Trey Gowdy – A better Actor than ISSA?

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An open-letter to Rep. Trey Gowdy

Dear Rep. Gowdy,

As expected, yesterday Speaker of the House John Boehner announced that he had appointed you to head a select committee to investigate the 2012 Benghazi attacks. Like he had a choice after your name lit up the airwaves and internet all weekend long. To back out of that appointment now would have been political suicide for Boehner what with his primary election today, but the good news is that you are the best there is to find…if it exists…a Boehner tie to the Obama cover-up of what happened that fateful night…after all one has to wonder why Boehner of all people opposed this committee for the longest time.

And Boehner’s words that he decided to form the special committee “in response to the release of emails showing the White House was more involved in misleading the American people than previously known and the revelation that the Obama administration had withheld these documents from a Congressional subpoena,” do NOT ring true for the only reason Boehner is doing this is because if he didn’t the calls for his immediate resignation would have resounded within the party loyal…the party loyal NOT the party RINO.

As for the attacks themselves…’stand down’ orders and all…Rep. Gowdy, you know as well as I that Benghazi was a cover-up of the first degree from start to finish…and the finish was to make sure Ambassador Christopher Stevens was silenced at all costs. You know as well as I that Stevens was a ‘targeted kill’… Obama orchestrated and carried out by his ‘people’ and that Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty were collateral damage and NOTHING more to this most vile and cunning of men.
And you know why he had to be silenced for Ambassador Stevens had (I believe) found out about Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s under the radar guns and weapons running operation to the al-Qaeda backed rebels in Syria. And I believe you have known this for quite some time as well for this to be discovered as truth right before the presidential election would have led to the election possibly having a vastly different outcome that even the media would NOT be able to cover for.
A silly nonsensical YouTube video…’The Innocence of Muslims’…’supposedly’ defaming the ‘supposed’ prophet mohamed and his made-up equally ‘supposed’ false-god allah…and please note I capitalize NOTHING pertaining to these islamic bast*rds…was fed to the American people as the ‘supposed’ reason the muslims ran amok. Come on now Rep. Gowdy, did Obama and crew really think we’d believe that one…did he really think the American people are that stupid…maybe his sheeple are but the rest of us sure the hell weren’t back then nor are we now…and if NOT for our continuing outcry Barack HUSSEIN Obama just might have made Benghazi go away.

“To underscore that these protests are rooted in [an] Internet video, and not a broader failure or policy,” wrote then White House Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes as the “goal” to be had in the immediate aftermath of the Benghazi attacks…was the story concocted to blanket the truth of acts of ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’ that needed to be covered up…was the words in one of the e-mails that might, if you play the cards right, bring down the most corrupt and traitorous president these United States has ever known…and take down his accomplices and cohorts one by one starting with Hillary ‘What Does It Matter’ Clinton. Hillary Clinton…the woman who over the preceding months leading up to the attacks ignored Ambassador Stevens’ many pleas for help and was the woman who hired the enemy to guard our consulate, and then closed her eyes and looked away when our people’s blood was shed.

And Rep. Gowdy, the others involved and those who willingly perpetrated the LIES…like former U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice and Obama mouthpiece Jay Carney…are equally as guilty and too must be called to task. And if the establishment GOP power brokers and RINO turncoats allow you to do what needs to be done, and does NOT stop you in the name of ‘political correctness’ from getting what they deem too “mean spirited” with an election a mere six months away, maybe then the truth can be gotten and those killed that fateful day can finally ‘Rest in Peace’ knowing their deaths had some meaning beyond being dragged through the mud by Democratic islamic sympathizers who wish those four names would just go away.

And Rep. Gowdy it too must raise your ire and peek your interest as to why just days after the e-mails were made public that our ever-loving Traitor-in-Chief hired Neil Eggleston…a criminal defense attorney…as his legal counsel. Pray tell why would Obama need the very same criminal attorney who pulled Billy-Boy and Hillary’s butt out of the Whitewater fire and who got former Obama Chief-of Staff-and current Chicago Mayor Rahm ‘Dead Fish’ Emanuel off the hook in the Blagojevich pay-to-play scandal…I think you know why as only a man with much to hide would call in the big guns to protect his nasty old self.

So in closing, Rep. Gowdy, with your having served as a federal prosecutor you are just the right man to stay focused on the prize…to nail Obama and crew for NOT only the murders themselves, but for the planning, carrying out, and covering-up the LIES that ensued. The families of the slain and ‘We the People’ are in your corner NO matter that the truth is NOT wanted by some on the right who are as far right as some on the left are far left, for both fear the truth will tip the applecart on America’s first ‘supposed’ black president and both fear the ramifications of the political and civil unrest that would surely follow.

