She really gets it!

She really gets it!

BOY! Now she really Gets IT!

Here is what to be looking for within the information listed below…including the video.

So how come we the present members of society have taken so long to get to the root?  And I agree…it is funny, a man who was pursuing the truth back about 20 years ago put it all together and was not only ignored to some extent, but I believe was betrayed by members of government at that time who were just playing along.   Now if you have not listened intently to the information provided and spent some time understanding what he actually exposed, it is easy for any of us to miss the critically important point of his message.

In summary,

obama is acting in accordance to the statutes.  Congress, in 1933 gave the office of president dictator powers when ever a national emergency is called.

Congress went even further by declaring Americans as enemies of the state.  Then they fixed the courts to not give the enemies of the state, any legal standing in court to challenge the unlawful government.

Next the Congress permits the government the ability to seize all assets of the enemies as they see fit.  Then the Congress declares all contracts of the enemies are essentially void.

Marje…let me ask you…are you getting this from Dr. Schroder’s information?  Nazi Germany right in front of us.

So far, carefully watching the reactions I can observe, people are still not getting the real clear picture of what has happened and what is happening every day.  From the link I provided a new emergency is declared almost daily.

Federal Registry: notice of continuation of national emergency

Every new emergency declared extends the dictatorial power of the president as specified under statue.  Also the people are no longer protected by a suspended Constitution.  Instead, they are informed of their rights and duties as specified by statutes.  And the courts are not courts of justice under these emergencies, they are administrative courts tasked with protecting the government.

If this has not been clear I urge you to look closer.

Here is how the Communists were empowered by FDR in 1933

For even more details….

Dr. Schroder’s Work – War Powers Act

Under current statute, the president is required publish notice in the Federal Registry of his intent to continue the “national emergency,” in order to to maintain his dictatorial powers.  Keep in mind though that the Congress in 1933 had no authority to do this.  Therefore this whole process is unlawful and unconstitutional.

Have the national emergencies been rescinded?  Are you kidding?

Federal Registry: notice of continuation of national emergency

Further confirmation:

Coup d’etat – Phelps and Strunk


Grand Jury – Join the National People’s Grand Jury Process

Launching an Aggressive Criminal Action Against the Dark Forces?

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