Calif State Atty Gen guilty?


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From: “\”HI&RH Prince William-Bullock III: Stewart\”” <>
Subject: Calif State Atty Gen guilty of using public funds for private legal defense of herself and cronies
Date: May 26, 2014 at 8:19:01 PM PDT

See attached court filing.
For immediate release.
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California State Attorney General Kamala Harris gifted public resources of her office and two of her subordinates to private private legal defense of herself and three of her cronies, the head of the California Highway Patrol, Joseph A. Farrow, the retired head of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, George Valverde, and a California Dept. of Justice database manager, Kate Santillan, who were each sued in their private capacities for racketeering mail fraud, wire fraud, fraud, violation of civil rights, conspiracy to violation civil rights, and failure to enforce and protect civil rights. The California Constitution Article 16 Section 6 forbids the use of public resources for private purposes, a practiced called gifting. Violations of the state constitution can rise to the level of treason, which is punishable by death.
The case where the California Attorney General Kamala Harris violated the state constitution centered around a seizure without judge signed 4th amendment warrant of an automobile. The automoble was owned by a handicapped widow, and senior citizen, Rosalie Guancione, who lives on social security disability income. Guancione’s automobile was taken from a private parking lot in San Jose, California, by a tow company contracted by both the City of San Jose, and by the California Highway Patrol.
Ms. Guancione, who was in bankruptcy at the time, sued for violation of her due process rights, including the right to automatic stay in bankruptcy. The State of California defaulted, along with the other for Defendants, rather than file an answer to the serious and embarrassing allegations in the law suit. The allegations were just too damaging for the state officials to address. Guancione alleged that the State of California had for the last 10 years been fraudulently collecting unnecessary DMV fees from individuals.
Guancione’s law suit alleged that the California legislature passed a law in 2003, that the governor signed, which established that DMV license plates are not required on cars not used for commercial purposes. The DMV fails to disclose this law at the time individuals come in to register their cars, and the CHP continues to give tickets for no license plates despite the change in the law over 10 years ago. This coercion by the CHP to force drivers to pay fees that are not necessary, and the fraudulent collection of those fees by the DMV, was one of the racketeering issues in the complaint filed by Guancione.
The OFFICE OF THE STATE ATTORNEY decided to come into the case to overturn the default and to request the dismissal of the case. The California Constitution says that there can be no gifting of public resources for private purposes in Article 16 Section 6. The four people sued in the case were sued in their private capacity. Now the issues of the violation of the State Constitution violations will be investigated by a variety of oversight and regulatory agencies including both state and federal grand juries, the California State Bar and the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court.

HI&RH Prince William-Bullock III: Stewart

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