But getting to the truth about what led up to and happened on that fateful day…what led to four brave Americans to lose their lives as they became awash in a sea of LIES trumps any and all obstacles the Democrats and RINOs throw in your path.
Good luck Rep. Gowdy, because with the likes of John Boehner and his fellow RINOs looking over your shoulder at every turn you need all the luck and best wishes that ‘We the People’ can send your way.

Diane Sori for The Patriot Factor  5/6/14…

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Comment by Arnie Rosner just now
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Dear Mike,
Nothing personal but you strike me as someone who has something to hide.  Is that true?
You express your “resentment?”  While I do apologize for you taking offense, As an a real American adult, surely you recognize your ability to accept or reject the free speech rights of others.    Or do you?
Still missing your call?

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Comment by Arnie Rosner 1 second ago Delete Comment

Dear Ms. Mangone,

Please accept my apologies for not addressing your comment regarding election of obama.  He was not elected.  Sorry you were so misled.  I am surprised though that a person who seems so knowledgeable is so willing to accept the deceptive  processes of George Soros and the rest of

the election fraud.

Listen Ms. Mangone, I do appreciate you raising these great points and as I explained…you really want to ignore me.  As I again explain I am just an old man who knows nothing…

You go right ahead and keep watching Dancing with the Stars and the View.  Nothing to see here.  obama will handle everything for you.

Benghazi – The Peoples Investigation

Comment by Arnie Rosner 1 second ago Delete Comment

Thank you for expressing your outrage.  Sorry I must have missed your call.

here is the number again.  714-964-4056

Yes…I know what it takes to be a real American.  Do you?

You can be as offended as you choose.

Comment by MeMikeT 58 minutes ago

Comment by Arnie Rosner:“Contact me directly should you too be a real American”

I resent your arrogance implying/imposing your standard of what is a ‘real American’.

Comment by Beverly Mangone 1 hour ago

Mr. Rosner, I believe we can trust Mr. Gowdy. You believe we can trust the American people.

Who put Obama in office? Wasn’t it the American people, as a matter of fact they did it twice.

Once was bad enough, he had no record of accomplishments, he was a one term Senator who voted present most of the time, probably the rest of the time, he wasn’t there to vote present.

He had no record. At least Congressman Gowdy has a record of being aggressive and honest that is what we need. I was a member of the Tea Party, but now I feel they are doing more harm than good. Trust Gowdy I don’t think he will disappoint us.

Comment by ilona trommler 2 hours ago


There are plenty here who are OLDER, WISER, who see and know, understand….giving out your phone number to groups of people isn’t wise to say the least.

Comment by Susie Grant 5 hours ago

I believe Boehner HAD to do this select committee…..He has had the people, the Special Ops Speaks, and those ‘good guys’ in Congress pushing him for a long time……so that when these new e-mails were released, a huge outcry ensued and he finally had to DO SOMETHING! Good! I am so glad that he picked Trey Gowdy. A pit bull of tenacity, and a chess player instead of some there who play tiddly winks!

Comment by Tana W. Bernard 11 hours ago

I hope all who participated in the created cover-up of Benghazi do serious jail time for their lies and their part in the stand-down orders that contributed to the deaths of Americans in Benghazi. Go Rep. Gowdy!

Comment by Phillip 14 hours ago

That is a GREAT and TRUE statement and I too am Praying for JUSTICE and TRUTH to prevail.

Comment by ilona trommler 15 hours ago

I see Gowdy as a herding dog…a very smart, hardworking, and good Puli! He doesn’t take his eyes off the target, keeps them nicely together so none can stray, keeps nipping at their heels so they painfully know he is on top of them, and he lets out a warning bark to make sure they all know who is in charge!

Let’s make sure we give them the majority they need so they can keep doing what they need to take down the commies!

Comment by MeMikeT 15 hours ago

Comment by Ray Hause 3 hours ago:”Of course we all know the libs are crying about this being a witch hunt but the most fruitful of all in the last couple of days is the announcement there will be a 7-5 breakdown on the committee. As Gowdy put it, elections has its rewards.”

Excellent post Ray, I just had to repeat it.  I love it.  Gowdy shoved the Obama’s words right down his commie throat.  Gowdy has a way to rub the Progressives to make them squeal.  I think we are going to have a Slimestream media melt down.

