June 13, 2014 6:37 PM
To: Richard Sanders
Subject: Re: WAKE UP AMERICA!!!




every new face Congress can get on the rolls represents about a billion dollars in cash flow.  This is an extension of the birth certificate scam.  Not the obama thing but the one done through the US treasury.


Not only the Congress is complicit…but you were betrayed by your own parents!

And by Whom is such a claim made? And by what Authority?



Keeping American Patriots informed of the “truth” has become a full-time job!

Available 24/7 –


714-501-8247 – mobile




On Jun 13, 2014, at 4:28 PM, Richard Sanders <> wrote:

Consider that the government of MEXICO has been taken hostage, probably by the ZETAS and they are now freer to operate the drug trade at an accelerated pace and aid JIHADIS crossing our borders, (who’ll probably head for the mosques in our respective municipalities to plan their mayhem in America), since border patrol and other civil authorities are occupied “Babysitting” the huge influx of children from central America.  Let’s encourage all our preachers, pastors and any church authorities to take a LEADERSHIP stance and let’s get these kids safely housed  across America.  We Americans Do NOT Contribute to Children’s suffering- – – WE PREVENT IT. And we must let law on the border intercept the criminals.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Harry Accornero <>
Date: Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 7:46 AM
To: Tony Caputo <>, Arnie Rosner <>, Sharon Rondeau <>, Richard Sanders <>

HEY CONGRESS, DO YOUR JOB AND SECURE OR BORDERS!!! Why are you creating an America that is not going to be America any longer! You are creating a new third world country why??? If you can’t uphold your oath of office RESIGN!!! Where is the outrage from the American people??? We should be writings letters and calling our Representatives and yell at the top of our lungs “WE ARE FEED UP AND ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!……Time is running out WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!


Harry Accornero

Laconia, NH


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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