Spotting the phony patriots; A rare art form?

Spotting the phony patriots

Because of my age, experience, and twisted logic, just like Superman, I can use my X-ray vision to easily spot a phony masquerading as an American.

So…do you believe that?

I can also teach people how to appear to walk on water…You know…just how the politicians do.

So…do you believe that?  <LOL>

Well the truth be known I am lying to you.  And so do they.  They appear to walk on water because they have been shown by the members of the CFR where the rocks lie.

As to the phonies…
People like Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, Coulter, Levin, Beck, the Heritage Foundation, The John Birch Society, Gallagher, essentially any of the talking heads or organizations which purport to be “conservatives,” at some point are providing misleading and false information.

There are two recordings at the link below to which you may wish to listen.  The person on the other end of the line was a professional organizer for a group of tea parties .  Listen carefully to the comments to see where we were headed on forming new tea parties in this area.  You may also identify with the rest of the information documented.  It was provided by many individuals with whom I was honored to speak.

What is wrong with Americans?

Now here I am reaching a bit.  Admittedly, this is just a hunch at this point, but a site like America Conservative 2 Conservative seems to be involved in periodically injecting items of conflict into the stream of topics to polarize people into the discrete groups for attack by the enemies of peace.  It is as though they are setting us up.

Another group with which I am uncomfortable is Grassfire.  They appears to be prone to censor out any topics that might expose too much corruption at specific agencies or groups.  Or some topics which might be “too” controversial.  Well if they are censoring anything, how would anyone know what else is not posted?  Gee…maybe it is just me.  Do you think?

Yes, at times they do seem to provide a serious and valuable service.  And yes at times the items on which they report seem legitimate.  But there are also times when they step on their own feet and reveal their complicity, to those trained in the black arts of this trade.

But the real reason I can see them for that they are so easily, is that they are ALL into the scam to one degree or another.  It is the rare exception who isn’t.

A rash statement difficult to believe? Really?  You must not have been paying very close attention.  First just consider those involved consider themselves as entertainers…not news people or journalists.  See…that alone is a big clue.  An admission of complicity in my book.

But also consider the experience of various journalist who have come forward and revealed the truth.  If any of them wish to stand up and report the truth, it will be done at their own peril.  They will be stripped of their public forum and join the ranks of the jobless.

Just look at all the folks who have tried to take on the system?  Most of them have been stripped of their means to provide for themselves and their families.  So how come?  Well I am just guessing but I expect many of you will also agree..because they attacked the beast on their own.

Well I guess folks have not been beat up enough or can’t seem to see what is coming to all of us if we do not gather together, circle the wagons and take measures to act.  Not BS…but Act.

And let us not add insult to injury and complain no solutions were provided.  There are many solutions provided.  What we are short of is not solutions.  What we are short of is men and woman of the kind of stock from which our founders were made.

OK…OK….so here is a solution just offered today.  So what do you think?

It is one thing for people to accept criminality out of ignorance.  However, now we understand much more of the what appears to be the truth and can more easily identify what we believe to be treason.  The only way to be sure is to begin to evaluate each public officer for intent.  Here is a potential solution that has been laid on the table for the people to consider:

This is proposed by a popular talk shoe host K Wolf <>

This is a reply to an email that is being discussed.  I normally do not like forwarding mail or replying as I have a radio show where I can discuss this matter.  However, we have a lot of people with a lot of ideas, and there is major concern that the upcoming events of many groups will only hasten the advent of marshal law.   I am presenting the letter for all to read however, I am giving a solution.  That is what the nation wants, solutions.   It may not be the solution that many of you want to hear but it is a lawful one and one in the opinion of many people that might be our only peaceful solution.   Please take a few moments to read and pick this apart because one many can not lead a nation….well he can if he has a pen and a phone…let me know how that concept is working for you.

In my humble opinion and in those of many across the United States, the problem is NOT the government.  Though imperfect, the Constitution is still fundamentally sound.  The problem lies with the people that are hired into the government.

Therefore the employee’s should be fired, arrested, tried, and punished.   I know what you are going to say…..Wait its their corrupt courts your asking me to trust will give a fair trial for the real body of the Constitutionally established and ordained United States?  You might know them….they are called We The People.

NO, I am not saying that.  I am saying that every employee of the government from the Supremes down to the dog catchers if needs be should be arrested, charged with treason (remember that declaring war against the United States……(which I just defined above using one of Three great American documents, not my opinion….the United States is We The People) is treason and should be punished.

Well you ask how do we do this?  The answer my friends is right in those first three words.  We The People.   The militia’s are we the people and they need to take this country back by arresting in mass all elected officials in ever state starting with the highest law in each county, the Sheriff and any law agent that resists.  Then  move to elected officials, judges, and appointed officials.   Establish an Article 5, of the Bill of Rights Grand Jury, (remember folks, that’s the PEOPLE’S Grand Jury not the governments.   It is the common law grand jury every one has been yacking about, use it!)  hold public trials, and let the body of the United States (ie We The People) to find if there is enough evidence to indict.

If every county in ever state did this all at once (24 to 48 hour period) under citizens arrest, Article 2 of the Bill of rights, Constitutional law governing the Militia’s and the DUTY issued to each and every American in the Declaration of Independence, it would all be over.   The local and federal government do not have the man power to resist such an event.

I know, I know, your going to say that it would be bloody.  Well, that’s the rub.   It would only get bloody if THEY make it so.   If we lawfully demand their surrender, and make them surrender in mass, and they refuse using violence then it will turn into the shortest Revolution in the history of the world.

If I had any say in any nation wide movement, this would be it.   Plan for one big event all at once, put the cards on the table and be prepared to let the chips fall where they may.

Because as long as we are divided on a plan…….we are dead.   No government in the history of the world has willing given up its power without the threat of force.  America could once again be the great experiment and make this happen peacefully.

I am no fool nor am I blind, but you know if your going to make demands of your elected and appointed officials, you might as well demand it from a position of peaceful power.  And that folks does not mean begging on your knees but standing up, locked, loaded and ready to rock.   But let the 2nd shot heard round the world be a vocal one, but also an armed one.   Nothing  will get the attention of the employee that when the boss comes in with pink slips and a cleaning force.

I applauded and support many movements out there that is using the power of the voice.   But I humbly remind everyone, that we are 50 independent Republics and that those 50 Republics make up the federal government.   America is like a hydra.  You can not cut off one head and expect to be victorious.  But kill the body and the head dies.  That is the crux of my statements,  kill the body at the state level.   Now I am not saying go murder people of the government, that is a metaphor, so for those of you who are reading this and want to jump down my throat….bite me.

Please give me your thoughts, and don’t just poo poo the idea without giving alternatives.  Because folks if we don’t honorably and LAWFULLY act we are no better than the scum in control.(that the Constitutional LAW, supported by the Declaration of Independence (you know what we celebrate each year on 7-4) and the Bill of Rights, not the LEGAL system. (which we all know is illegal and designed for the government body)

In Liberty.

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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