Comment by ilona trommler 16 hours ago

Gowdy is a good man, I am glad he is the one trusted to do this. Whatever it takes I just want to get to the bottom of this, and make sure all those involved in the coverup get what they deserve. If Boehner gets morsels of recognition…I am happy to give him that, as long as we the people of America get the truth about Benghazi. It took way too long to get here….now it is time to bring it to a conclusion.

Comment by tohellnback 18 hours ago

I agree with this letter and believe that Congressman Gowdy will follow the trail no matter the route. I believe he is one of the very few honest people in todays congress.

Comment by Ray Hause 19 hours ago

Of course we all know the libs are crying about this being a witch hunt but the most fruitful of all in the last couple of days is the announcement there will be a 7-5 breakdown on the committee.  As Gowdy put it, elections has its rewards.

Comment by Jane Gardner 22 hours ago

I believe that Congressman Gowdy will expose the traitorous and criminal acts connected with Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s effort to overthrow Qaddafi “on the cheap” by surreptitiously supplying and facilitating enemies of the USA with missiles and other weapons.  The outrageous hubris employed by the administration’s in their attempts to cover up these acts has brought about this House Investigative Committee which the White House characterizes as “politicization”.  This investigation will lead to the indictment and conviction of Barack Obama on charges of treason.

Comment by Beverly Mangone 22 hours ago

Thank you to all of you who have commented on this article, I trust Congressman Gowdy to do a good job in this committee assignment, and I pray that some honest and American loving Democrats will join with him in investigating this. I realize how frightening it must be for them to have to go against not only the president, but the attorney general and the main stream media, there are few people left in this country that still love and honor our Constitution and our God.


Comment by MeMikeT yesterday

The art of politics for me is often confusing, disappointing, convoluted, and laced with a ‘hint’ of diabolical.  I like to think that Boehner, (RINO or not), intentionally or not, took this action at the best time.  If the timing was part of his plan, he is a political genius.  It keeps the scandal fires burning right up to the midterm elections.  It is even possible that Boehner allowed himself to be ridiculed and thought to be weak to give the opposition a false sense of confidence.  Gowdy is no accident.  I would not be surprised to find out that Boehner and Gowdy were conspiring all along.    Sure, I see the glass as half full instead of half empty.  I also believe after this November, ‘My Cup Runneth Over’.  I also believe it is time our side accentuate the positive and leave the negatives to the Progressives.  I consider myself as ‘anti-shoot self in foot’.

Comment by Richard Rodzewicz yesterday

Great letter Diane. Paragraph 6 is the real meat in my mind but it all needs saying and to be understood by our entire Congress. Such a shame that you need to inject such a pessimistic tone but this is what our Congress and Executive have sown.

This is one of those letters, and timing, that I wish could be mass mailed to every Senator and Rep with constituents names attached. The Left keeps lying about the ‘wishes of the masses’ while the Right mostly keeps mum.

This story does matter, even to those who think they don’t care. This is rife with treasonous abandonment, aiding and abetting our enemies, conspiracy and contempt of the American people. My hope is that Mr. Gowdy will expose all.

Comment by Debrajoe Beatty yesterday


Comment by John H. Kohlenberg yesterday

Bring on the hounds of Baskerville. We got a case only Perry Mason can solve.  Bring lots of rope to the trials.  These dogs need to be tied up and put in a kennel, or be put to sleep.

Comment by J. P. Morley yesterday

Protect the Constitution and ensure whoever broke any law is punished. This is not a witch hunt but is to bring ALL facts to the surface regardless of who may be hurt, they broke the laws and public trust and MUST be held responsible for their actions and pay the price. As an American, I am ashamed it has taken so long for this process to start. This cannot be a smoke screen to cover up other illegal actions such as Fast and Furious, IRS and abuse of power by changing laws at your own whim obviously for political gain. EVERY ILLEGAL ACTION BY THIS ADMINISTRATION MUST BE INVESTIGATED AND IF REQUIRED, PROSECUETED.



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1 Response to Trey Gowdy – A better Actor than ISSA?

  1. GMiller says:

    When Gowdy delivers something besides just sound bites- REAL leadership, arrests, convictions, removal of corrupt, treasonous officials, stopping unconstitutional statutes/policies, THEN I’ll applaud. He won’t even act on evidence given him on Obama’s identity fraud, reason and usurpation and you expect me to applaud? No F__ way.

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